Funny Bathroom Humor

Did you know that the month of June was dedicated to bathroom reading? The best seat in the house we say! And why not enjoy a little chuckle while you’re there. We found some of the silliest artwork to share and make you smile.     Anytime is a good time for a laugh on […]

8 Amazing Examples of Toilet Paper Roll Art

Everyone has them—empty toilet paper rolls—but so often they’re thrown in the trash as soon as the last square is pulled. If you’re looking for some DIY decorations or arts and crafts ideas, however, there’s plenty you can do with these little cardboard cylinders. Here are some of our favorite photos of DIY toilet paper […]

Which Way Do You Roll?

Do you put your toilet paper roll Over or Under? It’s a crazy question but always sparks lively debate because nearly everyone has an opinion on the proper way to situate your toilet paper roll. There have even been sociological and marketing studies on this human idiosyncrasy. Interestingly enough, in every study ever published on […]