Corporate Outdoor Events—How to Throw a Great Corporate Party

If you want to host a great outdoor party as a corporate event, here’s how to make your celebration a night (or day!) to remember:

● Decide on Your Objective
Knowing what the purpose of the event will help you determine how the evening will progress. Are you saying “thank you” to employees? Maybe you need some fun awards. Targeting new customers? Impress them with your decor. Expanding your target demographic or catering to your niche market? Answering these questions can give your event shape and direction.

● Consider the Season
Should it be cool or warm? Consider an outdoor tent in case of inclement weather. If you expect the weather to be warm, make sure there’s plenty of water and outdoor fans for your guests to keep them cool. If there’s a chance of cooler weather, be sure to rent some outdoor heaters to keep everyone comfortable.

● Focus on the Details
Does your event have a theme? If so, keep your decorations centered on that. For a Fourth of July themed event, for example you could have red, white and blue balloons, tablecloths, and other accessories. A BBQ or cookout would fit that theme, and you could try one of those unique flag cakes.
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● Outdoor Restrooms
Consider the venue of your outdoor event. Will the location have adequate bathrooms, if any? Consider renting a chic restroom trailer to ensure that guests can enjoy your party in comfort.

● Get Your Networking On
If you’re hosting an event that isn’t invitation only, have something on-hand to easily grab attendee’s contact information. A check-in at the door, a contest that requires registration (name, email), or a fish bowl to collect business cards all work well. After the event, you can easily follow up with your guests.

● Throw in Some Party Favors
Party favors or goody bags are a great way to show your appreciation for event attendees with something small that says, “Thanks for joining us!”

What cool ideas have you used to make your corporate function a huge success?

MOH Duties: How to Pack the Perfect Emergency Kit

So you’ve been asked to be the maid-of-honor for a dear friend, but you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all your new duties. One of the big MOH responsibilities is taking care of little things on the big day so that the bride can relax without worrying about where extra tissues/lipstick/blotting papers are stashed.

With that in mind, here’s a list of everything you need to pack the perfect wedding-day emergency kit:

● A large tote (in which to pack and carry your stash!)
● Tylenol or other pain reliever
● Band-Aids (useful for blisters or cuts)
● Neosporin
● A few bottles of a water
● Clear nail polish (fixes stocking runs and nail touch-ups)
● Chalk (to cover any last minute smudges on the dress)
● Corsage pins
● Extra earring backs
● Extra panty hose
● Eye drops, spare contacts, and/or glasses for yourself, the bride, and bridesmaids
● Miniature sewing kit w/ safety pins, basic needles & thread, scissors, hem tape
● Scotch tape
● Easy spot remover (Tide To-Go pen or other)
● Static cling spray
● Used dryer sheets (these remove static from hair)
● Granola bars or other simple snacks
● Sunblock
● Bobby pins
● Tums
● Cough drops
● Lint roller
● Hair ties
● Slip-on shoes for the you, the bride, and the bridal party if desired
● Playing cards
● Mirror
● Straws (to keep lipstick looking perfect)

In a smaller bag, you might consider packing the essentials, which the bride might want throughout the wedding:

● Blotting paper (especially for summer weddings)
● Cell phone
● Comb/brush
● Hair spray
● Powder and lipstick for touch-ups
● Tissues
● Nail file
● Perfume
● Tampons/pads

It’s a long list, but keeping the items above handy will help make sure no one’s scrambling around last minute because Michael broke his corsage pin or Christine accidentally stepped on the dress. And you’ll be able to relax, knowing that everything you could possibly need is somewhere in your bag!