The Benefits of Portable Luxury Restrooms

At Edmunds Waste Removal, we take pride in offering the most upscale products to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  When a facility is unable to provide public restrooms for your celebration or event, having a portable luxury restroom will not only ensure that your guests are comfortable, but will also compliment the theme of the event.

Equipped with high-end and welcoming finishes, our portable luxury restrooms, decorated by professionals, will complete your vision of having all amenities in a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing package.  Here are some of the benefits of having a portable luxury restroom at your wedding, private or corporate function:

  • Professionally decorated and private toilet stalls
  • Air conditioning
  • Stereo systems
  • Porcelain toilet seats and a variety of sink basin styles
  • Tasteful artwork and accessories are equipped within each restroom


At Edmunds Waste Removal, we offer six luxurious restroom options that will blend beautifully with any style of event being planned.   We will work to fit your vision, stay within budget and provide the best quality restrooms that will leave your guests truly impressed!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to reserve your portable luxury restroom today!

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Shoes

Are you still in hunt for the perfect outdoor wedding shoes?  Whether you are the bride-to-be or the bridesmaid, having the right shoe for the walk down the aisle will be essential!

Types of Outdoor Weddings

  1. Wedding on the Lawn

Instead of wearing story high stilettoes that will inevitable swallow the stem of your heels as you walk across grass, opt for a stylish wedge that is adorned with delicate flowers or stones.  This option gives you height without having to sink into the ground as you make your way to the altar.


  1. Beachside Wedding

Flats and close-toed shoes will be out of the question for a beach wedding.  Sand will slowly build up between the sides of your feet which will make your stroll to the big event scratchy and uncomfortable!  Instead, try a pair of delicate embellished sandals that wrap around the back of your heel (to prevent sand from kicking up on your dress).  Sandals will not only look stunning with your beach themed wedding, but they will also be comfortable!


  1. Cobblestone or Gravel Walkway

Avoid having the ground shift under your heels as you walk across a gravel or cobblestone aisle by opting for a pair of jeweled flats that will protect your toes and keep you from getting your foot caught between spaced cobblestones.  Wearing flats across uneven ground will help stabilize your heel as you journey on to the next chapter of your life!

Be Prepared!

  1. Break Them In!

Regardless of which style of shoe you choose to wear to an outdoor wedding, make sure to take the time to break them in!  You want to be comfortable as you spend the day socializing, dancing, and celebrating.  Breaking your wedding day shoes in will secure more confidence and as well as comfort!

  1. Bring a Back-Up Pair

Be prepared just in case a strap breaks or a sole is tarnished… bring a back-up pair of shoes to ensure your feet are covered for the celebration!

Selecting Your Wedding Colors

Color can bring out a range of emotions, especially on a wedding day!  A big decision to make in the initial stages of wedding planning will be the color palate (ie: selecting your wedding colors).  Here are some tips to creating the perfect palate to fit your wedding as well as your personality!

Step One: Start With What You Love

What colors are you naturally drawn to?  Cool colors such as; green, blue, and purple?  Or maybe warmer hues with colors ranging from red, orange, and yellow?  Start with a color that makes you happy.  Having your favorite color incorporated in your wedding will speak of your personality and will be a good starting point in choosing the rest of the colors for your wedding color palate.

Step Two: Take in Your Surroundings

Take in your surroundings as you plan your wedding color palate.  Will your wedding be in the Fall with orange’s and yellows?  Or will it be in summer with blue and green colors?

Step Three: Combine Your Favorite With Your Surroundings

The last step is to combine your favorite color with a complimentary color from your surroundings or the season!  If necessary, refer to a color wheel and find colors that create harmony by complimenting each other on the wheel.  This will ensure that the colors blend well and create an atheistically pleasing wedding color palate.  After your two main wedding colors are chosen, feel to add more depth to the palate by adding accent colors (a few more colors that compliant your two wedding shades).


Refer to this color wheel by for complimentary colors!