A Little Comfort Goes a Long Way After a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods – natural disasters are devastating not only to individuals but to their communities, as well and a little comfort goes a long way after being faced with turmoil. From simple things like washing your hands or taking a hot shower to cleaning laundry, the little things are certainly not taken for granted. To follow are some products that can help bring comfort to those in need.

Mobile Handwash Station
Edmunds Mobile Handwashing Station Mobile Handwashing Stations are perfect to set up in areas with a lot of traffic, work sites, or areas with little access to plumbing. Designed to be used hands-free to eliminate the spread of germs, the Mobile Handwash Station is activated via foot-pump and even includes a paper towel holder and soap dispenser.

With models available in either a 2 or 4-person handwashing station, the Mobile Handwashing Station is a necessity to restoring the community after a natural disaster.

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Portable Shower Trailers

Edmunds Portable Shower

Nothing is more refreshing than a relaxing shower after a long, stressful day. When your world is rocked by a natural disaster, few things are more comforting than a hot shower waiting for you.

Portable Shower Trailers are designed to give multiple people at a time their own personal hot or cold water shower with Instant On Tankless Propane Water Heaters. With stainless steel sinks included, you are able to do a full ‘morning routine’ to help you get back on your feet.

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Mobile Laundry Trailers

Edmunds Mobile Laundry TrailerTypically, in disastrous situations individuals have greater things to worry about than doing their laundry. However, clean clothes provide a necessary comfort to an otherwise disastrous situation.

Mobile Laundry Trailers include stacked commercial-grade washer/dryers, a utility sink for soaking and handwashing, and a countertop for folding. With low-consumption washers and propane dryers, individuals can easily do their laundry without any hassle. As an added safety feature, they included rubber non-skid floors. Perfect for multiple people to be working at once.


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When a natural disaster shakes the community, it’s everyone’s job to help put it back together. At Edmunds, we have products and services that help provide individuals with a sense of comfort while getting back on their feet. With everything from restrooms to hot showers to laundry – even something as simple as a handwashing station, we are ready to help your community bounce back. Contact us today!

Spring Event Planning

Our winter celebrations have come and gone and before you know it the weather will start getting warmer, with spring events in full swing! Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, a St. Patrick’s Day event, or even a community Easter Egg Hunt, there is much planning to be done – including plans for portable toilets or restroom trailers!

Follow our tips below to help you plan for your portable restroom needs.

  • Start With The Number of People Expected

It is extremely important to determine the right ratio of bathroom to guests for your big event. You certainly don’t want to waste people’s time standing in lines while they could be having fun! It is also important to adjust your type of portable restroom to the specific event you will be having. The variations in portable restrooms can be suited towards your event, whether it be very casual or more elegant.

  • Determine What Sort of Food and Beverages Will Be Served

If you are planning to have a 3-course meal or simply a popcorn stand, you will still want to be sure to have restrooms available for the attendees. Determining what type of food and especially what type of beverages will be consumed can factor into how many portable restrooms you will need. If there will be plenty of food and plenty of drinks (especially alcohol!) you may want consider renting more portable restrooms than you first estimated.

  • Contact Our Team at Edmunds

Regardless of your portable restroom needs, our team at Edmunds will be able to assist you in your planning. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and to help ensure you have exactly what you need for your outdoor event.

By following these steps in planning for your spring event, you are ensuring your guests are comfortable and ready to have a great time. We, at Edmunds, are ready to help you plan the best event possible! Contact us today!