Planning The Perfect Wedding – A Checklist

We get that wedding planning is one of the most stressful and overwhelming periods of your life, why not make it easier with our checklist? Step by step to-do lists will help you keep calm, tackle each task individually, and see the big picture coming along.

16 to 9 Months Before Your Wedding

Gather Inspiration

Create a wedding folder, binder, or Pinterest page with any wedding ideas you’d be interested in incorporating into your wedding. From there, you can decide on which color schemes and themes you want to move forward with!

Determine a Budget

Budgets determine the rest of your wedding planning, so put some thoughtful consideration into this step. Consult with everyone involved with paying for the wedding and create an excel sheet outlining how much you should spend on certain items. You’ll be thankful you created a budget in the long-run, trust us!

Find Your Perfect Venue

Now that you know what kind of wedding you prefer and how much you are willing to spend, you can determine where exactly you want your venue to be. It’s best to do this step so far in advance because you can for sure reserve the space. Don’t wait until the last minute and settle for anything less than your dream venue!

Create Your Guest List

Since you’ll know the type of wedding and the size of the venue, you can easily figure out who and how many people to invite. This includes the wedding party, so also plan announcements for who will be your bridesmaids and groomsmen!

Hire Your Vendors

From catering to music to photographers to officiates, there’s a lot of third-party vendors involved in making your special day! Do your research on who you’d like to hire and get them booked!

8 Months Before Your Wedding

Wedding Dress Shopping

One of the most fun parts of getting married, hands-down. Find a date for your bridesmaids to come with and help you pick out the perfect dress to walk down the aisle and dance the night away. Later on, decide on another day to get your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Reserve Hotel Rooms for Out-of-Town Guests

You want to make sure your out-of-town guests will have somewhere to stay, and be able to easily access the venue. This consideration goes a long way for your guests and is best to get done soon in advance.

Create a Registry

Try to register at a minimum of 3 places to allow your guests some flexibility based on their own locations and budgets.

6 Months Before Your Wedding

Start Planning Your Honeymoon

Travel plans are usually booked out 6-8 months ahead of time, decide with your significant other on your ideal honeymoon location and get to planning!

4 Months Before Your Wedding

Order Your Cake

Meet with a baker to taste flavors and decide on designs that go with your wedding theme.

Order Favors

Send your guests off with a little something to remember your wedding day with!

3 Months Before Your Wedding

Organize Day-Of Timeline

This step is a huge help in the planning process to ensure everything on your wedding day runs smoothly. This includes scheduling hair and makeup, determining the order of the ceremony and reception, make a list of those expected to give toasts, and determining the final menu and courses.

Buy the Wedding Rings

This step doesn’t take much processing, so it can be done closer to the date.

2 Months Before Your Wedding

Send Out Invitations

The date is set, venue booked, guests lists made – now you just need to inform everyone of the details!

1 Month Before Your Wedding

Organize Your RSVP List

This includes reception seating and possibly an personalized favors.

Get Marriage License

Can’t be legally wed without that!

Send Out Directions/Necessary Information

You want everything to run as smoothly as possible, so make sure your guests have all required information.

Final Dress Fitting

Make sure the seamstress makes all necessary final adjustments to ensure the perfect fit.

1 Week Before Your Wedding

Confirm Everything with All Vendors

Arrival/delivery times, preferences, song choices, and send them the final guest lists.

Pack for Your Honeymoon

Don’t worry about the stress of packing the day before your wedding, get it done sooner so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.

Delegate Small Tasks

Each member of your wedding party can help with any small tasks that you shouldn’t have to worry about. Think of the smallest details and assign them to someone.

Break in Your Shoes

You don’t want to be breaking them in the night of your wedding, that’s just a recipe for disaster.

Lastly, enjoy your big day! This checklist will help you organize every step of your dream wedding and ensure that everything runs smoothly. So breakout the notepad and wedding magazines and get to it!

Top 5 DIY Wedding Ideas

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, don’t let it also be one of the most expensive! Now more than ever brides are substituting pricey wedding décor for masterful DIY pieces to create an event all their own. Here at Edmund’s we’ve come up with our Top 5 DIY ideas for your special day and how to personalize your wedding while saving money.


Your bouquet is one of the most important pieces in your wedding, so why not give it that personal touch? Instead of buying an expensive bouquet, follow our steps to make a unique piece all your own! All you will need are your favorite flowers, scissors, floral tape, and some ribbon!

  1. Make sure to get your flowers 2-3 days before your wedding to give them time to bloom, also make sure that you order a few extras of each type, just in case some arrive damaged or aren’t usable.
  1. Prepare your flowers by getting rid of leaves and thorns with a durable pair of scissors or even thorn trimmers. For the greenery pieces of your bouquet, make sure to only keep the top few leaves so that it isn’t too bulky or drawing attention away from the main flowers.
  1. Begin arranging your flowers with the base, meaning 3 to 4 flowers you want in the center. Then start adding pieces around them to expand the bouquet. Make sure not to cluster too many flowers of the same color together, and add a greenery piece every now and then for balance. Feel free to play with different heights for certain pieces to give your bouquet a lush look.
  1. When you are finished with your arrangement wrap the entire bouquet with floral tape. You can also wrap the bouquet as you add the flowers to give yourself more control over the arrangement (as sometimes things can shift while you’re forming your bouquet).
  1. Finally, tie your ribbon around the bouquet so that you cannot see the floral tape. And voila! You’re all set to walk down the aisle.


Candles are some of the simplest DIY centerpieces you can make, but your guests will think you spent big bucks! All you will need are candlesticks, clear glass vases, super glue, and your decorative pieces to get started.

  1. Clean out your glass vases so they are spotless. Any dirty vases will hinder from their elegance.
  2. Take your super glue and line it around the base of your candle stick. Insert the candles inside of your vase and let them sit for a while to settle.
  3. Insert your decorative pieces! Whether they be clear stones or flower petals, fill the sides of the vase so that they surround the candle. For an even more mystical effect, skip step 2 and fill your vases with your decorations and water. Then insert tea lights to float atop. And there you go! A beautiful and easy-to-create center piece that won’t take a hit on your budget.


One of the most recent (and fun!) trends is creating a balloon wall. Simply fill your balloons with air (not helium because you don’t want them to float away) and tape them to your wall in a fun formation! Your guests will have a blast taking pictures with them in the background and also helps you easily decorate your space! For added fun, paint cute messages on some balloons for a more personalized touch.

Guest Book

You’ll want to remember every detail of your wedding, including every person who attended. Guest books can be one of the most memorable features of your wedding, of which you can create a unique one all on your own! One of our favorites is creating a quick and easy photo-guest book using polaroid pictures! All you will need is some string, clothespins, permanent markers, and a polaroid camera and film.


  1. To get started, you’ll want to create a few horizontal rows with your string and attach them to a wall
  2. Create a small sign explaining to people to take a picture of themselves and pin the photos to the string.
  3. After your wedding, simply place the photos in a photobook.


Sparklers are the picture-perfect way to end your wedding reception. To not make your wedding look too much like a 4th of July event, add a special message on each individual sparkler. You’ll need a stencil cutter, a hole puncher, some string, and your personalized messages.

  1. Print out your messages, 1 for every sparkler you plan to use. Take your stencil cutter and cut out each message. Use your hole-puncher to punch a hole on the top and bottom of your message.
  1. Slip a sparkler between the two holes at the top and bottom of your message. Then tie a small piece of string to both the top and bottom of the message to keep it from sliding off of the sparkler. And you’re done! Your guests will send you off with well wishes and a fantastic end to a magical night. For more information from Something Turquoise, click here.

These stylish DIY ideas will help your budget-wedding look top-dollar! Remember that your wedding is about you, and the more personal touches you can add, the better. So create your own unique wedding and enjoy your special day!