Corporate Outdoor Parties Everyone Will Be Talking About

Summer is just around the corner and your employees are eager to get out and celebrate. Why not build your team’s spirit by holding a party? Hosting a corporate outdoor party can not only increase morale but can also show your team how much you appreciate them.

Here are some ideas to make those corporate outdoor parties a blast!

Family Picnic

Family picnics are an awesome way for people to relax while enjoying some good food and good weather. Hosting a picnic-style event allows employees to get to know each other’s spouses and children, creating a more community-like atmosphere. Sweeten the experience by providing exciting activities such as a cornhole tournament, sand volleyball challenge, or other fun outdoor activities (and don’t forget to provide a fun gift for the winner).

Golf Outing

Golfing is one of the best outdoor activities to do in the warmer months, especially when turning it into a friendly competition! Creating a fun golf outing allows employees to show off their athletic capabilities while getting to know their coworkers, as well. Being one of the most popular corporate event theme, everyone can agree they’d prefer 9-holes to the office on a beautiful summer day!

Boat Cruise

Private boat cruises for corporate events have been growing in popularity due to their ease in planning and uniqueness. Since many boat-entertainment services ensure minimal planning on the organizer’s end, companies are able to easily plan the event without having to stress over the details. While enjoying the beautiful views and lively atmosphere, employees are able to mingle and relax in a lovely environment.

Baseball Game

Summer just wouldn’t be complete without attending a baseball game! Employees are able to unwind and have fun by cheering on their local (or national) team, eating hot dogs, and overall enjoying America’s favorite past-time. Whether it’s major or minor league, baseball games are said to be one of the most popular corporate outing events.

With summer on its way, you can get your employees excited with an amazing outdoor corporate party everyone will be talking about for years to come. Don’t miss out on showing your employees how valued and appreciated they are!

The Perfect DIY Candy Bar for Your Wedding

One of the most fun wedding trends these days is a Candy Bar at your reception! Adults and kids alike will be love having their favorites sweet treats for dessert. Candy Bars are completely customizable based on your own wedding theme and tastes. Best of all they’re even easy to make! Below are our tips on creating the perfect Candy Bar for your wedding.

Theme Correlation

DIY Candy Bars can look professionally made when they are properly incorporated into the theme of your wedding. They should be as much fun to look at as they are to eat. Make sure to correlate the various colors of your wedding with the different candies you are providing. Don’t forget to have some fun with it as well! If you have a nautical theme for your wedding go ahead and add some candied sharks, or have plenty of candied flowers if you’re theme is floral!

Display Cases

As mentioned before, your candy bar should be visually appealing to tie in with the rest of your décor. In doing this, glass vases of various heights should be used to display your delicious treats. These can be found at your local craft stores and even be decorated using ribbons and other decorative pieces that are a part of your theme. Using the different sized vases and jars – either create a mountainous or valley sort of look to create an attractive looking display that no guest can ignore.


Candy Variety

One of the most important pieces of your amazing Candy Bar is the actual candy! The type of candy you provide should be tailored to your guests’ tastes and interests, while still incorporating your theme. Having a mix of sweet and savory, chewy and crunchy candies will certainly guarantee that everyone will be anxious to dig in.

Candy Bars are meant to be fun and enjoyed by everyone. By incorporating them into your dessert table, they make your reception that much sweeter. Remember that a DIY Candy Bar can look professionally made by following our simple tips, enjoy!