Picking the Right Flowers for Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are becoming more popular these days, opening a window of bold, beautiful and colorful ideas! Flowers are a classic way to accent wintery hues along with helping to create a romantically warm atmosphere. Whether you have the support of a professional florist, or plan to create a unique DIY bouquet, here are some lovely winter floral tips to get you started.


Seasonal Colors

First, keep the season in mind and know your theme. Are you creating a winter wonderland or tying the knot in a Christmas motif? Winter hues in deep and rich colors can beautifully accent your ensemble and fill the room with vibrancy. When fashioning any floral arrangement, allow one bold color to be the focal point and tie in a few accents. Steer away from incorporating too much color, especially in the bridal bouquet – simple is better in keeping your key shade color prominent.

Popular holiday themed wedding colors include red, green, silver and gold. If you are planning a different winter melody – winter white, ivory, deep blues, and purples are also very stylish.

Types of Flowers

Similar to color selections, it is best to choose seasonal flowers to form your arrangements. They will look healthy and you won’t pay a premium. Poinsettias are perfect decorations and centerpieces, but for the bridal bouquet here are some popular winter flower options:

  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Tulips
  • Gardenias
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Orchids
  • LiliesTo add texture to a bouquet try: freesia, holly, rosemary, and baby’s breath.

Accents are essential for adding flare to your floral arrangements. Lit candles look beautiful in the middle of decorative flower table arrangement and decor, plus they add extra warmth. Shimmery ribbons and bows, or velvet wraps are beautiful seasonal accents.

Consider including hearts or popberries to help your arrangement burst – the more they sparkle the better! Stay away from over accessorizing; you don’t want your flowers to take away from you.


Selecting your flowers is a very exciting part of planning your wedding and choosing just the right colors and types to fit your winter wedding theme will help your special day look and feel just perfect!

Destination Wedding Do’s & Don’ts

Destination weddings can be fun, relaxing and romantic. No wonder so many couples choose this route for tying the knot! You may be surprised to learn that planning a wedding far, far away doesn’t have to be very challenging. Here are some tips to help you plan what to do and what not to do.


Selecting the Destination


  • Pick a place you have always wanted to go. This will likely be your honeymoon, too!
  • Find a resort with a local wedding planner, preferably on site. Sorting out vendor details from many miles will be much easier with the help of a professional.
  • Select a location that is easy for travel. You and your guests will want to arrive without any added travel stress.
  • Find a place that offers reasonable group rates and packages.


  • Select a location that cannot accommodate your guests comfortably. Make sure there is plenty of space, availability, and things to do! You don’t want to have guests staying in different hotels or resorts and, they may not all want to sit on the beach all day.
  • Expect your friends who are on a budget to swing the most expensive resort on the island. Chances are that you are the only one who has saved extra cash in preparation for this event!
  • Forget to bring extra cash for tips, souvenirs, and fun excursions!


Keep it Simple


  • Remain modest with the details. Remember, people are going to remember the event, not how many candles you set out on the tables. Simpler can save a lot of worry about everything going exactly the way you hoped.
  • While you are there, plan a few wedding events for your guests to attend, but allow them time to enjoy their mini vacation too.
  • Narrow your guest list. Too many people to corral make a destination wedding more difficult to accommodate.
  • Pick a spot with beautiful natural scenery and keep your décor to a minimum. You picked this destination for a reason!


  • Be upset with your old BFF can’t make the trip! Planning a destination wedding also means understanding that not everyone can swing an excursion right now, even though they share in your excitement.
  • Let your ceremony go on too long, especially if it is taking place outdoors on a windy beach.
  • Be too extravagant with your menu. Throw in a few local delicacies, but keep it simple.


Prepare in Advance


  • Have all of your documents in order. This includes passports, marriage licenses, plane tickets, etc.
  • Have a user friendly website that your guests can refer to for details of the event and accommodations. Be sure to include a list of travel items / documents they need to bring along, weekend itineraries, and other important details.
  • Send out invitations earlier than normal. Allow your guests time to make travel arrangements and plan a sitter for Fido!
  • Dress appropriately. Consider the weather when selecting your dress and shoes. Keep this in mind for your wedding party too.


  • Forget to fully research the marriage requirements for your destination.
  • Do it all yourself, your bridal party can be very helpful when planning!
  • Forget a backup plan. Take local weather patterns into consideration and have “Plan B” ready just in case.

Now it’s time to start the preparation for your wedding excursion. Before you know, it will be time to pack your bags and get hitched!