Current Hairstyle Trends for Your Wedding Day

Whether you have long or short hair, prefer and “up do” or down and free-flowing; here are the latest hairstyle trends for your wedding day.

Long and Loose:
long hairstyle
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To show off long and flowing hair,  consider adding some wave or curl to add texture.  You can also accent with clips, braids, or flowers to compliment your dress and other accessories.


The Updo:
updo hairstyle
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It is very popular for brides to choose an updo for their wedding day.  The latest trend, even with this style, is still flowing and loose.  Buns that sit just above the shoulders help to accent your neckline and earrings.


Short Styles:
Short hairstyle
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Creating a hairstyle for brides with shorter hair is very simple.  Add in some wave or curl to create volume.  Or, find an updo intended for long hair and mimic it!  Since loose is the current style, the strands that fall will look elegant and feminine.  Consider adding flowers or a headpiece for stunning detail.


Just remember, when choosing your style, stick with what you are most comfortable.  If you are used to updo’s – shop around and have fun!  If you typically wear your hair down, you may be happier with your wedding photos by selecting a more free-flowing look.  Your hair can be your best accessory!


Tips to Make Your Wedding Reception Upscale

Did you know that the key to elegance is simplicity?  The fewer details you incorporate, the more upscale your wedding reception will feel.  Here are a few other tips that are sure to help you create a more sophisticated vibe.

Color Choice

Color choice alone speaks volumes when creating an ambiance for your wedding reception.  According to, shades of white are associated with “goodness, perfection, and purity”.  When mixed with black which represents “elegance and formality” the blend creates a simple, fashionable, and classy setting. If you integrate a few soft or neutral colors into the mix you can also retain a sense of calmness and harmony.  Imagine yourself walking into a wedding reception full of detail and color in comparison to a simpler arrangement.  For most, the reception with less detail and bright color choices will have a more sophisticated feel. Other elegant color choices are: silver, gold, and soft shades of green.


Adding some sparkle is one of the most fun and beautiful ways to create exquisiteness and elegance. If you are having an outdoor reception, string lighting is a great table accent. For an indoor reception, lanterns and candles are a beautiful way to incorporate soft and upscale illumination.  Whether indoors or out, the right lighting can add such a beautiful tone for your reception. Be sure to spend some time selecting the best lighting choice for your party!


It is understood that evening receptions lean on the side of elegant.  Guests may arrive more formally dressed and ready for cocktails and appetizers. Typically, at an evening reception, dinner is also served and guests plan to stay for the duration.  It is less likely for guests to sneak out early for other obligations, which in turn creates a less casual atmosphere.  Mixed with your brilliant lighting choices, an evening wedding can look stunning and maintain that intimate and upscale vibe.

If an elegant wedding reception is what you are shooting for, remember to still have fun! Smiles and laughter never go out of style, no matter what setting you desire.