How to Fight Wedding Day Illness

There are many small details to think of when planning the perfect wedding, but one thing you may not have considered is your health. Although is an exciting time, there are a lot of moving parts that can cause added stress. This stress can take a lot out of you, and possibly lead to illness. If it does, don’t fret. Take these things into consideration and plan ahead. 

Before the Wedding

The months leading up to your wedding is critical for self-care. Here are a couple easy things you can try to help you stay germ free.

  1. Vitamins: Realizing that stress can play a part in your overall health, add vitamins into your daily routine. Vitamin C is an excellent supplement to start months before your big day to boost your immune system and help your body fight bacteria.  
  2. Steer clear of germs: If a friend invites you for drinks and mentions they have been fighting a cold, politely decline. Simply staying away from infected people will reduce your chances of catching something you don’t want to walk down the aisle with.  
When All Else Fails

If you do wake up on your wedding day and find that you are under the weather, don’t panic. A little adjusting and the help of a few close friends will get you down the aisle.

  1. Add extra time: You may not have an abundant amount of energy to spare, so add in a little extra time for hair, makeup, and anything else you need to get yourself ready.
  2. Medicate: Unless you have allergies, rotate Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen to get you through. Together these medications can help you reduce fever and ease discomfort when necessary.
  3. Rest: Relax and take breaks as much as possible.
  4. Drink: Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water and beverage with electrolytes to give your body what it needs.   

If sickness lands you in the hospital on the day of your wedding, it’s okay. Your health is more important than any event. Yes, even your wedding which can be rescheduled. Stay in touch with your vendors and let them know your situation. Sometimes communication is key in business. Many reputable companies are happy to do what they can to accommodate and unforeseen circumstances. 

How to Choose Your Wedding Veil

Wedding veils are one of the most elegant and beautiful accessories you will choose to compliment your dress on your wedding day. But, not any old veil will do. Here are a few tips to help you select the right one for you.

Compliment Your Dress

Many dresses already have a veil selection that matches the accents of the gown. But, don’t limit yourself.  If the veil looks perfect and completes the look, run with it. But, if you choose to keep shopping, be sure to find options that are similar in style and color. If your dress is ivory, stick with the same color scheme. A white trim on a veil will not blend well with your ivory ensemble. If you are wearing a formal gown, choose a longer veil that accents its elegance.  Shorter veils tend to be made for a more casual look.

Hair Styles Matter

Consider your wedding day hair in advance. If you are having a hard time deciding, take some practice photos with different hairstyle options. Do you prefer the photos with a certain look? If so, wear your hair in that style on the day of your veil selection. Make sure your veil choice sits on your head in a way that will compliment your hair style.

Be Comfortable

Your veil will be worn for a large part of your wedding day. And, you will want to keep it on for wedding photos. It is important that your pick not only compliments your dress and hairstyle, but also photos well.  If you are taking wedding photos outside on the beach, a veil with a lot of material could get caught in the wind. For indoor photos, a veil that fall nicely and fits comfortably on your head will keep you happy and create a lovely accessory for your photo album.

As you are having fun trying on veils and feeling like a princess, don’t be afraid to ask for help! The consultant at the bridal store should also be an expert at helping you make the right selection. But, at the end of the day, accessorize in a style that makes you feel beautiful.