Getting Healthy for the Big Day

All brides want to look their best when they walk down the aisle. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or not, here are some practical tips to help you feel your best on your wedding day.

Start early. If you have decided to begin a new diet or fitness routine, the earlier you dive in the better. While you may feel great initially, it may take a little time to see visible results. This is normal. Do plenty of research on the plan you choose and set realistic goals. Avoid overworking yourself and trying to reach a goal too quickly. You want to feel great AND take good care of yourself.

Have an accountability partner. Whether your fiancé or a good friend steps in as your cheerleader, have a trusted companion help track your goals, keep you motivated, and celebrate your victories. Someone by your side holding you accountable makes it easier to stay on track.

Do it in a healthy way. It is imperative that the diet and fitness plan you choose is good for your body and mind. Crash dieting is never a good idea. Even if you are seeing quick results, the last thing you want on your wedding day is a blood sugar crash down the aisle. If you choose a fad diet or starve yourself to lose weight quickly, you may find yourself in a worse place as your body starts to store fat and recover itself from lost calories.

If you have decided on a health/fitness plan to prepare for your wedding, congratulations! Just don’t stop there. Once you finally tie the knot, keep things going. The hard part is already done.

How to Check Out and In During Your Honeymoon

There are many details to cover when planning a wedding. You meet vendors, budget, and organize until you feel like you have taken on an extra part-time job. Just keep in mind that after your perfect day is over, you get to relax on a much-needed vacation with your partner. The key word here is RELAX. Here is how to balance time away with the reality of life at home.

Set aside time. For some of us it may be easy to power off your cell phone and detach for a week or two. If you are one of those fortunate people, be grateful. If you have kids, a business, or family at home that make it difficult to go MIA. Just be sure you find a way to balance your time. Remember, the purpose of your honeymoon is to celebrate a new chapter with your spouse. Here are a few tips to help you stay engaged and keep your peace of mind:

1. Let your partner know in advance that you need to take a block of time on certain days to check in. If you disappear unannounced, they may feel neglected.
2. Honor the time you set aside and get back to your romantic getaway as quickly as you can. Make short phone calls and keep your business interactions efficient.
3. Put the phone, computer, or tablet aside and power it off when it is not in use so you can stay fully engaged during your honeymoon activities.
4. Give a trusted family member and friend your hotel information just in case they need to reach out in an emergency. This will give you peace of mind when you power off your electronics.
5. Keep the social media posting at a minimum. If you want to share photos, consider waiting until you return home.