5 Unique Ideas to Decorate Your Reception Tables

College themed. Sport your favorite college team at your wedding by decorating to show your spirit.  Use tablecloths, colored flowers, signs, and even add foam fingers on each chair to show your pride and support your Alma Mater.

Go bold with centerpiece. Many wedding reception tables are adorned with flowers.  While they are a lovely detail, try making a statement and going in a unique direction.   If you are having a country wedding or getting married in the Fall, try a rustic piece. If you are tying the knot in Spring, choose a tall flourishing spring bouquet.

Colorful and vibrant. While it is a good idea to stay within your color scheme, go bold and bright when decorating your tables. Soft, subdued colors are beautiful for the ceremony, yet making your reception hall vibrant is a good way to lift spirits.

Add photos of the bride and groom. Take personal candid photos of the two of you doing things you love together. Take lots of selfies and ask a passerby to capture special moments. Print the photos and place them on your tables to add personal flare.

Add quotes. When you run across a quote about love that inspires you, add it to a centerpiece. Use lines from songs, poems, stories, or even your own words to add romance to your table décor.

Organizing a Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings have become more popular than ever. Venues are postponing events due to the pandemic, travel restrictions are in place, and safety requirements for small gatherings create challenges. So, brides who are still eager to tie the knot are taking things right into their very own backyard. If you are considering a wedding at home, here are some tips to get you started.

Organize your rental supply checklist.
While wedding venues have reception halls set up and ready to entertain, it may be a challenge to know exactly what you need to order to create the same atmosphere.  Here is a checklist to get you started:

  • Tables
  • Tablecloths and linens
  • Chairs – for the ceremony and meal
  • Chair draperies
  • Table décor – centerpieces
  • Plates, cutlery, glassware
  • Lighting
  • Bars tables to serve food
  • Beverage station supplies – beverages and pitchers, ice bucket, beverage glasses
  • Floral arrangements and greenery
  • Lighting
  • Tents
  • Guest book
  • Arch for the ceremony
  • Trash bins
  • Serving utensils
  • Extension cords, power strips

Order appropriate food conducive to a backyard gathering.
Perhaps you had dreamed of a formal sit-down dinner indoors. You can still enjoy your favorite dishes; just modify how you serve them to suit your ambiance. When people think backyard wedding, comfort food typically comes to mind. So, include your upscale finger foods and side dishes while mixing them with your classic backyard selections. If you had your heart set on lobster as an entrée, consider serving it in a pastry or handheld appetizer instead. Pig roasts, hamburgers, and easy to serve buffet options have historically been a hit.

Create a unique beverage station.
Stock your bar with the typical favorites, but also include a specialty cocktail exclusive to your event. Think seasonal and original. If you have an innovation cocktail creation, this is the best time to share it with your favorite people.  Ordering a keg from a local brewery or cidery to serve is a also great way to make your ceremony intimate. Anything that makes your wedding memorable is key.

Add a place for games and entertainment.
Backyard games such as cornhole, tetherball, horseshoes, Canjam, and so on are perfect entertainment to mix with the DJ and wedding festivities. It also creates a casual, fun, and intimate setting that fits the ambiance of an outdoor wedding.

Have easily accessible restrooms.
It is essential to have clean restrooms onsite and easy to access for your guests. Allowing everyone inside to use your powder room can get overwhelming and will create unnecessary traffic for your caterer when preparing food indoors. Consider any of these upscale options instead: Luxury Restroom Trailers – Edmunds Waste Removal.

Blending Cultures and Traditions at Your Wedding

If you and your finance are from distinctly unique backgrounds, pay attention.  There is a way to blend traditions and keep the family peace at your wedding. Here’s how.

Create a plan.  It is essential for you and your partner to agree on what family and cultural traditions are important enough to be represented on your wedding day.  Prioritize a list with your partner, parents, grandparents, or anyone else that you feel should be involved with the decision. Upon agreement of your must-haves, it is time to put your plan in action.

Be creative. Hire an officiant who will blend in your cultural ideas through the ceremony in a way that will keep your guests engaged. It may be necessary to hire two officiants that will share the responsibility of equally balancing your ideas.  Take turns showing how each culture differs during an important piece of the service. If one of you prefers to light a unity candle while the other favors singing in unison, do them each back to back.

Have fun with your traditions and blend them together in a positive light. Food, dancing, and music are excellent ways to represent diversity. Have a first dance with music to celebrate your background followed by another which celebrates your spouse. Take it another step and allow your guests to have a cultural dance-off at the reception. Non-partial guests can vote on who has the most enthusiasm.

Use fashion and food. It is great idea to dress the part. Choose clothes with color, gems, styles, or anything else that is appropriate for your traditions. Makeup, jewelry and accessories, and hairstyles are a perfect way to show off family heritage.

Create a diverse menu for your reception that allows your guests to enjoy delicacies from side.  Set up a table with a variety of ethnic favorites and label your selections. This can help your guests to feel inspired with your culinary culture.

Communicate with your guests.  Blending a wedding is a perfect time to introduce your guest to differing beliefs. The more you explain each tradition through your celebration, the more involved everyone will feel. With this you can create an appreciation for history, family, and the blending of traditions.