Fantastic Summer Wedding Refreshment Ideas

Summer weddings are a perfect time to gather outdoors and take advantage of sunshine and nature.  If you are planning your nuptials over the summer months, be sure to include some of these cocktail and snack ideas that are sure to keep things cool.


When you consider what cocktails to serve at a summer wedding, think “refreshing.” While it is important to offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks such as tea, lemonade, fruit punch, and water; add in an assortment of fruity cocktails with seasonal garnish. Stock your bar with fruity vodka and liqueur choices, rum, and tequila to mix with fruity mixers or juices. Carry an assortment of cherries, cucumbers, lime, and mint leaves for garnish.   The more colorful the better!

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When you are planning appetizers for a summer wedding, consider lighter options. Snacks that infuse fruits and vegetables are popular and will not fill up your guests in the summer heat. Shrimp cocktail is a great addition alongside a beautifully arranged salad bar, cucumber sandwiches, and a tray of bruschetta mixed with fresh basil.

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Your wedding is not complete without delicious seasonal treats that are light and refreshing. In addition to your wedding cake of course, considering offering ice cream choices alongside bitesize sweets. Cheesecake bites, chocolate dipped strawberries, parfait cups, and fresh banana pudding are great options to keep things on the light side.

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Corporate Outdoor Picnic Ideas

You and your team work hard. Sometimes it is good to break up the monotony and show a little appreciation to those who keep your business thriving. If you are interested in planning an outdoor activity to thank your employees, here are some picnic ideas that will help make your day memorable.


Order and display plenty of food items and keep it simple. Pre-cut sandwiches, fruit, bags of chips and salads in pre-portioned personal containers are perfect for keeping your food line efficient. Grab-and-go options are also sanitary and keep the spread of germs to a minimum. Always end with a cool treat on hot, sunny days. Make sure you have disposable plates and utensils and set out an appropriate amount of waste baskets to keep the picnic area tidy.


Allow your employees plenty of time to take it easy. Inside the office you may have workflow expectations. At a company gathering such as this, allow time for rest and enjoyment. Corporate phone calls and emails can be tended to later.  Provide comfortable seating and large, welcoming tables that encourage people to sit in groups that create easy conversation. Be sure to provide plenty of shade and beverage stations to keep people from dehydrating or becoming overheated.

Create team building opportunities

Create time to let your employees get to know one another on a personal level. Adult field day events are always a hit. Click here are some team building activities that are great for corporate events. Whatever you do, stay positive, motivating, and have fun. Winning games is not important, but the time your employees get to engage and have fun is. Studies show that these activities increase work productivity, decrease turnover, and help your team work better together.


Making the Most of Your Wedding Day

The day is finally here!  Whether you had a long engagement or planned your nuptials soon after saying yes, waiting to walk down the aisle can seem like an eternity. Now that the stress of planning is behind you and you have finally reached your wedding day, here are a few ways to make it one you are sure to enjoy.

Stay positive.
Yes, you have the choice to stay positive regardless of what goes astray. Your ability to allow yourself to go with the flow (regardless of what goes wrong) can make or break your wedding day. The truth is, most unforeseen circumstances are out of your control. The caterer may bring the wrong appetizer, the DJ may fall ill, your bridesmaids may get into a disagreement; it is all okay! The focus is getting married and surrounding yourself with the people you love. If you succeed in making that happen, nothing else matters. Choose to take small obstacles with a grain of salt…you will be glad you did.

Put on a smile.
Smiling is contagious! Everyone around you will feed off your energy and undoubtably, the bride can set the tone of her wedding. When your wedding party sees you smile, they will follow suit, and that energy will be noticeable when you walk down the aisle. According to Psychology Today, “The feel-good neurotransmitters – dopamine, endorphins and serotonin – are all released when a smile flashes across your face…” So, even if it may be difficult to muster up a smile, do it anyway! Today is a day to focus on celebrating your new marriage.

Laugh and have a good time.
So, now we asked you to keep a positive attitude under all circumstances and maintain a smile, but now we ask you to take it a step further. Laugh as much as you can on your wedding day. If you embarrass yourself or if a vendor makes a mistake, just laugh it off and stay lighthearted. The small details (even the mistakes) are what make your wedding unique and memorable. When you finally make it down the aisle, have fun with your vows. When you hit the dance floor as a newlywed, enjoy the music and act silly as you dance.  You worked hard to make this day special and you should enjoy every minute of it!

Tying the Knot Before Your Wedding Day

I was surprised the day I showed up for my niece’s wedding only to find out that she had visited the courthouse a month prior to legalize her marriage.  Although the information was not public, I thought the ideas behind her decision were too smart to stay hidden.  Here are a few reasons why tying the knot before your wedding day could be a wise plan.

If You Must Postpone

Unfortunately, there are events out of our control that require weddings to be postponed. The world was shocked when businesses shut down for COVID-19. If you are in this situation and eager to say your vows, move forward with your “I do’s” at the local courthouse on the date you planned and celebrate with friends and family later. It can be devastating to give up your original wedding date, but this is one way to make the best out of a bad situation. You will have a unique memory of your wedding day for years to come.

Destination Weddings

If you are planning a getaway on the coast to celebrate your marriage, considering having a small ceremony at home for those who cannot attend. Perhaps you have relatives who are unable to travel for work or health reasons. They will feel extra special witnessing you legalize your marriage before you hop the plane.

A small ceremony at your local courthouse can also help eliminate hours researching and gathering proper documentation to get married in a different state; on top of assuring your license will transfer back home. Let your destination wedding simply be your dream ceremony without the added legal stress.


Yes, the number one reason to go ahead and legalize your marriage it to simply calm your nerves. There is a lot of pressure to make your wedding day perfect. A year of planning, organizing details, and meeting with vendors can be overwhelming. As soon as you close in on the big day, it seems something inevitably will go sideways. There are too many details involved for all things to be perfect. A mix of creating perfection, remembering your vows, being the center of attention, and being inescapably pulled in every direction is enough to make even the calmest bride feel flustered.

A visit to the courthouse relieves a significant amount of pressure. Simply inviting parents or a couple of friends creates a more intimate and relaxed environment.  You can recite your vows without feeling like you are on stage and laugh at your mistakes. It is unbelievable how easy-going your wedding day can be if you choose to get pre-hitched. Just think of your big event as a party to celebrate your new marriage, not a day that must turn out perfect.

Once you finally reach the day of your big celebration, here are some tips to help keep you calm before walking down the aisle.