Benefits of a Wedding Website

Getting married is one of the most exciting events of a lifetime. And we live in a world where everything from shopping to banking is online. So brides are jumping on board to keep friends and family in the loop with a personal wedding website.  Why not tell the world about your big day in a big way? In fact, here are a few reasons why you absolutely SHOULD.

Details, Details

You can’t put every small detail on a wedding invitation, but you can post them online. While you may believe some of these items are small potatoes, they can be vital to your guests. Here are things you can mention:

  • Parking information
  • Dress attire
  • Food selections
  • Kids menu/table and sitter information
  • Travel info and itineraries
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Registry details

Get Personal

Wedding websites are a great way to stay personal with your guests.  While your great aunt is excited to support your nuptials, she may not have the opportunity to meet your husband-to-be prior to the big day.  So, post photos and tell the story of how you met.  Get creative and list your favorite qualities about him alongside of a list of things you enjoy doing together. Distant friends and family can feel more connected when you share just a few details your life with them.

Stay Connected

Whether you send a formal wedding invitation by mail or prefer the electronic method, add a link for quick RSVP. It is easy to keep tabs on your headcount and organize a seating chart on screen.  Websites are also an easy way to get the word out fast if there are last-minute announcements or changes. Gone are the days of needing to pick up the phone and call everyone on your list.  Perhaps there is a detail you didn’t consider. Allow the opportunity for your guests to post questions where everyone can view your response. Chances are someone else had that question too. Basically, any information pertaining to your wedding can be housed on your website for easy communication. 

Wedding website are intended to be and efficient way to keep your guest connected during the months leading up to your wedding.  They are a win for all!