Blending Cultures and Traditions at Your Wedding

If you and your finance are from distinctly unique backgrounds, pay attention.  There is a way to blend traditions and keep the family peace at your wedding. Here’s how.

Create a plan.  It is essential for you and your partner to agree on what family and cultural traditions are important enough to be represented on your wedding day.  Prioritize a list with your partner, parents, grandparents, or anyone else that you feel should be involved with the decision. Upon agreement of your must-haves, it is time to put your plan in action.

Be creative. Hire an officiant who will blend in your cultural ideas through the ceremony in a way that will keep your guests engaged. It may be necessary to hire two officiants that will share the responsibility of equally balancing your ideas.  Take turns showing how each culture differs during an important piece of the service. If one of you prefers to light a unity candle while the other favors singing in unison, do them each back to back.

Have fun with your traditions and blend them together in a positive light. Food, dancing, and music are excellent ways to represent diversity. Have a first dance with music to celebrate your background followed by another which celebrates your spouse. Take it another step and allow your guests to have a cultural dance-off at the reception. Non-partial guests can vote on who has the most enthusiasm.

Use fashion and food. It is great idea to dress the part. Choose clothes with color, gems, styles, or anything else that is appropriate for your traditions. Makeup, jewelry and accessories, and hairstyles are a perfect way to show off family heritage.

Create a diverse menu for your reception that allows your guests to enjoy delicacies from side.  Set up a table with a variety of ethnic favorites and label your selections. This can help your guests to feel inspired with your culinary culture.

Communicate with your guests.  Blending a wedding is a perfect time to introduce your guest to differing beliefs. The more you explain each tradition through your celebration, the more involved everyone will feel. With this you can create an appreciation for history, family, and the blending of traditions.