Funny Bathroom Humor

Did you know that the month of June was dedicated to bathroom reading? The best seat in the house we say! And why not enjoy a little chuckle while you’re there. We found some of the silliest artwork to share and make you smile.


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Anytime is a good time for a laugh on the john!


8 Amazing Examples of Toilet Paper Roll Art

Everyone has them—empty toilet paper rolls—but so often they’re thrown in the trash as soon as the last square is pulled. If you’re looking for some DIY decorations or arts and crafts ideas, however, there’s plenty you can do with these little cardboard cylinders.

Here are some of our favorite photos of DIY toilet paper roll art:


It’s February, the month of Valentine’s Day and all kinds of expressions of love. This 3D heart is made out of toilet paper rolls, with a few other cardboard cylinders for pops of color.


At first glance, you’d never know the design around this mirror is made out sliced toilet paper rolls!


Don’t these intricate squares look like wrought iron wall hangings? Cut out toilet paper rolls are much easier to hang!


This light door wreath uses toilet paper rolls to construct leaves and hold fabric flowers.


This family tree uses bent toilet paper roles at fun, 3D leaves.


This wall mural of leaves is made entirely out of bent TP rolls.


These segmented tree paintings also use cut out rolls for the leaf outlines.


And finally…No idea HOW someone managed to create these, but they look amazing. Like a floating forest for your wall.

What would you create out of toilet paper rolls?


Which Way Do You Roll?

Do you put your toilet paper roll Over or Under?

It’s a crazy question but always sparks lively debate because nearly everyone has an opinion on the proper way to situate your toilet paper roll. There have even been sociological and marketing studies on this human idiosyncrasy.

Interestingly enough, in every study ever published on toilet paper orientation, the Overs came out on top, with as much as 70% of participants preferring the loose end of the roll hanging over, towards the user.

Two inventors even came up with solutions in the battle for “proper” toilet paper roll orientation. Both the Tilt-a-roll and T.P. Swivel offer holders that can spin and angle, orientating the toilet paper roll based on the current user’s preference.

We’ve made a short list of reasons why you might choose either orientation:


• Majority rules
• More hygienic—less risk of hand contact with germs on the wall or cabinet
• Simpler to get a visual on the loose end
• Patterned toilet paper is nearly always oriented to be viewed this way


• More difficult for toddlers or pets to unravel this way
• Tidier looking with the loose end hidden from view
• Less likely to unravel in toilets that move, such as those in RVs or mobile homes

Now for the next great debate: toilet seat Up or Down?

11 Funniest Restroom Signs

We wouldn’t want to stoop to “bathroom humor,” but these signs are just too funny! We hope you laugh out loud when you see these creative signs for restrooms.














Everyone needs goals!


EWRwhat not to do










We didn’t think people needed to be told not to do all these things, but apparently it needs to be said at this establishment.








Happy hour after work: good. Happy hour at work: bad.









We’re afraid to ask what exactly that means…


EWR_restroom sign






We get a ‘kick’ out of this one!










“This is now a men’s washroom”…seems like there’s been some confusion and now someone is putting his foot down—or, putting his arm out.


EWRtoilet-signs (40)[15]







This one’s cute and clever—turn it upside down and it’s the same!


EWRtoilet-signs (1)[5]















This is actually a smart design, but we liked it so much that we had to share. Have you every seen a sleek sign like this?








No-bat-y likes a puddle.














This train station sign is clever and funny!










These are just a few on the hilarious bathroom signs we’ve seen. In our business, we want to know about everything related to handling your business, humor included! Have you seen other funny signs like these? Snap a picture or tell us in the comments.