Corporate Outdoor Parties Everyone Will Be Talking About

Summer is just around the corner and your employees are eager to get out and celebrate. Why not build your team’s spirit by holding a party? Hosting a corporate outdoor party can not only increase morale but can also show your team how much you appreciate them.

Here are some ideas to make those corporate outdoor parties a blast!

Family Picnic

Family picnics are an awesome way for people to relax while enjoying some good food and good weather. Hosting a picnic-style event allows employees to get to know each other’s spouses and children, creating a more community-like atmosphere. Sweeten the experience by providing exciting activities such as a cornhole tournament, sand volleyball challenge, or other fun outdoor activities (and don’t forget to provide a fun gift for the winner).

Golf Outing

Golfing is one of the best outdoor activities to do in the warmer months, especially when turning it into a friendly competition! Creating a fun golf outing allows employees to show off their athletic capabilities while getting to know their coworkers, as well. Being one of the most popular corporate event theme, everyone can agree they’d prefer 9-holes to the office on a beautiful summer day!

Boat Cruise

Private boat cruises for corporate events have been growing in popularity due to their ease in planning and uniqueness. Since many boat-entertainment services ensure minimal planning on the organizer’s end, companies are able to easily plan the event without having to stress over the details. While enjoying the beautiful views and lively atmosphere, employees are able to mingle and relax in a lovely environment.

Baseball Game

Summer just wouldn’t be complete without attending a baseball game! Employees are able to unwind and have fun by cheering on their local (or national) team, eating hot dogs, and overall enjoying America’s favorite past-time. Whether it’s major or minor league, baseball games are said to be one of the most popular corporate outing events.

With summer on its way, you can get your employees excited with an amazing outdoor corporate party everyone will be talking about for years to come. Don’t miss out on showing your employees how valued and appreciated they are!

Top 5 DIY Wedding Ideas

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, don’t let it also be one of the most expensive! Now more than ever brides are substituting pricey wedding décor for masterful DIY pieces to create an event all their own. Here at Edmund’s we’ve come up with our Top 5 DIY ideas for your special day and how to personalize your wedding while saving money.


Your bouquet is one of the most important pieces in your wedding, so why not give it that personal touch? Instead of buying an expensive bouquet, follow our steps to make a unique piece all your own! All you will need are your favorite flowers, scissors, floral tape, and some ribbon!

  1. Make sure to get your flowers 2-3 days before your wedding to give them time to bloom, also make sure that you order a few extras of each type, just in case some arrive damaged or aren’t usable.
  1. Prepare your flowers by getting rid of leaves and thorns with a durable pair of scissors or even thorn trimmers. For the greenery pieces of your bouquet, make sure to only keep the top few leaves so that it isn’t too bulky or drawing attention away from the main flowers.
  1. Begin arranging your flowers with the base, meaning 3 to 4 flowers you want in the center. Then start adding pieces around them to expand the bouquet. Make sure not to cluster too many flowers of the same color together, and add a greenery piece every now and then for balance. Feel free to play with different heights for certain pieces to give your bouquet a lush look.
  1. When you are finished with your arrangement wrap the entire bouquet with floral tape. You can also wrap the bouquet as you add the flowers to give yourself more control over the arrangement (as sometimes things can shift while you’re forming your bouquet).
  1. Finally, tie your ribbon around the bouquet so that you cannot see the floral tape. And voila! You’re all set to walk down the aisle.


Candles are some of the simplest DIY centerpieces you can make, but your guests will think you spent big bucks! All you will need are candlesticks, clear glass vases, super glue, and your decorative pieces to get started.

  1. Clean out your glass vases so they are spotless. Any dirty vases will hinder from their elegance.
  2. Take your super glue and line it around the base of your candle stick. Insert the candles inside of your vase and let them sit for a while to settle.
  3. Insert your decorative pieces! Whether they be clear stones or flower petals, fill the sides of the vase so that they surround the candle. For an even more mystical effect, skip step 2 and fill your vases with your decorations and water. Then insert tea lights to float atop. And there you go! A beautiful and easy-to-create center piece that won’t take a hit on your budget.


One of the most recent (and fun!) trends is creating a balloon wall. Simply fill your balloons with air (not helium because you don’t want them to float away) and tape them to your wall in a fun formation! Your guests will have a blast taking pictures with them in the background and also helps you easily decorate your space! For added fun, paint cute messages on some balloons for a more personalized touch.

Guest Book

You’ll want to remember every detail of your wedding, including every person who attended. Guest books can be one of the most memorable features of your wedding, of which you can create a unique one all on your own! One of our favorites is creating a quick and easy photo-guest book using polaroid pictures! All you will need is some string, clothespins, permanent markers, and a polaroid camera and film.


  1. To get started, you’ll want to create a few horizontal rows with your string and attach them to a wall
  2. Create a small sign explaining to people to take a picture of themselves and pin the photos to the string.
  3. After your wedding, simply place the photos in a photobook.


Sparklers are the picture-perfect way to end your wedding reception. To not make your wedding look too much like a 4th of July event, add a special message on each individual sparkler. You’ll need a stencil cutter, a hole puncher, some string, and your personalized messages.

  1. Print out your messages, 1 for every sparkler you plan to use. Take your stencil cutter and cut out each message. Use your hole-puncher to punch a hole on the top and bottom of your message.
  1. Slip a sparkler between the two holes at the top and bottom of your message. Then tie a small piece of string to both the top and bottom of the message to keep it from sliding off of the sparkler. And you’re done! Your guests will send you off with well wishes and a fantastic end to a magical night. For more information from Something Turquoise, click here.

These stylish DIY ideas will help your budget-wedding look top-dollar! Remember that your wedding is about you, and the more personal touches you can add, the better. So create your own unique wedding and enjoy your special day!

Spring Event Planning

Our winter celebrations have come and gone and before you know it the weather will start getting warmer, with spring events in full swing! Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, a St. Patrick’s Day event, or even a community Easter Egg Hunt, there is much planning to be done – including plans for portable toilets or restroom trailers!

Follow our tips below to help you plan for your portable restroom needs.

  • Start With The Number of People Expected

It is extremely important to determine the right ratio of bathroom to guests for your big event. You certainly don’t want to waste people’s time standing in lines while they could be having fun! It is also important to adjust your type of portable restroom to the specific event you will be having. The variations in portable restrooms can be suited towards your event, whether it be very casual or more elegant.

  • Determine What Sort of Food and Beverages Will Be Served

If you are planning to have a 3-course meal or simply a popcorn stand, you will still want to be sure to have restrooms available for the attendees. Determining what type of food and especially what type of beverages will be consumed can factor into how many portable restrooms you will need. If there will be plenty of food and plenty of drinks (especially alcohol!) you may want consider renting more portable restrooms than you first estimated.

  • Contact Our Team at Edmunds

Regardless of your portable restroom needs, our team at Edmunds will be able to assist you in your planning. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and to help ensure you have exactly what you need for your outdoor event.

By following these steps in planning for your spring event, you are ensuring your guests are comfortable and ready to have a great time. We, at Edmunds, are ready to help you plan the best event possible! Contact us today!

6 Must-Haves for Outdoor Events in Winter

Planning and preparation are always involved when hosting an outdoor event! This is even more so during the winter season when the weather is cooler.

6 Must-Haves for Outdoor Events in Winter


  1. Portable tents. When hosting an outdoor event or function, it is important to plan for the chance of precipitation (no matter what season)! If forecasts are predicting even a slight possibility of rain or snow during the day of your outdoor event- be prepared by having portable pop-up tents to cover your guests. Guests who are cold and wet are less likely to enjoy themselves during your big day. By having a tent for inclement weather will save the day if it begins to rain/snow, especially with winter temperatures.
  2. Portable heaters. For an outdoor event held during winter months, it’s a good idea to have a heat source for guests. Portable heaters range in size and functions and also offer guests a warm retreat between socializing and enjoying winter’s outdoor charm.
  3. Heated portable restrooms. One of the most important amenities you MUST offer your guests is a restroom, especially at an outdoor event where public restrooms may not be available! We recommend using a luxury heated portable restroom trailer. Standard portable stalls may make guests uncomfortable and chilly when the time to relieve themselves’ arrives! Heated restrooms provide your guests with not only a place to relieve themselves comfortably, but luxury portable restrooms also include benefits such as: controlled temperatures, private stalls, hot/cold water, and hand-selected interior detail and décor to compliment the theme of your outdoor event. At Edmunds Waste Removal, we offer several luxury portable restrooms equipped with a variety of finishes and styles. If you have any questions, or would like to reserve a luxury portable restroom for your outdoor event, contact us today!
  4. Warm snacks and food. If you are planning on offering snacks or entrees to your guests at your outdoor winter event, make sure they are warm! Warm breads, comforting flavors, and hearty or steamy foods will make your guests mouths’ water will keeping their bellies warm and content!
  5. Warm beverages. Offering water is always a standard to serve guests when hosting an event, but when choosing additional beverages, think of ones on the warmer side! A few of our favorite warm beverages include: coffee, hot cocoa, and hot apple cider. These heated beverages will keep your guests refreshed and will also provide warmth to cold hands while being held!
  6. Warm accessories. Some guests may come a little underdressed or feel the cold of winter a little quicker than others! Provide a tasteful stand or booth where guests may find a warm shawl or instant heat packs to warm up again!

Just because it’s a little chilly outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful outdoor event! Plan your day ahead of time and prepare for accommodating your guests to suit your outdoor setting!

Warm Up with these Coffee & Hot Cocoa Wedding Details

When we think of fall, we think of: crisp cool weather, bright orange and yellow leaves, and a warm beverage shared with the person we love most.


Here is your chance to get creative by adding the “warm and fuzzies” you get from your favorite cup of coffee/cocoa to your wedding invitations! Want to stick to your theme but want a subtle coffee/cocoa inspiration?   Choose a rich brown hued envelope or color palette to bring a comforting and classic look to your invitations. Looking to get cocoa/coffee crazy for your invites? Add your favorite hot chocolate/perfect cup of recipe to your invitations and package them in mini coffee bean bags. This will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but will also give your guests an opportunity to share your favorite fall beverage before your big day!



Wedding décor sets the tone and mood for your wedding day, and when you decide to have coffee and cocoa- make sure the décor speaks of it! Here are some great coffee/cocoa details to add:

  • Coffee/Cocoa beans used as centerpieces.
  • Coffee/Cocoa beans used to hold name cards upright for guests at tables.
  • Burlap! Since coffee/cocoa beans are traditionally packaged in burlap bags- incorporate burlap throughout your setting! Examples could be: table runners, burlap bows behind chairs, and placemats.
  • Consider adding a vintage inspired coffee/cocoa bar for guests to customize cozy and delicious beverages! If you really want to up-the-ante, hire a professional barista to serve guests!
  • Add delicate espresso shot glasses to silver serving platters to use as a touch of décor and to also to surprise your guests with a twist on a traditional “shot” at weddings by replacing it with warm espresso.


These details will not only incorporate your shared love of coffee/cocoa, but will also compliment the fall season!

Wedding Favors and Bridal Party Gifts

Coffee and cocoa are not only perfect for staging and adding warmth to your wedding, but they also inspire wonderful and creative wedding favors and bridal party gifts!

For Guests

Coffee and cocoa are the wonderful wedding favor for guests to leave with after celebrating your big day! Create the “perfect blend” or custom coffee/cocoa mixture for guests to enjoy at home.

For the Bridal Party

Consider having customized mugs created for your bridal party! These mugs will not only remind them of your beautiful fall wedding, but will double as the perfect vessel to enjoy warm coffee and hot cocoa in!


We hope that you have fun planning your coffee/cocoa inspired wedding! Now grab a latte and get to planning!

8 Pieces of Wedding Advice

Looking for some inspiring wedding and marriage advice? Look no further! We have made a list of our top eight favorite pieces of wedding & marriage advice from all walks of life!


  1. Never lose the fine art of dating. Setting aside a romantic evening on a regular basis can rekindle the magic of a long-term relationship. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just special time for the two of you to remember how and why you first fell in love. – John Sovec, LMFT


  1. “Have a life outside of the relationship—and enjoy it. While it’s easy to fall into a regular routine with your partner of work, home, sleep, repeat, it’s important to make time for your solo self, whether it’s a date night with your best gal pal or volunteering at a local shelter. Too much focus on your relationship can actually harm it, so step away every now and then—you’ll be surprised at how satisfying it can be. Bonus: it’ll give you something to talk about when you get home other than what to do for dinner.” — Brittny Drye, Love Inc. Magazine


  1. “Make a vow from the start that you’ll always be on the same team. When a conflict arises, we try to remind each other that we have each other’s backs and that ultimately we’re working towards the same goal—then we can work toward finding a solution together instead of being in opposition.” — Camille Styles


  1. “The venue, the flowers, and decor are all a wonderfully pretty and romantic backdrop to your day, and I wholeheartedly believe that you should go all-out to prettify your day as much as you desire. But when you’re standing next to your new husband, surrounded by family and friends and an awful lot of love, everything else really is just a backdrop.” — >Louise Beukes, bloved


  1. Lean in. When it gets hard in a relationship, our tendency is to protect ourselves, to retreat, to “lean out.” Leaning out when your partner reaches out creates distance and dissonance. If instead you “lean in” to the uncomfortable feelings, to the unknown and your own vulnerability, and meet your partner, you can actually strengthen your relationship through the struggles you face together. – Christine Arylo, Life Coach


  1. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin


  1. “Throughout your marriage, you will inevitably encounter many joys but some sorrows, too, so regarding your union as sacred and tackling decisions as a team will help you navigate even the most trying of times. Make a concerted effort each day to be the best-possible wife or husband you can be. Even small things like taking care of a chore they dislike doing, giving them a kiss each time you enter or leave the house, and slow-dancing in the kitchen can make all the difference. Often times, these little defining moments are the best part about being married.” — The Bridal Guide Editors


  1. “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” — Dave Meurer

Wedding Etiquette (Who Pays for What?)

Now that we are in the year 2015, many modern day couples make the decision to pay for their own wedding (especially if they have lived together for some time before the ceremony). But traditionally speaking- who pays for what? Here are general guidelines for wedding etiquette showing who traditionally pays for what components of a wedding and activities surrounding it.Wedding Etiquette

The Bride and Family

  • Wedding Planner
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Bridal Gown & Accessories
  • Bridal Hair & Makeup
  • Bride’s Bouquet
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Transportation of Bride, Groom, & Bridal Party
  • All Reception Expenses
  • Photographer or Videographer
  • Accommodations for the Bride’s Guests
  • Bridesmaids’ Luncheon
  • Bride’s Party Favors or Gifts to Attendants
  • Bride’s Gift to Groom
  • Groom’s Wedding Band


The Groom and Family

  • Bride’s Engagement Ring & Wedding Band
  • Groom’s Attire
  • Accessories for the Groomsmen (ex. ties, gloves, etc.)
  • Accommodations for the Groom’s Guests
  • Bachelor Dinner
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Officiant’s Fee
  • Accommodations for the Officiant
  • The Marriage License
  • Transportation for the Groom & Best Man
  • The Bride’s Corsage
  • Boutonnieres for Groom’s Guests
  • Corsages for Family Members on Both Sides
  • Groom’s Gift to Bride
  • Groom’s Party Favors of Gifts to Attendants
  • All Honeymoon Expenses



  • Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories
  • Transportation To and From Wedding Activities
  • Group Gift to Bride
  • Gift to Newly Formed Couple
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bridal Shower


  • Wedding Attire
  • Transportation To and From Wedding Activities
  • Bachelor Party
  • Group Gift to Groom
  • Gift to Newly Formed Couple



  • Wedding Gift to Newly Formed Couple
  • Accommodations for Themselves (hotel, transportation, meals, etc.)
  • Transportation To & From Wedding Activities

Tips for Planning Holiday & Themed Weddings

So, you’ve decided to have a themed or holiday wedding? Great! Not only are you creating a fun and unique environment for your guests, but you are also making your wedding stand out from the rest! No matter what type of themed or holiday wedding you are planning, follow these rules to help organize and plan for your big day:

  1. Themed Weddings Decide where you are having your themed wedding. Location truly is key! For example, if you are having a beach themed wedding, plan on getting married by the shore! If you are having a harvest themed wedding consider an outdoor ceremony surrounded by nature in the countryside. Whether your event will be held indoors or outdoors, try to make sure the setting is cohesive with the theme you have chosen.
  2. Choose wedding colors or accent colors that will complement the holiday or theme. This can be done using flower arrangements, décor, and even the colors of the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s attire.
  3. Select décor that highlights the holiday or theme. For example, if you are planning a wedding to be centered around Christmas, consider decorating with angels or poinsettias. Tie the theme in with any and all tools you have! Décor may be the best way to communicate what your theme is, so take time on this one.
  4. Pick wedding invitations that showcase your special and unique day! Your invitations are your guests’ first impression; make sure they get a taste of your theme by showcasing it on your invites!
  5. Consider food and beverages that complement the holidays or your theme. For example, for a winter themed wedding, treat guests with hot chocolate or peppermint spiced cocktails!


Most importantly… Have fun planning for your wonderful and big day!

In-Season Flowers for Fall Weddings

Fall is one of our favorite seasons! Leaves begin to change bringing warm hues into our natural surroundings and cooler temperatures have us transitioning from shorts to cardigans and cozy sweaters. If you are planning a Fall wedding, you may be wondering what kind of floral décor or arrangements you would like to have. You can find many flowers blooming all year round throughout the country, but to save on shipping and additional costs of having Spring and Summer flowers at your wedding, consider finding in-season Fall flowers to compliment the changing of seasons! Here is a selection of flowers that will add texture, vibrancy, and warmth to your wedding day!

  • Gerber Daisy– These fun and bright colored flowers can be arranged in vases or used to add color and whimsy to a Fall center-piece.
  • Protea– make this flower the highlight of your bridal bouquet! Protea’s are unique statements that add a sense of magnificence as well as elegance.
  • Anemone– looking for a flower that really pops? Anemone’s have dark black centers that add definition to a fix of warm flowers.
  • Rose– roses are still in bloom during the Fall season. These flowers are classic in any wedding bouquet arrangement.
  • Carnation– these flowers come in a variety of colors and are inexpensive! Add an assortment of carnations to your wedding décor to add vibrancy and save money!
  • Cockscomb– this flower is not as well-known as some of the others on this list, but if you are looking for texture and rich color, this flower is truly “The One”!
  • Sunflower– the most famous of Fall flowers! Big, bright, happy- sunflowers glorify Fall and fun!
  • Marigold– these warm-hued gold/orange beauties are full of texture and go well with any Fall themed flower arrangement.
  • Dahlia   – make these stunning flowers a part of your flower arrangement, décor, or centerpieces. Find them in red, yellow, purple, brown, white, orange, and pink!



Happy fall and happy wedding!

The Benefits of Portable Luxury Restrooms

At Edmunds Waste Removal, we take pride in offering the most upscale products to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  When a facility is unable to provide public restrooms for your celebration or event, having a portable luxury restroom will not only ensure that your guests are comfortable, but will also compliment the theme of the event.

Equipped with high-end and welcoming finishes, our portable luxury restrooms, decorated by professionals, will complete your vision of having all amenities in a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing package.  Here are some of the benefits of having a portable luxury restroom at your wedding, private or corporate function:

  • Professionally decorated and private toilet stalls
  • Air conditioning
  • Stereo systems
  • Porcelain toilet seats and a variety of sink basin styles
  • Tasteful artwork and accessories are equipped within each restroom


At Edmunds Waste Removal, we offer six luxurious restroom options that will blend beautifully with any style of event being planned.   We will work to fit your vision, stay within budget and provide the best quality restrooms that will leave your guests truly impressed!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to reserve your portable luxury restroom today!