Outdoor Company Party Ideas

Corporate party events are a great way to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the year.  These events boost morale and keep your staff motivated to feel like they are part of a caring team.  If you are thinking about planning a day of fun, here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Field Day

Every kid looks forward to field day towards the end of a long year.  So bring back the “old school” games and have a blast from the past!  Kickball, sack and relay races, apple bobbing, egg tosses, and water balloon fights never go out of style. These games encourage teamwork and help your employees get to know a different, perhaps less professional, side of one another.

Setting the productivity aside to laugh and play games helps those who carry job related stress to ease a little tension.  The goal is to return them to work feeling refreshed and ready share a few hilarious stories!


Outdoor Picnic

Outdoor picnics are an excellent way to let your employees mingle while enjoying the sunshine.  Throw some old fashioned hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and make it casual.  Including a raffle drawing for prizes, games, or contests also help to liven up the event.  Play energetic music in the background and take a moment in the middle of the fun to announce your gratitude towards your employees.

If you decide to make your outing a family friendly event, provide a large inflatable playground to keep the little ones entertained too!


Local Sporting Events

A company outing to cheer on a local sports team can be fun and easy to plan.  Many teams provide corporate packages with group seating at a reasonable cost. The company can provide a lunch or dinner option before the big game or offer vouchers to buy food at the park.

Sporting events generate comradery and have everyone pulling together to support the team!



Volunteer events can be life changing for everyone involved.  Asking employees to collaborate and enrich the community is one of the best ways to build a strong work culture. As an added bonus, volunteering is a great way to enhance your company’s image within the community.  Volunteer opportunities are easy to find as many organizations will gladly welcome large groups who want to positively impact others in need.


Working and playing together generates a positive work environment. The happier your employees are, the harder the work and want to stick around.  Edmunds would be happy to help if your event is outdoors and you are in need of restroom trailers (not to mention, your team will be impressed!).  Contact us today at (804) 478.4688.

Corporate Outdoor Parties Everyone Will Be Talking About

Summer is just around the corner and your employees are eager to get out and celebrate. Why not build your team’s spirit by holding a party? Hosting a corporate outdoor party can not only increase morale but can also show your team how much you appreciate them.

Here are some ideas to make those corporate outdoor parties a blast!

Family Picnic

Family picnics are an awesome way for people to relax while enjoying some good food and good weather. Hosting a picnic-style event allows employees to get to know each other’s spouses and children, creating a more community-like atmosphere. Sweeten the experience by providing exciting activities such as a cornhole tournament, sand volleyball challenge, or other fun outdoor activities (and don’t forget to provide a fun gift for the winner).

Golf Outing

Golfing is one of the best outdoor activities to do in the warmer months, especially when turning it into a friendly competition! Creating a fun golf outing allows employees to show off their athletic capabilities while getting to know their coworkers, as well. Being one of the most popular corporate event theme, everyone can agree they’d prefer 9-holes to the office on a beautiful summer day!

Boat Cruise

Private boat cruises for corporate events have been growing in popularity due to their ease in planning and uniqueness. Since many boat-entertainment services ensure minimal planning on the organizer’s end, companies are able to easily plan the event without having to stress over the details. While enjoying the beautiful views and lively atmosphere, employees are able to mingle and relax in a lovely environment.

Baseball Game

Summer just wouldn’t be complete without attending a baseball game! Employees are able to unwind and have fun by cheering on their local (or national) team, eating hot dogs, and overall enjoying America’s favorite past-time. Whether it’s major or minor league, baseball games are said to be one of the most popular corporate outing events.

With summer on its way, you can get your employees excited with an amazing outdoor corporate party everyone will be talking about for years to come. Don’t miss out on showing your employees how valued and appreciated they are!

The Benefits of Portable Luxury Restrooms

At Edmunds Waste Removal, we take pride in offering the most upscale products to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  When a facility is unable to provide public restrooms for your celebration or event, having a portable luxury restroom will not only ensure that your guests are comfortable, but will also compliment the theme of the event.

Equipped with high-end and welcoming finishes, our portable luxury restrooms, decorated by professionals, will complete your vision of having all amenities in a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing package.  Here are some of the benefits of having a portable luxury restroom at your wedding, private or corporate function:

  • Professionally decorated and private toilet stalls
  • Air conditioning
  • Stereo systems
  • Porcelain toilet seats and a variety of sink basin styles
  • Tasteful artwork and accessories are equipped within each restroom


At Edmunds Waste Removal, we offer six luxurious restroom options that will blend beautifully with any style of event being planned.   We will work to fit your vision, stay within budget and provide the best quality restrooms that will leave your guests truly impressed!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to reserve your portable luxury restroom today!

Corporate Outdoor Events—How to Throw a Great Corporate Party

If you want to host a great outdoor party as a corporate event, here’s how to make your celebration a night (or day!) to remember:

● Decide on Your Objective
Knowing what the purpose of the event will help you determine how the evening will progress. Are you saying “thank you” to employees? Maybe you need some fun awards. Targeting new customers? Impress them with your decor. Expanding your target demographic or catering to your niche market? Answering these questions can give your event shape and direction.

● Consider the Season
Should it be cool or warm? Consider an outdoor tent in case of inclement weather. If you expect the weather to be warm, make sure there’s plenty of water and outdoor fans for your guests to keep them cool. If there’s a chance of cooler weather, be sure to rent some outdoor heaters to keep everyone comfortable.

● Focus on the Details
Does your event have a theme? If so, keep your decorations centered on that. For a Fourth of July themed event, for example you could have red, white and blue balloons, tablecloths, and other accessories. A BBQ or cookout would fit that theme, and you could try one of those unique flag cakes.

photo credit: http://cdn.trendhunterstatic.com/thumbs/american-flag-cake.jpeg

● Outdoor Restrooms
Consider the venue of your outdoor event. Will the location have adequate bathrooms, if any? Consider renting a chic restroom trailer to ensure that guests can enjoy your party in comfort.

● Get Your Networking On
If you’re hosting an event that isn’t invitation only, have something on-hand to easily grab attendee’s contact information. A check-in at the door, a contest that requires registration (name, email), or a fish bowl to collect business cards all work well. After the event, you can easily follow up with your guests.

● Throw in Some Party Favors
Party favors or goody bags are a great way to show your appreciation for event attendees with something small that says, “Thanks for joining us!”

What cool ideas have you used to make your corporate function a huge success?