Exciting Ways to Announce your Engagement

Congratulations on your engagement!  Now it is time to share your excitement with the rest of the world.  If you are wondering how to get your news to the masses, here are a few options.

Face to Face

Parents and close friends will want to hear the great news directly from you. If you live close by, or can travel a short distance, your news is worthy of a special visit.  Before post anything online, this concise list of folks will want to hear first. You may confront hurt feelings if they find out your news along with the rest of the world.

Throw and Engagement Party

We can’t think of a better reason to pop the champagne, and your friends and family will feel the same.  Time to celebrate!  Gather everyone together for an intimate party and allow yourself the opportunity to let your loved ones lavish you with joy.  You can let the announcement be a surprise at your party, or just host a soiree to rejoice.

Creative Photos

Many engagement announcements are now shared online.  Get creative with your new fiancé and take some photos to express a post-worthy message.  Use props and backdrops for enhancement and have fun with it. No need to be serious here!  Here are a few Pinterest worthy examples:

Engagement Announcement
Photo Credit: Pinterest.com
Video Message

Maybe you can’t share your good news with everyone face to face, but you may still want an individualized touch. If so, video messages are a great option.  You can say exactly what you want with as much dramatic effect as you like.  Here you can make a special shout out to those closest to you or even add that extra personal message that you wouldn’t be able to include on a handwritten or printed announcement.

Snail Mail

It may take a little extra time, but printing an engagement announcement to mail is not just a thing of the past.  People will love to hang on to your card as a special keepsake.  Some brides choose to tie in their engagement announcements and Save-the-Date cards.  Both options will let your loved ones know a wedding is happening soon.

Newspaper Announcements

Grandmothers everywhere will be please to know that newspapers still publish engagement announcements.  This is a traditional way to get the word out to your community, including those not included in your mailing list.  Old teachers, neighbors, and family friends of long ago of will be able to hear of your future nuptials.

Getting the word out is one of the first and most exciting things you will get to do when planning for your wedding. Get creative and enjoy the extra attention!



Thank You Card Etiquette

Presents are one of the greatest of all wedding perks, but sitting down to write thank you notes is not so exciting.  Even for the less enthused, it is essential to show your appreciation after receiving a wedding gift.  Here is what you need to know about thank you card etiquette.

Organize a list

Create a list of items you receive in conjunction with the person who sent it.  Gifts usually include a note indicating who they are from.  Keep these notes attached until your list is complete.  If the item is from a couple or family, be sure to include individual names in your card to show gratitude to everyone involved.

Consider merging your bridal shower, wedding party, and guest lists into one database to make the process more efficient. With this master list, you can note the item beside the person’s name and add a check mark when you have completed their thank you card.


Thank you cards should be sent within three months of receiving a gift.  You have been busy planning, and now you are itching to get to your honeymoon destination.  We understand.  But, when you return, just dive in.  Your guests will be happy to receive your card within a reasonable time.  Plus, it strikes another item off your post wedding to-do list.  The longer you wait, the more daunting this task may seem.

What to say

Finally, the most important piece is knowing what to say.  When writing a thank you note, be personal.  Specifically list the item you received followed by how it will benefit you. For example, “I am grateful for the beautiful photo frame.  It will look perfect on our coffee table with our favorite wedding snapshot.” Follow this statement with another reason why you are grateful. “We really love your style, so this photo frame will bring a nice touch to our living room decor.”  End by using a closing statement with meaning. “We look forward to seeing you soon” or “please keep in touch” along with a personal signature suited for the individual.  If you are thanking your parents, sign with “Love, ….” For colleagues, close formally with, “Truly, …”

The most essential element of a thank you card is expressing your gratitude for the recipient’s generosity. A handwritten, personal note goes much further than a generic statement of gratitude.



A Guide to Creating Your Wedding Registry

Once you have announced your engagement to friends and family, it is time to celebrate!  To show their excitement, all and sundry will be excited to present a gift to the happy couple.  But first, you need to get started with your wedding registry.  Here are a few tips to get things underway.

Create a plan

Most importantly, both of you need to agree on the items you register for.  That doesn’t mean you can’t add that salad bowl your fiancé doesn’t agree is a “must have,” but is does help to select items you both will use in your first home together.  Start with putting together a list of “needs” followed by a list of “wants.”  It is easier to begin when you have a prioritized list to keep things in order.

Start Early

There is so much planning to do, but make sure you create your registry in plenty of time for your guests to prepare too.  If your bridal party decides to throw an engagement shower in your honor, it is necessary to have the registry complete a month or so before this extra special event.

Have a variety

Sure, add the practical items such as: plates, bowls, flatware, and mugs; but be sure to throw in a few unique items as well.  A handful of guests will prefer to shop for these options anyway.  Some will prefer to purchase a few less expensive items, while others may want to buy one large item.  Pick options that can satisfy all your guests.  Keep in mind, it is okay to register for more items than you need and don’t limit yourself to only one store.

Don’t ask for money

Your guests may find it off-putting if you request a monetary gift.  In this sensitive area, it is simply best to steer clear.  Anyone who intends to give cash to the happy couple, will go ahead on their own accord.  Sure, money is nice to receive, but not so easy to request!

The most popular places to register for your wedding gifts have staff in place to help you get started with your registry, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.  And be sure to find time to write thank you notes to the generous people that purchase a gift for your wedding celebration!

Hidden Wedding Cost You Didn’t Anticipate


You plan and budget like a pro for your wedding, and finally you have it all figured out…until those hidden expenses rear their ugly head.  It happens to many brides, they find themselves surprised by those pesky charges that didn’t exactly make the wedding budget spreadsheet.  Here are a few hidden fees you can anticipate helping you avoid last-minute shock.

Dress Alterations:

You know “the one” when you see it, and it is beautiful!  The price is even right for your budget.  But, don’t forget that all brides are not created the same.  More than likely you will need a few alterations to make it look perfect, and wedding dress alterations can get quite expensive. Be sure to account for last minute tweaks too!  Brides have been known to gain or lose a few pounds right before the big day.

Beauty Treatments:

If you are dreaming of sitting around and getting pampered all day before you walk down the aisle, maybe you have already hired a hair and makeup specialist and planned for this expense.  But, if you have not pre-arranged these details, you may be surprised to find that beauty expenses such as hair, make-up, nails, and waxing will add up fast.  You want to look your best when you make your grand appearance, and of course for all your photos!


Remember to add postage fees to the total cost of your invitations.  It is also customary to include a pre-stamped return envelope to make it easy for guests to RSVP.  So, be sure to take your postage cost and double it!


Many couples like to surprise each other with a romantic gift right before the ceremony.  It is also nice to have a gift for both sets of parents on your wedding day; this is a big day for them too!  Not to mention, officiant tips or gifts and something small for the wedding party is a wonderful custom to let these important people know that you appreciate their support.

Venue Fees:

Venue fees can quickly and most unexpectedly add up by the end of the night.  Remember to account for taxes, gratuities for your servers and bartenders, cleanup costs, and overtime hours for the staff working so hard at your reception.  Also, keep in mind that many venues will charge cake-cutting and wine corking fees for items brought in from an outside vendor.

There are many ways to keep the cost of your wedding under control when you are on a budget, just remember to give yourself some breathing room for these unexpected fees!

Outdoor Company Party Ideas

Corporate party events are a great way to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the year.  These events boost morale and keep your staff motivated to feel like they are part of a caring team.  If you are thinking about planning a day of fun, here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Field Day

Every kid looks forward to field day towards the end of a long year.  So bring back the “old school” games and have a blast from the past!  Kickball, sack and relay races, apple bobbing, egg tosses, and water balloon fights never go out of style. These games encourage teamwork and help your employees get to know a different, perhaps less professional, side of one another.

Setting the productivity aside to laugh and play games helps those who carry job related stress to ease a little tension.  The goal is to return them to work feeling refreshed and ready share a few hilarious stories!


Outdoor Picnic

Outdoor picnics are an excellent way to let your employees mingle while enjoying the sunshine.  Throw some old fashioned hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and make it casual.  Including a raffle drawing for prizes, games, or contests also help to liven up the event.  Play energetic music in the background and take a moment in the middle of the fun to announce your gratitude towards your employees.

If you decide to make your outing a family friendly event, provide a large inflatable playground to keep the little ones entertained too!


Local Sporting Events

A company outing to cheer on a local sports team can be fun and easy to plan.  Many teams provide corporate packages with group seating at a reasonable cost. The company can provide a lunch or dinner option before the big game or offer vouchers to buy food at the park.

Sporting events generate comradery and have everyone pulling together to support the team!



Volunteer events can be life changing for everyone involved.  Asking employees to collaborate and enrich the community is one of the best ways to build a strong work culture. As an added bonus, volunteering is a great way to enhance your company’s image within the community.  Volunteer opportunities are easy to find as many organizations will gladly welcome large groups who want to positively impact others in need.


Working and playing together generates a positive work environment. The happier your employees are, the harder the work and want to stick around.  Edmunds would be happy to help if your event is outdoors and you are in need of restroom trailers (not to mention, your team will be impressed!).  Contact us today at (804) 478.4688.

Checklist for Planning a Fall Wedding

Many brides choose Fall weddings because of the fabulous off-season pricing some vendors offer.  Others love the cool, crisp air and rich seasonal colors.  We think that Fall is a wonderful time of year to get hitched and have listed a few tips to help you plan the perfect day.


Plan for the Weather

If your wedding date is late in the season when the temperature is cool, it is important to keep your guests cozy! When planning outdoors, provide space heaters or gather in a tent with an enclosure.  Select dresses for yourself and the wedding party that are seasonally appropriate, and don’t shy away from jackets or shawls to use as part of your ensemble.


Keep your Décor Seasonal

When the leaves are changing and the rich colors of Fall are abundant, use them to your advantage!  This is one time of the year when nature does a lot of the work for you. Select a seasonal flower bouquet, centerpieces of pumpkins and mums, or rustic barn décor to tie in your theme.  Keeping your invitations, place settings, and guest favors seasonal is also a good way to optimize your Fall motif.


Seasonal Food

Help keep your guests warm with a hot beverage bar.  Apple cider, cocoa, and hot teas are great outdoors.  Mixed with comfort foods such as roasted chicken or turkey, macaroni and cheese, roasted corn and squash, and sweet potatoes are classic crowd pleasers. Along with your wedding cake, don’t forget the pumpkin and apple pies!


Your guests will be excited to see the bride and groom on their special day, and adding a scenic Autumn view will add to the day’s splendor.  So now it’s time leave the heat behind and start planning your beautiful Fall wedding!

Richmond and Petersburg Area Fall Festivals

Fall has finally arrived and it’s time to delight in the beautiful weather at open air festivals in Central Virginia. The following is a list of the most popular festivals in the Richmond and Petersburg areas that the whole family can enjoy.  Now, what are you waiting for…make your plans and go!


28th Annual Magnificent Midlothian Food Festival

October 5, Midlothian
This event is known as “Central Virginia’s biggest and best all you can eat and all the fun you can handle block party.”  This food festival raises money annually to support children’s charities. There will be food tents and live music for everyone located at Westchester Commons Shopping Center in Midlothian.  All food ticket profits benefit local charities!


Richmond Folk Festival

October 7-9, Richmond
If you are into music and dancing, don’t miss the Richmond Folk Festival!  Located on Brown’s Island, you can find plenty of activities to entertain your children, food, a magnificent marketplace, and storytelling.  This is one of Virginia’s largest Festivals and most popular music events.  Admission is free!


Handmade Harvest Craft Show

October 8, Henrico
This festival provides over 30 vendors with the best local arts and crafts to raise money for youth programs through Trinity United Methodist Church.  Here you can also find your pumpkins and enjoy a variety of food trucks. Admission is free!


Midlothian Village Day Festival & Craft Fair

October 15, Midlothian
This is a tradition! Don’t miss the parade at 9am on Midlothian Turnpike and the family friendly festival held at Midlothian Middle School.  Here you will find an array of local vendors, games for the kids, inflatables, and food.  Don’t forget to enter the raffle drawing for prizes.  Admission is free!


Central Virginia Celtic Festival & Highland Games

October 22, Richmond
The Celtic Festival located at the Richmond Raceway has plenty of music and dancing for the whole family.  Tickets range from $15-$30 for general admission.  Be sure to check out the British Car Show, the Highland Games, fiddle and harp competitions, rugby, and plenty of other exciting events!


4th Annual Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Festival

October 22, Richmond
The pumpkin festival, located at The Boulevard, is close to the hottest downtown restaurants and breweries.  There will be plenty of music and food for a day outdoors! Admission is free, including children and pets!


The Bizarre Bazaar

December 1, Richmond
The Bazaar Bazaar is the most fabulous local Christmas show around!  Here you can shop for everyone on your list.  There are local vendors with plenty of Christmas arts and crafts and even non-profits available to help with your end of year charity donations.  You can eat lunch, shop, and see what’s new with some of our finest local boutiques!

Come see us at the Richmond Wedding Expo 2016!

The Richmond Wedding Expo is back and we look forward to seeing you there!  There will be plenty of vendors with all kinds of useful wedding planning ideas. From what to wear, cake ideas (and free samples!), and guest accommodations, to lighting and of course our Edmunds team will be there to talk about beautiful restroom trailers.

If you have some ideas in mind for your perfect wedding, but don’t know who to call or how to execute your plans, a wedding expo may be the best place for you to be.

Here are 5 ways this upcoming expo can be most beneficial to you.


Bridal Expos are convenient, everything you need to know is right there! Talk about getting the best bang for your buck.  No need to make appointments, drive around town, or waste time searching the internet for local vendors.  Everyone is right there, under one roof!

Vendor Options

Not all vendors are created equal.  Different talents and creative styles are all a part of what helps you choose the vendor that works best for you.  For example, there may be 10 vendors who have excellent baking and decorating experience, but one of them can surely make your dream a reality!  The best part is, you can shop around and talk to each one.

New Ideas

Perhaps you need guidance to begin, or perhaps you have thought of your picture-perfect event since you were a little girl. Wherever you are, wedding expos are laden with new ideas!  Trendy concepts are great to incorporate on your special day, regardless of your style.  If you attend with an open mind, you could find the one “special thing” your guests will remember and talk about for years!

Personal Touch

While you are perusing through different stations, you can take advantage of face to face conversations with the vendors you are interested in.  This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, possibly sample products, and see tangible examples of the products or services you are shopping for.


Talk about a girl’s day out, family and friends may want to shop with you (and give advice)!  Besides, what girl doesn’t want to spend a day shopping and planning for her wedding day? You never know, you may even walk out with prizes, discounts, and free merchandise!

Ladies, shop on.  The Richmond Wedding Expo is elegant, beautiful, and full of experienced vendors hoping to be a part of your wedding celebration!  If you would like to know more or purchase tickets to the Richmond Wedding Expo, visit the Richmond Wedding Expo website.  See you there!

Corporate Outdoor Parties Everyone Will Be Talking About

Summer is just around the corner and your employees are eager to get out and celebrate. Why not build your team’s spirit by holding a party? Hosting a corporate outdoor party can not only increase morale but can also show your team how much you appreciate them.

Here are some ideas to make those corporate outdoor parties a blast!

Family Picnic

Family picnics are an awesome way for people to relax while enjoying some good food and good weather. Hosting a picnic-style event allows employees to get to know each other’s spouses and children, creating a more community-like atmosphere. Sweeten the experience by providing exciting activities such as a cornhole tournament, sand volleyball challenge, or other fun outdoor activities (and don’t forget to provide a fun gift for the winner).

Golf Outing

Golfing is one of the best outdoor activities to do in the warmer months, especially when turning it into a friendly competition! Creating a fun golf outing allows employees to show off their athletic capabilities while getting to know their coworkers, as well. Being one of the most popular corporate event theme, everyone can agree they’d prefer 9-holes to the office on a beautiful summer day!

Boat Cruise

Private boat cruises for corporate events have been growing in popularity due to their ease in planning and uniqueness. Since many boat-entertainment services ensure minimal planning on the organizer’s end, companies are able to easily plan the event without having to stress over the details. While enjoying the beautiful views and lively atmosphere, employees are able to mingle and relax in a lovely environment.

Baseball Game

Summer just wouldn’t be complete without attending a baseball game! Employees are able to unwind and have fun by cheering on their local (or national) team, eating hot dogs, and overall enjoying America’s favorite past-time. Whether it’s major or minor league, baseball games are said to be one of the most popular corporate outing events.

With summer on its way, you can get your employees excited with an amazing outdoor corporate party everyone will be talking about for years to come. Don’t miss out on showing your employees how valued and appreciated they are!

The Perfect DIY Candy Bar for Your Wedding

One of the most fun wedding trends these days is a Candy Bar at your reception! Adults and kids alike will be love having their favorites sweet treats for dessert. Candy Bars are completely customizable based on your own wedding theme and tastes. Best of all they’re even easy to make! Below are our tips on creating the perfect Candy Bar for your wedding.

Theme Correlation

DIY Candy Bars can look professionally made when they are properly incorporated into the theme of your wedding. They should be as much fun to look at as they are to eat. Make sure to correlate the various colors of your wedding with the different candies you are providing. Don’t forget to have some fun with it as well! If you have a nautical theme for your wedding go ahead and add some candied sharks, or have plenty of candied flowers if you’re theme is floral!

Display Cases

As mentioned before, your candy bar should be visually appealing to tie in with the rest of your décor. In doing this, glass vases of various heights should be used to display your delicious treats. These can be found at your local craft stores and even be decorated using ribbons and other decorative pieces that are a part of your theme. Using the different sized vases and jars – either create a mountainous or valley sort of look to create an attractive looking display that no guest can ignore.


Candy Variety

One of the most important pieces of your amazing Candy Bar is the actual candy! The type of candy you provide should be tailored to your guests’ tastes and interests, while still incorporating your theme. Having a mix of sweet and savory, chewy and crunchy candies will certainly guarantee that everyone will be anxious to dig in.

Candy Bars are meant to be fun and enjoyed by everyone. By incorporating them into your dessert table, they make your reception that much sweeter. Remember that a DIY Candy Bar can look professionally made by following our simple tips, enjoy!