Pre-Wedding Fitness Plan

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As you prepare to walk down the aisle, you may be contemplating a new or revised fitness plan. Consider diving in this endeavor with your significant other. The two of you can create a special bond and discover benefits beyond weight loss.

Before you begin any fitness program, have a talk with your doctor. Begin with a physical and any necessary lab work to rule out circumstances that would alter your new health and fitness plan.

Determine your motives.
Are you new to fitness? Do you have a regular fitness routine, but are ready to kick it up a notch? Are you interested in beginning a new regimen with your fiancé? First, determine your intentions and commence by setting realistic short and long-term goals. If your plan is to lose weight, remember that fitness and nutrition work together. Work your way into a lifestyle change one year to six months prior to your wedding. It is important not to dive in with new routines abruptly. Instead, strive for long-term success.

Set a plan.
Once you decide what is motivating this change, set realistic goals. If you are new to fitness altogether, consider working with a personal trainer to help motivate you. They can identify target specific areas of concern with a properly formatted exercise plan. If you want to dive in independently, just remember to start slow. Committing to a few days a week and building from there is the easiest way to build enthusiasm without burnout. Create a plan that mixes cardiovascular exercise with muscle toning or strength training.

Cardiovascuar work includes:
Power walking
Jogging / running
Cycling – indoor or outdoor
Elliptical training
Jump roping
Aerobics classes – Step, Zumba, PiYo

Strength training work includes:
Weightlifting (start light!)
TRX training

Where to go?
Many local gyms offer a wide range of classes that help you create a workout plan that caters to your needs. Perhaps you can visit a few and choose one with an atmosphere you like. Just remember to ask specific questions about contracts and long-term memberships with cancelation policies.  

Mix with nutrition.
Food is fuel. and the relationship between nutrition and exercise is what drives long-term success. Healthy protein feeds the muscles that tone throughout an exercise regimen. Without proper nutrition, you will find yourself falling short of your desired fitness goals. Carbohydrates are just as essential. They provide the necessary power for your central nervous system to operate correctly and should be your body’s main source of energy. The broken-down sugar, or glucose, is absorbed into your bloodstream and used as the fuel to drive your training. Avoid diets that eliminate a food group unless you have a medical concern and you have thoroughly discussed this change with your doctor. We recommend you follow the Food Pyramid and create a balance of healthy protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and carbohydrates for holistic health. It is important to eat foods that you enjoy and keep them within the proper healthy guidelines. Find out more about the food pyramid here.

Long-term success.
Once you are on the right track, do not stop there! Even when you have tied the knot. Exercise improves mental health, prevents disease, helps weight management, and provides strong brainpower. You and your partner can maintain your plan and reap the benefits of a long and healthy life together.


Wedding Must-Do’s: These Tips Are for Your Guests

Wedding planning takes time and money, lots and lots of money! We understand you want the day to be perfect. So, amid the planning craze, remember to consider your guests in every scenario.  Some will travel far to celebrate with you, so make it worth their while and create a special day for them too.  Here are a few things to consider…keeping your guests in mind.

Provide plenty of food and entertainment
The wait between ceremony and reception can seem awfully long to your guests, especially if there is a limited snack selection. If you plan to take newlywed, family, and wedding party photos during this window it is imperative that you provide your guests with plenty of delicious hors d’oeuvres.  Also provide upbeat music and a comfortable space to relax or move around and mingle. Background music provides positive energy and helps ease the wait for you arrive and the reception festivities to begin.

When organizing with the caterer, be sure you estimate correct portion sizes to comfortably fill your guests. Try to offer a variety of options for those with special dietary needs. You never want your guests to leave hungry!

Avoid awkward table placements
If you are creating a seating chart, try to place friends and family members together who are already acquainted. While some can make a friend anywhere and everywhere, others can find a table of strangers extremely daunting. If you run into a situation where is it hard to organize a seating chart, here are some tips.

Send a thank you note
When guests attend your wedding and bring you a gift, it is important that you recognize their efforts by sending a proper thank you. Whether the size of their gift is big or small, or even if you receive no gift at all, remember to let everyone know how grateful you are for their attendance. Try to talk to everyone at the reception and show gratitude.  If you are unsure of how to get started with thank you cards, here are some tips.

NEVER ask for money
Weddings are expensive. Honeymoons are expensive. This we understand, but it is inappropriate to ask your wedding guests for money under any circumstances. If by word of mouth your guests find out that money would be helpful, let them send it on their own accord. It is unacceptable to expect money or drop hints yourself that you want or need the extra cash. Instead, set up a proper registry for those who want to bring a gift. Here are tips for setting up your registry.

Fantastic Summer Wedding Refreshment Ideas

Summer weddings are a perfect time to gather outdoors and take advantage of sunshine and nature.  If you are planning your nuptials over the summer months, be sure to include some of these cocktail and snack ideas that are sure to keep things cool.


When you consider what cocktails to serve at a summer wedding, think “refreshing.” While it is important to offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks such as tea, lemonade, fruit punch, and water; add in an assortment of fruity cocktails with seasonal garnish. Stock your bar with fruity vodka and liqueur choices, rum, and tequila to mix with fruity mixers or juices. Carry an assortment of cherries, cucumbers, lime, and mint leaves for garnish.   The more colorful the better!

Find the recipe here.


When you are planning appetizers for a summer wedding, consider lighter options. Snacks that infuse fruits and vegetables are popular and will not fill up your guests in the summer heat. Shrimp cocktail is a great addition alongside a beautifully arranged salad bar, cucumber sandwiches, and a tray of bruschetta mixed with fresh basil.

Find the recipe here.


Your wedding is not complete without delicious seasonal treats that are light and refreshing. In addition to your wedding cake of course, considering offering ice cream choices alongside bitesize sweets. Cheesecake bites, chocolate dipped strawberries, parfait cups, and fresh banana pudding are great options to keep things on the light side.

Find the recipe here.


Don’t miss these great tips on how to keep your guest cool at your outdoor summer wedding!

Blending Cultures and Traditions at Your Wedding

If you and your finance are from distinctly unique backgrounds, pay attention.  There is a way to blend traditions and keep the family peace at your wedding. Here’s how.

Create a plan.  It is essential for you and your partner to agree on what family and cultural traditions are important enough to be represented on your wedding day.  Prioritize a list with your partner, parents, grandparents, or anyone else that you feel should be involved with the decision. Upon agreement of your must-haves, it is time to put your plan in action.

Be creative. Hire an officiant who will blend in your cultural ideas through the ceremony in a way that will keep your guests engaged. It may be necessary to hire two officiants that will share the responsibility of equally balancing your ideas.  Take turns showing how each culture differs during an important piece of the service. If one of you prefers to light a unity candle while the other favors singing in unison, do them each back to back.

Have fun with your traditions and blend them together in a positive light. Food, dancing, and music are excellent ways to represent diversity. Have a first dance with music to celebrate your background followed by another which celebrates your spouse. Take it another step and allow your guests to have a cultural dance-off at the reception. Non-partial guests can vote on who has the most enthusiasm.

Use fashion and food. It is great idea to dress the part. Choose clothes with color, gems, styles, or anything else that is appropriate for your traditions. Makeup, jewelry and accessories, and hairstyles are a perfect way to show off family heritage.

Create a diverse menu for your reception that allows your guests to enjoy delicacies from side.  Set up a table with a variety of ethnic favorites and label your selections. This can help your guests to feel inspired with your culinary culture.

Communicate with your guests.  Blending a wedding is a perfect time to introduce your guest to differing beliefs. The more you explain each tradition through your celebration, the more involved everyone will feel. With this you can create an appreciation for history, family, and the blending of traditions.

Benefits of a Wedding Website

Getting married is one of the most exciting events of a lifetime. And we live in a world where everything from shopping to banking is online. So brides are jumping on board to keep friends and family in the loop with a personal wedding website.  Why not tell the world about your big day in a big way? In fact, here are a few reasons why you absolutely SHOULD.

Details, Details

You can’t put every small detail on a wedding invitation, but you can post them online. While you may believe some of these items are small potatoes, they can be vital to your guests. Here are things you can mention:

  • Parking information
  • Dress attire
  • Food selections
  • Kids menu/table and sitter information
  • Travel info and itineraries
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Registry details

Get Personal

Wedding websites are a great way to stay personal with your guests.  While your great aunt is excited to support your nuptials, she may not have the opportunity to meet your husband-to-be prior to the big day.  So, post photos and tell the story of how you met.  Get creative and list your favorite qualities about him alongside of a list of things you enjoy doing together. Distant friends and family can feel more connected when you share just a few details your life with them.

Stay Connected

Whether you send a formal wedding invitation by mail or prefer the electronic method, add a link for quick RSVP. It is easy to keep tabs on your headcount and organize a seating chart on screen.  Websites are also an easy way to get the word out fast if there are last-minute announcements or changes. Gone are the days of needing to pick up the phone and call everyone on your list.  Perhaps there is a detail you didn’t consider. Allow the opportunity for your guests to post questions where everyone can view your response. Chances are someone else had that question too. Basically, any information pertaining to your wedding can be housed on your website for easy communication. 

Wedding website are intended to be and efficient way to keep your guest connected during the months leading up to your wedding.  They are a win for all!