Spectacular Winter Weddings

While Spring and Fall are popular times of year to tie the knot, some brides dream of a cozy fireside setting instead. Winter can be one of the most beautiful seasons. If your vision involves a white blanket of snow, here are some amazing winter wedding ideas to help get your planning underway.

Great Photo Opportunities
Use nature as a background for beautiful photos! It may be chilly for a moment, but use the temperature drop as an excuse to snuggle up for your wedding album.


Beautiful Seasonal Décor
The possibilities are endless when planning a beautiful reception. Whites, blues, and all the colors of every winter holiday can be tied into your event. Now is also the time to tie in mistletoe, garland, and jingle bells! (Your guests will have a blast kissing under the mistletoe on the dance floor.) Lighting is also key to making a winter wedding sparkle.  
Comfort Food
Winter is the season for comfort, so feel free to go on the heavier side with your food options. Soups, chili, casseroles, and pastas are hearty meals that warm the heart. But, don’t stop there. Add hot cocoa, cider, and rich cocktails to keep things cozy inside.

Not only does the winter provide a beautiful setting for your wedding; you may notice the honeymoon options are less crowded, the vendor costs are more affordable, and the perfect date is easier to secure. Just a few more reasons why winter really can be the best time of year!

Ideas for Renewing Your Vows

If you want to celebrate a milestone in your marriage, or just remind each other of your growing love, consider a vow renewal celebration.  You can make it an intimate gathering or even host a huge party. Whether you go big or small, here are a few great ideas for celebrating.    


Did you fall in love with your honeymoon destination? Plan a return visit! For many couples, taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about the romantic newlywed moments is a fantastic to keep the spark alive. Even better, do it in the exact location where your journey as a couple began.  While you are there, find an officiant to renew your vows. It will be a treat to compare honeymoon photos with your visit years later.


Many couples who are celebrating a milestone anniversary like to host a gathering of family and friends.  These ceremonies tend to mimic an actual wedding, but the possibilities are endless. If you like being escorted down the aisle followed by a seated dinner with dancing, this is your chance!  Or, be creative and change things up a little.  Allowing time for friends and family to toast during this type of celebration can affirm how you have grown together over the years.  

Unprompted Fun

If all the planning causes extra stress, but you are still interested in renewing your vows, consider a more spontaneous option.  The Las Vegas strip is filled with Elvis impersonators who would love to take part! But, if blue suede shoes aren’t your thing, think of all the things you and your husband enjoy together. If you like to hike, take it to the top of a mountain and express your unending love with nature.  If bowling is your thing, take it to the lanes and ask them to play your favorite song to follow. Making it your own is what really counts. 

Marriage is a beautiful thing and deserves to be celebrated. There is no right or wrong way to do it, so enjoy yourselves…and congratulations on your time together!