Fun Holiday Themed Weddings

holiday wedding

Your wedding doesn’t have to be held during the most popular times – spring and fall. You may consider celebrating your big day during one of the biggest holidays of the year! Exciting!


Valentine’s Day

There is no better time to celebrate love! So let your guests revel in your happiness and create a space for them to find their own romance.  Have your DJ search the vault for the most romantic songs to get extra close. Decorate with hearts or candles, and if you really want to feel the love, let cupid make an appearance. Accessorizing with red or pink accents, heart earrings, or saucy red shoes is the best way to create your best Valentine’s look.

Take extra time during the ceremony to share your love with the groom.  Write a romantic poem, list the top 10 things you love most about him, (or if you are really brave) sing him a romantic ballad.  Finish with red velvet cake, a chocolate and candy heart station, and an abundance of Hershey kisses to let your guests know you love them too!



What a magical time of year! But when you add love to the mix, even better.  When “All I want for Christmas is you” dances in your head, turn it into an enchanted party.  You can bring along your favorite Christmas tunes and literally rock around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree!

Place stockings filled with candy by a fire to keep your guests warm and sprinkle the red and green confetti around your poinsettia centerpieces.  Add red or green accents to your gown to keep the holiday feel and give your guests a gift of personalized ornaments to help them to remember your special day.  Make sure you have plenty of egg nog, hot chocolate, and candy canes!


New Year’s

Ring in the New Year with love – and special friends and family!  Everyone can champagne toast to a new year and a new beginning for the happy couple in a snowflake decorated winter wonderland.  Add the flare of a disco ball and party like it’s 1999 on the dance floor!

Include shades of silver and blue mixed with white to add the festive atmosphere. Be sure to include white balloons and confetti falling from the ceiling like snow.  You can serve the traditional black eyed peas and cabbage for good luck, and maybe add some fig to your wedding cake to keep all the traditions alive! Accessorize your gown with fur and a beautiful bouquet of white and ivory flowers. Make sure you add the sparkle!



If you want to have a wedding with plenty of eccentric flare, this is the time of year to plan your special day!  Fall offers plenty of gorgeous scenery, and pumpkins are a great way to accent your theme.  You can keep it spooky, or add your own creativity with a pumpkin carving station.

Leave the hay barrels in tact for resting after you shake your groove thing and warm up with apple cider or hot cocoa near the candy corn bar.  A beautiful bouquet of fall flowers can add to your ensemble, and definitely be wild with your centerpieces. Be sure to add a black cat here or there, and have fun being spooktacular!


A holiday themed wedding is a great way to celebrate your love and add excitement to the most treasured times of year.  It is also a great way to show off your personal style and special moments with the people you love most.   If you are planning your event outdoors and need restroom trailers, remember our team at Edmunds are ready to help. Call us at (804) 478.4688.