Hottest Wedding Trends

Wedding Invitation

Whether you’re in last minute wedding prep or just getting started planning your big day, here are some of this year’s most popular wedding trends:

1. Retro elegance
There’s a big return to formality and old fashioned romance this wedding season, and you can thank Hollywood. Smash hits like The Great Gatsby have brought the Roaring Twenties back in vogue, and this nostalgic look is manifesting in weddings with concepts like big bands, crystal candlesticks and fine china, and more formal wait staff.
Here are some fantastic ideas from Pinterest:

2. Think pink
Shades of pink are increasingly popular in wedding color schemes—think nudes, blushes, and warm peach tones for bridal party attire. Pink flowers are also making a comeback, with peonies and garden roses as popular choices.
Here are some pink wedding ideas from the Knot:

3. Unique invitations
Couples are spending more time customizing their invitations. From completely original designs and freehand illustrations, paperie boutiques are helping couples create wedding invitations that channel their unique personalities. Invitations are also getting smaller—smaller even than the standard 5×7 letter.
Red Orange Weddings do some lovely work:

4. Spicy, family-style foods
Two trends in feeding the loved ones you’ve invited? Think spicy and intimate. Chili oils and sriracha are spicing wedding menus up, and the trend towards formality isn’t holding true for meal presentation. Though wait staff are likely to wear black dinner jackets and white gloves, more weddings are presenting food family-style, rather than plates. Family-style presentation seems more approachable, and allows guests to be more interactive, than the tradition plated option.
Family style wedding ideas from the Huffington Post:

5. Seasonal cake flavors
According to wedding experts, cake flavors tend to be driven by season. Summer weddings often have cakes with light, fruity flavors like lemon or orange vanilla. In the winter, richer cakes like chocolate with accents of caramel or mocha become more frequent. This season, many wedding cakes are beginning to glitter, too—as faint as a fine fairy dusting or as bedazzled as a disco ball.
Some yummy ideas from YumSugar:

Remember, this special day is unique to you. Whether you go with the trend or stick traditional, be sure it feels good to you!