How to Host a Black-Tie Wedding

When you dream of the perfect wedding, do you imagine formal ball gowns and a seated dinner? A black-tie wedding is one of the most formal events you can host. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show off your wedding and make your guests feel as special as they are. Black tie weddings are usually accompanied with dressy attire and a traditional atmosphere. Below are the “must-do’s” for planning a black-tie wedding.

You may also sense hesitation from your guests about attending or dressing up for a black-tie wedding. But, if you let your guests know it’s a “fun” event, they may not be as intimidated by the idea. Black tie does not mean your guests have to wear a tuxedo or a ball gown. In fact, some wear “formal” attire to a black-tie event as a sign of respect to the happy couple. Formal does not mean stuffy, and a black-tie wedding can be the perfect excuse for your guests to wear those gorgeous heels and sparkly accessories they’ve been hoarding in the back of the closet. If you choose to allow a more casual dress code, make that clear in the invitation. Some couple will allow cocktail dresses or suits for men instead. It’s better for your guests to be prepared so they don’t have to buy a new outfit if possible.

A black-tie wedding is usually accompanied with a seated dinner and live entertainment. A wedding invitation to a formal wedding will request a guest response with a dinner selection between two or three options. Dinner is served by a wait staff and may have four courses or more. While guests are enjoying their elegant dinner, live entertainment will be in the background. The couple will usually hire a band for who will amp up the party after food is served for dancing.

Formal wedding events can end with a parting gift for guests to take home. It is important to thank each guest who came to celebrate your fabulous wedding with you.