Outdoor Company Party Ideas

morning after breakfast

Corporate party events are a great way to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the year.  These events boost morale and keep your staff motivated to feel like they are part of a caring team.  If you are thinking about planning a day of fun, here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Field Day

Every kid looks forward to field day towards the end of a long year.  So bring back the “old school” games and have a blast from the past!  Kickball, sack and relay races, apple bobbing, egg tosses, and water balloon fights never go out of style. These games encourage teamwork and help your employees get to know a different, perhaps less professional, side of one another.

Setting the productivity aside to laugh and play games helps those who carry job related stress to ease a little tension.  The goal is to return them to work feeling refreshed and ready share a few hilarious stories!


Outdoor Picnic

Outdoor picnics are an excellent way to let your employees mingle while enjoying the sunshine.  Throw some old fashioned hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and make it casual.  Including a raffle drawing for prizes, games, or contests also help to liven up the event.  Play energetic music in the background and take a moment in the middle of the fun to announce your gratitude towards your employees.

If you decide to make your outing a family friendly event, provide a large inflatable playground to keep the little ones entertained too!


Local Sporting Events

A company outing to cheer on a local sports team can be fun and easy to plan.  Many teams provide corporate packages with group seating at a reasonable cost. The company can provide a lunch or dinner option before the big game or offer vouchers to buy food at the park.

Sporting events generate comradery and have everyone pulling together to support the team!



Volunteer events can be life changing for everyone involved.  Asking employees to collaborate and enrich the community is one of the best ways to build a strong work culture. As an added bonus, volunteering is a great way to enhance your company’s image within the community.  Volunteer opportunities are easy to find as many organizations will gladly welcome large groups who want to positively impact others in need.


Working and playing together generates a positive work environment. The happier your employees are, the harder the work and want to stick around.  Edmunds would be happy to help if your event is outdoors and you are in need of restroom trailers (not to mention, your team will be impressed!).  Contact us today at (804) 478.4688.