Hottest Wedding Trends for 2015

If you’re planning a 2015 wedding, we’ve got the insider tips you need to orchestrate a celebration that will be talked about for years to come! From dress design to flower arrangements, take a look at some of these hot 2015 trends:

• Off the Shoulder Sleeves—The Royal Wedding (almost three years ago!) sparked a flurry of sleeved gowns. The bare shoulders, covered arms look is coming in style in a big way, with off the shoulder sleeves of various lengths, made of lace and other peekaboo fabrics.

• Crop Tops—We’ve started to see lots of cut-outs in the backs of gowns, but it looks like 2015 may be the year of the crop-top wedding dress! Designer Hayley Paige debuted this look with a lilac gown, and several other designers are already following suit. If you like the crop-top look but it isn’t your style for the wedding day, it can also be perfect for pre-wedding events like the bachelorette party or rehearsal dinner.

• Pops of Color—last year, blush was a big bridal trend. While it looks like blush will remain a popular alternative color for bridal gowns, even more unexpected shades like pistachio, silvery blue, and lilac are making their ways off runways and down the aisle!

• Wild(erness) Flowers—While the flowers you pick will often change by season, a trend we are noticing throughout the year is a turn toward more messy, less together bouquets. From spring, garden-like collections of sweet peas, garden roses, and tulips to bright fall woodland sprays including foxgloves, ferns, even moss, the natural look is in.

• Headpieces—As mystical woodland trends seem to be picking up speed, 2015 is going to be all about the flower crowns. The type of flowers in your garland is really up to you; some people prefer more delicate flowers like pansies or gypsophila, while others enjoy fuller, higher impact blooms like roses and hydrangeas.

• Roaring 20s—the roaring 20s theme is one trend that’s still going strong, and everything from flapper-inspired gowns to retro cars and big-band style music look like they’ll continue to be popular well into the next wedding season.

• Frozen—Remember the mega-popular “Let it Go”? Well, this wedding season, expect to see plenty of Elsa-inspired braids, long trains, and delicate details. Icy blues are also gaining popularity as part of a sophisticated wedding color pallet.