What to do Right After You Become Engaged

Congratulations on your engagement! This is a very exciting time and you may be eager to get the planning underway. If you wondering where you need to begin, here are the first items to check off your list to get your planning off to a solid start.

  1. Celebrate! Even before you pick up the phone and call your family and friends, be sure you take a few minutes together to soak up the excitement. Now is a great time to pop a bottle of champagne with your new fiancé.
  2. Call your friends and family and tell them the good news! Perhaps your parents or close friends know it is coming, but they are likely eager to get a phone call from you with good news.
  3. Get your engagement ring appraised and add it to your insurance policy. Be sure to do this as quickly as you can. You want peace of mind that your ring is covered from loss, theft, or damage so you can wear it proud.
  4. Talk about the kind of wedding you want to have with your fiancé and don’t leave out any detail. Consider these sorts of items: Do you want a band or a DJ? Do you want a sit-down dinner or a buffet? Do you want to get married close to home or at a destination?
  5. Organize your budget. Before you dive into planning the details you must organize your finances. Have an honest and open conversation with your finance about how much you are willing to spend. Also consider the areas where you are willing to splurge. Now is also the time to find out if one or both sets of parents are willing to help with the costs. Once you have a budget in mind you can start considering where you want to get married and how many people to include on the guest list.
  6. Once you know how large or small your wedding will be, it is time to start drafting a guest list. The easiest way to tackle this project is to include everyone you know and start eliminating based on the size of wedding you can afford.
  7. Individually ask your wedding party to stand with you at the altar.
  8. Decide when you want to get married. This piece is important for planning. If you are eager to tie the knot soon, you need to coordinate a location fast. Many popular venues book quickly and may not have your ideal date available.
  9. Have an engagement party. Now that everyone knows the good news it is time to have a party in your honor. Some couples hold a stock the bar party, which is a great way to fill your bar for the wedding reception. This is also a good time for guests to shower you with wedding gifts.
  10. Create and send a Save the Date card. People will start asking when you planned to get married so they can organize their calendars. If you are planning a destination wedding, it is imperative that you send these early, even as early as 12 months prior to your wedding date.

Hosting a Morning After Breakfast

In case you were wondering, hosting a morning after breakfast is not necessary. Although, it can be a great way to say “thank you” one last time to your guests! Whether you prefer something casual, elegant, or chic, here are a few ideas for planning:

Casual Breakfast Buffet:

It is common for out of town wedding guests to stay in the same location under a room block. Select a hotel that offers a banquet room with plenty of space to cater a small breakfast buffet.  Offer tea and coffee, with pastries, omelets, an assortment of fruit, and bagels. This is an easy option for guests who want to grab a quick bite before heading home, plus they can spend an extra minute with the happy couple. Allow your guests a window of time to arrive, which will maintain a steady traffic flow and help you mingle with ease.  

Restaurant Style:

So maybe you have a favorite restaurant in the area you would like to show off to your friends and family.  Now is your chance!  Planning this type of event will require an RSVP list from your guests for seating accommodations.  To simplify the meal and allow for quicker service, pick a few of your favorite menu items and let your guests choose from a smaller list. If possible, arrange for pitchers of water, orange juice, and coffee to be left on the table. The newlyweds should leave their seats to say hello to guests in effort to keep traffic flow minimal. Keep in mind that round tables are easier for group conversation!

See the Sunshine:

Weather permitting, find an outdoor location with nice scenery and host your own picnic style breakfast. Perhaps a little sun light is healthy after a late-night party! Muffins, yogurt parfaits, and sliced fruit are easy and transportable options.  Punch bowls along with large pitchers of juice and water are also easy self-serving beverage options.  If children are present, this will allow them space to run and play and allow everyone the opportunity to mingle without space restrictions. 


Regardless of the breakfast style you choose, understand that it is not necessary to invite your entire wedding guest list!  Simply include the wedding party and out of town guests, or just an intimate list of chose family and friends.  Let this be your opportunity to reminisce over yesterday’s events with the ones you love…and then get to that amazing honeymoon destination already!