Keepings Guests Comfortable: Outdoor Weddings

It’s no secret that summer is considered “wedding season” for a reason! Many brides want their day to be warm and sunny. Others prefer the cooler seasons, but still want an open-air ambiance.


No matter what season you choose, here are some tips for keeping your guests comfortable at an outdoor wedding—


If Warm:

  • Parasols are a stylish, useful accessory for summer outdoor weddings. They look great in pictures, and any guests who tend to sunburn will surely thank you, especially if both your wedding and reception take place outside!
  • In summer months, all your guests will appreciate personal fans! For a unique and useful twist, fans can double as your wedding program.
  • Guests may appreciate cool towelettes and blotting papers places in restrooms, making it easy for them to freshen up.


If Cold:

  • Keep some warm duds on hand! Even when they know a wedding will take place outside, some guests will still arrive in sleeveless dresses and thin fabrics. Providing a selection of stylish shawls and wraps is a great way to keep your loved ones cozy during the ceremony.
  • If your reception is outside as well, consider renting a heated tent. Depending on the day, you may not even need the heat, but it’s better to be over-prepared than to have shivering guests!
  • Instead of fans, leave one-use hand-warmers on each seat for the ceremony. Guests can easily decide whether or not they’d like to use them.


Other fun ideas:

  • You hope for a sunny day, so offer your guests sunglasses. You’ll be surprised how many will forget their own shades. Simple sunglasses at a cute table are not only a thoughtful party favor, but a useful one as your guests watch the “I Do”s!
  • If dancing is an important part of your reception, consider providing flip-flops or slip-on dancing shoes for your high-heeled guests.


Some simple extras for your guests can make your big day memorable for everyone!