Tips for Creating a Seating Chart

Have you ever been to a wedding reception where guests walked aimlessly with a plate of food wondering where to sit? Some brides, to prevent the chaos, choose to create a seating chart instead.

Although it can be tricky while waiting for RSVP’s, you will find it is worth the effort to maintain organization on a day you want to be…. well, perfect!  Here are some tips to help you through the process.

First Things First:

It is customary for the bride and groom, along with their wedding party, to sit at a designated table.  Some couples even prefer to dine alone at a “sweetheart table.” Regardless of your preference, start your placements with the wedding party first.  Then prioritize parents of the bride and groom, immediate family and close friends at a table nearby.

Easy Navigation:

When your guests enter the reception area, there are two popular options for guiding them to their table.

  1. Place cards: Typically set at the top of an empty plate or napkin, will allow guests to navigate into the reception hall, locate their table, and take their seat without disorder.
  2. Escort cards: Can be visibly placed on a table before entering the dining area. Cards should simply include the guest’s name along with their table assignment. This option maintains order, but also allows the freedom for people to choose their seat when they arrive at their table. Remember to label your tables clearly to avoid confusion!
Consider Personality:

Put the guy who thinks he is a comedian next to someone who will appreciate his humor. Make sure an elderly guest with health problems is close to a family member who is likely to help. Avoid placing small children close to someone who may not tolerate it well.  Consider seating guests who are the life of the party close to the dance floor, and let those who are less likely to bust a move on the outside. Try your best to match personalities at each table for everyone’s enjoyment!

Designated Kids Table:

Parents will say, “thank you!” especially if you have someone available to help manage the chaos.  A kids table offers a space for them to be loud and silly together, with minimal disruption to the rest of the party.  Don’t forget to have a child friendly menu, which will also keep the little guys happy!


You will find that your guests like the organization table assignments provide at your wedding reception.  And, you will be able to to enjoy your wedding stress free!