What’s Chic for 2017

Out with the old and in with the new…then back to the old again!  There is no doubt that trends change.  If you are planning a wedding, here’s a guide to what’s chic and what’s not so chic for 2017.

Go For It!

  • Who says your dress must be white?  Trendy wedding dress colors for 2017 are light shades of pink and yellow, ivory, beige, hues of silver and gold, and accents of bold colors throughout. 
  • Higher hemlines: An A-line dress, ball gown, or sheath cut creates a free flowing and fashionable look for 2017. 
  • Accents: Choosing a dress with charisma is popular for weddings this year.  Dresses now sparkle with beaded accents and show off plunging necklines.
  • Embossed invitations: It’s not just about the dress.  Let your invite have a flare of its own too! You can emboss initials or patterns to enhance a rustic, elegant, or modern look. 
  • Let’s get personal: Formal and traditional is a thing of the past, unless you like that sort of thing!  More and more brides are choosing themed, vintage, rustic, or simple beach weddings.  Make it your own!

We’re Done with That:

  • Receiving Lines: Traditionally it was considered proper etiquette for the bride and groom to greet guests individually after the ceremony through a receiving line. Now couples feel the freedom mix and mingle.  Often a cocktail hour at the reception allows time for each guest to spend a little one-on-one time with the couple instead.
  • Wedding Cakes and Then Some: Wedding cakes are a long-standing tradition, but now many couple are choosing to add candy bars, ice cream stations, or even dessert buffets.  How sweet!   
  • Blend your Bridesmaids: Not all bridesmaids must be uniform anymore. More wedding parties are now mixed with blending colors and styles, creating more colorful photos!
  • The Not So Traditional Wedding Party: So maybe your best friend is the guy next door that you grew up with. Make him your “Man of Honor” instead!  We are finding that more and more wedding parties are slowing becoming non-traditional.
  • Stay Put: It is common nowadays for wedding receptions and ceremonies to take place at the same venue.  Brides are finding this option to be more convenient for themselves and for their guests.  Eliminating time for relocation allows more time for celebration!

The most important thing to remember is to let your personality shine. Create an atmosphere that you and your hubby-to-be will enjoy.  Because the trend of LOVE never goes out of style!