Planning a Rustic Outdoor Wedding?

Rustic weddings in rural outdoor settings are in vogue and, from the experience to the pictures capturing your special moments, are beautiful events.

If you’re searching for inspiration and tips planning your rustic outdoor wedding, look no further:

• The rustic touch. Little rustic touches can really pull your look together. Natural, wooden place card holders or cards strung on lines with wooden clothespins are great ways to pull your rustic wedding feel into your reception. Mason jars, for everything from flower vases to drinking glasses, are also handy.
• Rustic writing is another great, small way to bring together your rustic vibe. Typewriter-like typefaces are a subtle nod to nostalgia and rustic life. For a more handmade look, chalkboard signs with distressed frames make great rustic signs.
• Incorporate rustic fabrics—burlap, chambray, lace, or linens can be used for anything from bouquets to tablecloths, centerpieces to chair covers.
• Alternative guest books. Make your guest book channel your rustic wedding feels. Consider interactive options like having your guests snap polaroids of themselves, or ask them to sign a larger object like a keepsake canvas.
• Exciting send-offs! Using sparklers or fireworks as you leave is a great night twist on birdseed or rice.
• Outdoor amenities. Last, but not least, your rustic outdoor wedding might want just a few polished amenities. In more rural venues, easy access to restrooms may be an issue. We have a variety of restroom trailers that could fit the needs of you and your guests.

If you’re still looking for the perfect rustic outdoor wedding venue, consider barns, farms, wineries, or even picturesque open fields. Any of them could be your ideal wedding spot!