8 Amazing Examples of Toilet Paper Roll Art

Everyone has them—empty toilet paper rolls—but so often they’re thrown in the trash as soon as the last square is pulled. If you’re looking for some DIY decorations or arts and crafts ideas, however, there’s plenty you can do with these little cardboard cylinders.

Here are some of our favorite photos of DIY toilet paper roll art:


It’s February, the month of Valentine’s Day and all kinds of expressions of love. This 3D heart is made out of toilet paper rolls, with a few other cardboard cylinders for pops of color.


At first glance, you’d never know the design around this mirror is made out sliced toilet paper rolls!


Don’t these intricate squares look like wrought iron wall hangings? Cut out toilet paper rolls are much easier to hang!


This light door wreath uses toilet paper rolls to construct leaves and hold fabric flowers.


This family tree uses bent toilet paper roles at fun, 3D leaves.


This wall mural of leaves is made entirely out of bent TP rolls.


These segmented tree paintings also use cut out rolls for the leaf outlines.


And finally…No idea HOW someone managed to create these, but they look amazing. Like a floating forest for your wall.

What would you create out of toilet paper rolls?