Keeping the Peace: Handling Family Drama at Your Wedding

Weddings are a time for celebration.  Family and friends from all sides will gather to pay their respects to the happy couple.  However, those who love you most may not share the same endearment towards one another.  Here’s what to do if you expect family drama on your wedding day.   


If you are arranging a seating chart, pay special attention to place conflicting family members on opposite ends of the reception hall.  It is not your responsibility to babysit drama on your wedding day, and a little pre-planning may go a long way to keep the peace.  Here you can find more tips for creating a seating chart.

Stay Neutral

It’s important, regardless of who’s side you’re on, to stay neutral through your wedding day. Protect yourself from getting wrapped up in drama that will crush your excitement.  There are plenty of last minute details that require your focus instead.  Staying neutral, and making your intentions clear, should prevent anyone from pulling you in the middle of a family war. This is not the time to be forced to take sides.  

Request Peace

If necessary, make it clear from the beginning that you wish your wedding to be a time full of happiness and joy.  It is okay to ask all parties to put personal matters aside and fully focus on the celebration.  With a bit of luck, making your wishes known in advance will give family rivals time to set aside their resentment and attend with a diplomatic heart. 

Happy weddings are peaceful weddings. Keep a close friend handy to help alleviate tension if it arises.  With a light heart and fun celebration, your wedding may even be the event that brings family together instead!