Team Building Ideas for your Corporate Event

If you show up to work daily and feel like something is missing, it might just be. Many get lost in a mundane routine, hidden away behind office doors, staring at a computer screen. Establishing healthy work relationships is a great way to increase confidence and productivity amongst your employees. Consider gathering your team outside of the regular workspace to reset, build rapport, and bond in a unique setting. Here are a few ideas that might just do the trick.


Sometimes you don’t need an activity to encourage your team to connect. A simple change of setting and free food can give people the opportunity to get to know one another. This is a way for organic relationships to form in a non-intimidating way.

Escape Rooms

You will be amazed to see personalities work together in a setting such as this. Some are problem solvers, some are task masters, some direct orders, and some are eager to follow. Allowing your team to strategize together while figuring out how to solve a mystery and escape from an enclosed space is a sure-fire way to get to know one another better.

Field Day

Do you remember field day from your elementary years? It was the best day of the year, right? Bring it back to life for your employees. Play tug of war, kickball, four square, and all the other favorites from your past. The more activities you include that involve teamwork, the better your chances of developing positive relationships.

Charitable Events

Gathering for a common cause is a humbling and honoring experience. Encouraging your team to participate in something that gives back to the community helps them to feel like they have accomplished something…together. Just one day of giving can create a positive mindset that is sure to infiltrate your office space.