Spring Event Planning

Our winter celebrations have come and gone and before you know it the weather will start getting warmer, with spring events in full swing! Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, a St. Patrick’s Day event, or even a community Easter Egg Hunt, there is much planning to be done – including plans for portable toilets or restroom trailers!

Follow our tips below to help you plan for your portable restroom needs.

  • Start With The Number of People Expected

It is extremely important to determine the right ratio of bathroom to guests for your big event. You certainly don’t want to waste people’s time standing in lines while they could be having fun! It is also important to adjust your type of portable restroom to the specific event you will be having. The variations in portable restrooms can be suited towards your event, whether it be very casual or more elegant.

  • Determine What Sort of Food and Beverages Will Be Served

If you are planning to have a 3-course meal or simply a popcorn stand, you will still want to be sure to have restrooms available for the attendees. Determining what type of food and especially what type of beverages will be consumed can factor into how many portable restrooms you will need. If there will be plenty of food and plenty of drinks (especially alcohol!) you may want consider renting more portable restrooms than you first estimated.

  • Contact Our Team at Edmunds

Regardless of your portable restroom needs, our team at Edmunds will be able to assist you in your planning. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and to help ensure you have exactly what you need for your outdoor event.

By following these steps in planning for your spring event, you are ensuring your guests are comfortable and ready to have a great time. We, at Edmunds, are ready to help you plan the best event possible! Contact us today!

6 Must-Haves for Outdoor Events in Winter

Planning and preparation are always involved when hosting an outdoor event! This is even more so during the winter season when the weather is cooler.

6 Must-Haves for Outdoor Events in Winter


  1. Portable tents. When hosting an outdoor event or function, it is important to plan for the chance of precipitation (no matter what season)! If forecasts are predicting even a slight possibility of rain or snow during the day of your outdoor event- be prepared by having portable pop-up tents to cover your guests. Guests who are cold and wet are less likely to enjoy themselves during your big day. By having a tent for inclement weather will save the day if it begins to rain/snow, especially with winter temperatures.
  2. Portable heaters. For an outdoor event held during winter months, it’s a good idea to have a heat source for guests. Portable heaters range in size and functions and also offer guests a warm retreat between socializing and enjoying winter’s outdoor charm.
  3. Heated portable restrooms. One of the most important amenities you MUST offer your guests is a restroom, especially at an outdoor event where public restrooms may not be available! We recommend using a luxury heated portable restroom trailer. Standard portable stalls may make guests uncomfortable and chilly when the time to relieve themselves’ arrives! Heated restrooms provide your guests with not only a place to relieve themselves comfortably, but luxury portable restrooms also include benefits such as: controlled temperatures, private stalls, hot/cold water, and hand-selected interior detail and décor to compliment the theme of your outdoor event. At Edmunds Waste Removal, we offer several luxury portable restrooms equipped with a variety of finishes and styles. If you have any questions, or would like to reserve a luxury portable restroom for your outdoor event, contact us today!
  4. Warm snacks and food. If you are planning on offering snacks or entrees to your guests at your outdoor winter event, make sure they are warm! Warm breads, comforting flavors, and hearty or steamy foods will make your guests mouths’ water will keeping their bellies warm and content!
  5. Warm beverages. Offering water is always a standard to serve guests when hosting an event, but when choosing additional beverages, think of ones on the warmer side! A few of our favorite warm beverages include: coffee, hot cocoa, and hot apple cider. These heated beverages will keep your guests refreshed and will also provide warmth to cold hands while being held!
  6. Warm accessories. Some guests may come a little underdressed or feel the cold of winter a little quicker than others! Provide a tasteful stand or booth where guests may find a warm shawl or instant heat packs to warm up again!

Just because it’s a little chilly outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful outdoor event! Plan your day ahead of time and prepare for accommodating your guests to suit your outdoor setting!

Corporate Outdoor Events—How to Throw a Great Corporate Party

If you want to host a great outdoor party as a corporate event, here’s how to make your celebration a night (or day!) to remember:

● Decide on Your Objective
Knowing what the purpose of the event will help you determine how the evening will progress. Are you saying “thank you” to employees? Maybe you need some fun awards. Targeting new customers? Impress them with your decor. Expanding your target demographic or catering to your niche market? Answering these questions can give your event shape and direction.

● Consider the Season
Should it be cool or warm? Consider an outdoor tent in case of inclement weather. If you expect the weather to be warm, make sure there’s plenty of water and outdoor fans for your guests to keep them cool. If there’s a chance of cooler weather, be sure to rent some outdoor heaters to keep everyone comfortable.

● Focus on the Details
Does your event have a theme? If so, keep your decorations centered on that. For a Fourth of July themed event, for example you could have red, white and blue balloons, tablecloths, and other accessories. A BBQ or cookout would fit that theme, and you could try one of those unique flag cakes.

photo credit: http://cdn.trendhunterstatic.com/thumbs/american-flag-cake.jpeg

● Outdoor Restrooms
Consider the venue of your outdoor event. Will the location have adequate bathrooms, if any? Consider renting a chic restroom trailer to ensure that guests can enjoy your party in comfort.

● Get Your Networking On
If you’re hosting an event that isn’t invitation only, have something on-hand to easily grab attendee’s contact information. A check-in at the door, a contest that requires registration (name, email), or a fish bowl to collect business cards all work well. After the event, you can easily follow up with your guests.

● Throw in Some Party Favors
Party favors or goody bags are a great way to show your appreciation for event attendees with something small that says, “Thanks for joining us!”

What cool ideas have you used to make your corporate function a huge success?

Portable Restrooms for Any Event

Right Trailer | Edmunds Waste RemovalPart of what our customers say draws them to Edmunds Waste Removal is our versatility. At Edmunds, we offer a variety of portable restrooms that fit the needs of events from the most upscale outdoor wedding to casual company outdoor parties, all the way to large downtown events and even construction sites.

Here are just a few of our most popular products:

The Black Tie Series are our most elegant portable restroom trailers. They combine elegant professional decorating with fashionable amenities such as a stereo system and top-of-the-line air conditioning. Skylights and full-length mirrors heighten the luxurious experience of our most deluxe portable restroom experience.

Urban Series portable restroom trailers are ideal for bigger events and can efficiently handle large crowds. Perfect for weddings, parties and sporting events, these offer air conditioning, a built-in stereo system, and modern décor.

Our Standard Portable Toilet rentals offer reinforced doorways and a spring cable system than ensures privacy, keeping the door shut tight. These porta-potties are excellent for large events like festivals or outdoor concerts, and are also popular with construction companies for use at building sites.

The Handwash Portable Toilet complies with OSHA regulations and includes a built-in sink, soap dispenser, hand towel dispenser, and a shelf on which to place personal items. The interior is larger than a standard portable toilet and features the same excellent ventilation system of our standard units.

Do any of these portable restroom options sound ideal for your next outdoor event? Contact us today to see how we can help meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Smart Tips for Planning a Fabulous Outdoor Party

At Edmunds Waste Removal, we hope to be more than just the restroom trailer providers for your event. No matter what kind of celebration you’re throwing, we want to help you plan it perfectly! Here are five tips for planning your fabulous outdoor party:

• Don’t limit your venue. Outdoor parties are a great opportunity to be really creative with your venue, so don’t feel like you have to limit your event to just a lawn or backyard. Historic sites, woodland areas, and city spaces are all options as well. Let your imagination run wild, but just check to see if the venue you want requires any permits for outdoor events.

• Keep everyone informed! Having an outdoor party in summer? Tell your guests if there will be any opportunities to be indoors in case of rain or a major heat wave. Let people know what time food will be served for longer events.

• Let it shine. Don’t forget the lights at your outdoor party. Elegant string lights can give off a fun ambience and help your guests’ eyes adjust as the night progresses.

• Don’t forget the seating! Especially for outdoor parties, it’s important to make sure guests who want the option of sitting down can do so. For more casual outdoor events, pretty blankets and quilts can allow people to gather, picnic-style.

• Master your music. Too loud, and guests will avoid the speakers; too soft, and no one can hear the music. For the best musical setup, try four or more speakers set at a lower volume and spread across the space. You can’t go wrong with upbeat classics, but throw in newer favorites as well. Ideally, plan for five hours of music so that tracks aren’t repeated over and over.

Don’t forget the luxury restroom trailers so that you’ve got all the amenities you could need at your event space. What tips to you use for throwing a fabulous outdoor party? Tell us in the comments.