Beautiful Hair Accessories for Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look their best when they walk down the aisle. To create the perfect look, start with the right gown. Then move on to a complimentary hairstyle and makeup pallet selection. Finally, add a touch of glamour by including a beautiful hair accessory. If you like the idea but are unsure of how to select the right hair piece for you, here are a few ideas to get you started.


One of the most prevalent pieces you can include in your look is a crown. These have been worn by brides for decades and certainly give you the look of a princess.  If a traditional style crown is not for you, consider a more subtle look such as a floral wreath or decorative piece that sits flat.


Headbands offer a classic and timeless look.  They are more subtle than crowns and help to set your hairstyle. Depending on your gown, you can find headbands that offer a diamond sparkle. Or go floral instead to blend nicely with the colors of your bouquet.


Hair pins are elusive, beautiful and serve functionally to hold your hairstyle in place. When selecting pins, be sure to match them closely with your other jewelry and select the correct size for your length and style. Hairpins are typically used for half up half down looks.

Hair Combs

Decorative hair combs also offer a subtle vibe.  They are less functional so you can choose your piece after selecting your hair style.  When setting your comb, use elastic bands to help hold it in place to guarantee it will not fall out.

How to Choose Your Wedding Veil

Wedding veils are one of the most elegant and beautiful accessories you will choose to compliment your dress on your wedding day. But, not any old veil will do. Here are a few tips to help you select the right one for you.

Compliment Your Dress

Many dresses already have a veil selection that matches the accents of the gown. But, don’t limit yourself.  If the veil looks perfect and completes the look, run with it. But, if you choose to keep shopping, be sure to find options that are similar in style and color. If your dress is ivory, stick with the same color scheme. A white trim on a veil will not blend well with your ivory ensemble. If you are wearing a formal gown, choose a longer veil that accents its elegance.  Shorter veils tend to be made for a more casual look.

Hair Styles Matter

Consider your wedding day hair in advance. If you are having a hard time deciding, take some practice photos with different hairstyle options. Do you prefer the photos with a certain look? If so, wear your hair in that style on the day of your veil selection. Make sure your veil choice sits on your head in a way that will compliment your hair style.

Be Comfortable

Your veil will be worn for a large part of your wedding day. And, you will want to keep it on for wedding photos. It is important that your pick not only compliments your dress and hairstyle, but also photos well.  If you are taking wedding photos outside on the beach, a veil with a lot of material could get caught in the wind. For indoor photos, a veil that fall nicely and fits comfortably on your head will keep you happy and create a lovely accessory for your photo album.

As you are having fun trying on veils and feeling like a princess, don’t be afraid to ask for help! The consultant at the bridal store should also be an expert at helping you make the right selection. But, at the end of the day, accessorize in a style that makes you feel beautiful.





Current Hairstyle Trends for Your Wedding Day

Whether you have long or short hair, prefer and “up do” or down and free-flowing; here are the latest hairstyle trends for your wedding day.

Long and Loose:

long hairstyle
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To show off long and flowing hair,  consider adding some wave or curl to add texture.  You can also accent with clips, braids, or flowers to compliment your dress and other accessories.


The Updo:

updo hairstyle
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It is very popular for brides to choose an updo for their wedding day.  The latest trend, even with this style, is still flowing and loose.  Buns that sit just above the shoulders help to accent your neckline and earrings.


Short Styles:

Short hairstyle
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Creating a hairstyle for brides with shorter hair is very simple.  Add in some wave or curl to create volume.  Or, find an updo intended for long hair and mimic it!  Since loose is the current style, the strands that fall will look elegant and feminine.  Consider adding flowers or a headpiece for stunning detail.


Just remember, when choosing your style, stick with what you are most comfortable.  If you are used to updo’s – shop around and have fun!  If you typically wear your hair down, you may be happier with your wedding photos by selecting a more free-flowing look.  Your hair can be your best accessory!