Ideas for Renewing Your Vows

If you want to celebrate a milestone in your marriage, or just remind each other of your growing love, consider a vow renewal celebration.  You can make it an intimate gathering or even host a huge party. Whether you go big or small, here are a few great ideas for celebrating.    


Did you fall in love with your honeymoon destination? Plan a return visit! For many couples, taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about the romantic newlywed moments is a fantastic to keep the spark alive. Even better, do it in the exact location where your journey as a couple began.  While you are there, find an officiant to renew your vows. It will be a treat to compare honeymoon photos with your visit years later.


Many couples who are celebrating a milestone anniversary like to host a gathering of family and friends.  These ceremonies tend to mimic an actual wedding, but the possibilities are endless. If you like being escorted down the aisle followed by a seated dinner with dancing, this is your chance!  Or, be creative and change things up a little.  Allowing time for friends and family to toast during this type of celebration can affirm how you have grown together over the years.  

Unprompted Fun

If all the planning causes extra stress, but you are still interested in renewing your vows, consider a more spontaneous option.  The Las Vegas strip is filled with Elvis impersonators who would love to take part! But, if blue suede shoes aren’t your thing, think of all the things you and your husband enjoy together. If you like to hike, take it to the top of a mountain and express your unending love with nature.  If bowling is your thing, take it to the lanes and ask them to play your favorite song to follow. Making it your own is what really counts. 

Marriage is a beautiful thing and deserves to be celebrated. There is no right or wrong way to do it, so enjoy yourselves…and congratulations on your time together! 

Unique and Fun Bridal Shower Ideas

Hosting a bridal shower is such a fantastic way to honor the bride before her special day.  It is the perfect opportunity for wedding gifts, extra girl time, and celebration! Here are a few ideas to make this festivity fun.

Be sure to feast

Do ladies ever need an excuse for extra treats?  Jazz up your shower with plenty of snacks and fruity drinks.  Finger sandwiches, cheese trays, fondue, fruits, vegetables, and pastas are easy to prepare and always please the crowd.  Don’t forget to include a few simple desserts too.  Offer your guests a little bubbly to share; after all, this is a celebration.  When everyone has had their fill of treats, make sure you add in time to toast the bride.  Think of a way to honor her engagement and share in her excitement.

Play some games

Yes, let the games begin!  Some guests may groan a little, but here are a few ideas that everyone can enjoy.

Say “Yes” to the Dress
Divide the guests into teams of 2 or more and use toilet paper to create the perfect wedding dress!  Each team will wrap the paper around one willing participant in a way that fashions their best gown.  The bride gets to choose which one she favors at the end!

How well do you really know the groom?
Allow each guest to ask the groom a question of their choosing prior to the shower.  Write down his answers and ask the bride the collection of questions in front of the group.  The bride must answer them all to find out how well she really knows her husband-to-be.

Date Idea Mason Jar
This idea is good for guests who are not so interested in interactive games.  Decorate a mason jar for the couple that can hold popsicle sticks. Ask each guest to fill out one or two sticks with a date idea that the couple might enjoy once they have tied the knot.  Send the final product home with the bride as a bonus gift!

Open gifts!

Give the bride plenty of time to open her gifts and get excited over the latest items her and the groom will share. Be sure to keep a list of what she receives to help her thank everyone when the party is over.  Don’t place too much attention on one item, be sure to move the gifts along so every gift is appreciated equally.

Most importantly, make the shower a celebration!  This is a special event that will bring so much joy to the bride while she is in the midst of planning for her wedding.



Cocktail and Appetizer Ideas for Your Reception

Now that you have officially tied the knot, it is time to party!  We have researched the best appetizer and cocktail ideas that are sure to make your wedding reception a festivity to remember.

Cocktail Ideas

First things first.  Once your guests make their way to your reception, one of the primary places they will seek out is the bar.  Let your beverage selections speak romance too!

  1. Spruce Up the Champagne

    Champagne is the signature beverage of celebration and there are many ways to mix it up.  Consider a Mimosa Bar and let your guests choose how they want their champagne blended.

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  2. Frozen Cocktail Treats

    If you are having a summer wedding, you will be happy to know that the new cocktail trend is certain to cool things down!  Frozen cocktails are becoming a hit for many brides.  They can blend a variety of flavors and look quite fancy!

    Popsicle Cocktails
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  3. Drink Your Dessert

    After the cake is cut and your guests are ready to indulge their sweet tooth, include a dessert cocktail for them to enjoy as well!  Consider adding Chocolate Martinis, White Russians, or Mudslides to your dessert bar. These options are sweet and refreshing.

    dessert cocktails
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Appetizer Ideas

Now that your guests have their cocktail in hand, it is time to give them a snack while you and the groom are smiling for the camera and they are waiting for the main dish.

  1. Include the Salad

    For those health-conscious guests who always eat their five servings of vegetables a day, appetizer salads are quite a hit!  Not all wedding entrees include a salad selection, so this is a creative way to include those extra greens.

    appetizer salad
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  2. Roll It Up

    Finger sandwiches are simple to prepare and serve.  These tasty appetizers can also be prepared in advance, making your food prep less stressful.  Roll up sandwiches are also easy for your guests to grab while they mingle before you and the groom make your first appearance.

    roll ups
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  3. Chips and Salsa

    Chips and Salsa are always a pre-dinner favorite and can easily be easily incorporated into your appetizer selection.  Choose a variety of salsa flavors and be sure to provide plenty of chips!

    chips and salsa
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The cocktail hour of your reception is a wonderful time to get creative and celebrate your favorite snack foods.  Have fun with your choices and give your guests the opportunity to indulge with you!














Weddings Looks to Steal from the 2015 Oscars!

Last month’s Academy Awards offered the opportunity to see plenty of beautiful gowns on everyone’s favorite talented actresses. Many of the stars at the 87th Oscars appeared in gowns of neutral whites and ivories, perfect for thinking about what could be the latest wedding looks! Incorporate some of the stars’ sense of glam with some of these wedding looks:


Jennifer Aniston’s semi-sheer ivory dress featured subtle shine and classically draped lines, with a side split that showed off a little leg.


Oprah’s dress was a similar shade, but offered a different cut with pink tones, tasteful ¾ sleeves, and a belted waist. Both glamourous dresses featured flattering draping that would look amazing on any bride-to-be.


Channing Tatum’s wife, actress Jenny Dewan Tatum, wore a white gown with a deep V-neck, and accessorizes with a metallic belt.


Lupita Nyong’o’s glamorous halter gown offered a front keyhole opening, an increasingly popular design trend.


Reese Witherspoon gave us a stunning example of color-blocking! The black belt and off-shoulder sleeves made her classic dress unique.


Julianne Moore’s floor-length dress reminded us of the shorter, flapper dresses of the 20s with its detailed beading and dropped waist.


Carmen Ejogo’s shimmery dress also offered that trendy 20s flair, this time with spaghetti straps. She exuded the flapper era by accessorizing with a statement choker and a deeply-parted bob.

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Anna Faris’ silver gown could be a fun color twist on the traditional dress colors. Felicity Jones also wore a beautiful silver gown, this one with a high neckline and fuller skirt.



What were some of your favorite looks from the Oscars? Did you get any wedding dress ideas?