5 Tips for Planning a Fabulous Last-Minute Wedding

Love is in the air and you can’t wait to set the date- literally!  Before tying the knot and saying, “I do”, follow our top 5 tips for planning a fabulous last-minute wedding!

Budget & Venue/Reception

Make setting your wedding budget the first to-do on your last-minute wedding checklist!  Knowing and allocating costs will help the organization and planning process of your big day go much smoother.  The average cost of a wedding in the United States is currently between $19,833 and $33,055 not including the honeymoon (http://www.costofwedding.com/).  Once you have your budget set, it’s time to pick a date and find a venue for the ceremony and reception!  One way to save money (and headache in terms of additional planning!)  is to have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same site.  Search online for some venues or spaces that you would like to have your big day take place and compare prices/styles.  This is an area where you can think outside the box and search into options, such as: barn venues or tasteful community halls and centers.  Keep in mind that Friday and Saturday weddings are usually less expensive and more available than Sunday weddings, so consider this in your planning and budget!

Guest List & Invites

The next step in planning your fabulous last-minute wedding is to create your guest list.  Your guest list can be less stressful and more inexpensive if you follow these tips!

  1. Keep your guest list smaller- this will not only keep costs down, but will help when organizing last-minute table seating & catering details.
  2. Research into pre-printed wedding invitations. Head to a local store or visit websites, such as Minted.com, to have invitations on hand and in a hurry.  You can avoid the wait time on receiving custom designed invitations while still insuring that each invite is handwritten, incorporates your theme, and is personal by scouting out options near you!
  3. Consider utilizing Facebook. Create a Facebook page for your wedding and invite family and friends online.  This will allow you to keep a track of a guest count as well as save time on writing invitations.


When planning for a last-minute wedding, there are ways to save on time and money while still looking fabulous!  Here are some things to consider:

  • Wedding Dress and Groom Suit: To save on time and budget, research local wedding gown companies that have pre-sized wedding dresses and tuxedos.  There are several great alternatives that will have trendy and flattering designs that you can try on and purchase the day you visit (Ex. David’s Bridal or Men’s Warehouse).
  • Research local bridal salons, as they often offer sample sales where you can take a designer gown home with you that very day. This is also a great opportunity to make a day trip out of a wedding gown purchase with your closest family members and friends!
  • Give your Bridal & Groom party the freedom to choose and purchase their own wedding attire. Set guidelines for color and have each member select style that is most flattering for each of their own body types.  Not only will you bridesmaids/grooms men appreciate the opportunity to choose their own outfit, but it will also take the responsibility of planning their attire out of your time and budget.
  • Get creative with DIY décor for your venue and reception. Do-it-yourself creates an excellent opportunity to have complete control over the theme and style of your wedding while saving on your budget!  Enlist a “DIY bridesmaid’s day” where you and your bridal party create fun and unique pieces for your wedding!


When it comes to planning for an event last-minute, take a moment to research local restaurants or catering companies that offer discounts for large parties.  Keep cuisine casual and comforting – sliders and sandwiches are less expensive than four course meals and still provide guests with wholesome plates!


We hope you find these tips useful while planning your amazing wedding.  No matter when the date is set, make sure to enjoy every step of the planning process!