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For most couples, it’s important that special loved ones, friends, and family are all present for their wedding days. However, many people are often divided on the childcare situation at weddings. Do you have a child-free wedding, offer childcare, provide accommodations for certain age groups? Or some combination of those options?

We’ve put together some ideas for keeping kids entertained or occupied on your big day, as well as ways to share that information to parents or guardians who plan to attend.

During the Ceremony

Nobody wants a baby to cry through the “I Dos”! Offering a Nursing/Changing Room near, but separate from, the area in which the ceremony takes place can help alleviate this concern. With your wedding planner or day-of event coordinator, discuss making an announcement about where this Nursing/Changing area is prior to the ceremony, so that guests know the option is available if their children become uncomfortable or upset.

For the Reception

Consider setting up a different area or activities for children and/or teenagers, depending on how young some of your guests may be. Teenage guests may enjoy a small café area that can easily be manned by a member of your wait-staff. For younger children, consider having a separate room in which they can do arts and crafts, play games, nap, or otherwise be entertained.

You may even consider asking a teenage family member or close friend (or a few, depending on the number or children) to babysit during the reception so that the children will be looked after while the adults celebrate your special day.

If You’re Having a Child-Free Wedding

Choosing to have a child-free wedding can be a hot-button issue, so it’s important to consider the more appropriate way to let your guests know. For an easy solution, address your invitations specifically to each invitee, as some guests with children may assume the whole family is invited.

You can also consider writing invitees’ exact names on the response card, asking them to check “will attend” or “will not attend” beside each name, so it will be clear that “Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown” are the ones invited. It’s completely fair for you to have a child-free wedding; it’s your day, and you get to decide exact who’s invited.

With the tips above, there’s no need to put “adults only” on invitations, but invited guests will still be made aware that your wedding will not include children.

Hottest Wedding Trends

Whether you’re in last minute wedding prep or just getting started planning your big day, here are some of this year’s most popular wedding trends:

1. Retro elegance
There’s a big return to formality and old fashioned romance this wedding season, and you can thank Hollywood. Smash hits like The Great Gatsby have brought the Roaring Twenties back in vogue, and this nostalgic look is manifesting in weddings with concepts like big bands, crystal candlesticks and fine china, and more formal wait staff.
Here are some fantastic ideas from Pinterest:

2. Think pink
Shades of pink are increasingly popular in wedding color schemes—think nudes, blushes, and warm peach tones for bridal party attire. Pink flowers are also making a comeback, with peonies and garden roses as popular choices.
Here are some pink wedding ideas from the Knot:

3. Unique invitations
Couples are spending more time customizing their invitations. From completely original designs and freehand illustrations, paperie boutiques are helping couples create wedding invitations that channel their unique personalities. Invitations are also getting smaller—smaller even than the standard 5×7 letter.
Red Orange Weddings do some lovely work:

4. Spicy, family-style foods
Two trends in feeding the loved ones you’ve invited? Think spicy and intimate. Chili oils and sriracha are spicing wedding menus up, and the trend towards formality isn’t holding true for meal presentation. Though wait staff are likely to wear black dinner jackets and white gloves, more weddings are presenting food family-style, rather than plates. Family-style presentation seems more approachable, and allows guests to be more interactive, than the tradition plated option.
Family style wedding ideas from the Huffington Post:

5. Seasonal cake flavors
According to wedding experts, cake flavors tend to be driven by season. Summer weddings often have cakes with light, fruity flavors like lemon or orange vanilla. In the winter, richer cakes like chocolate with accents of caramel or mocha become more frequent. This season, many wedding cakes are beginning to glitter, too—as faint as a fine fairy dusting or as bedazzled as a disco ball.
Some yummy ideas from YumSugar:

Remember, this special day is unique to you. Whether you go with the trend or stick traditional, be sure it feels good to you!

The Details (including Restroom Trailers) Can Make or Break Your Event

Whatever kind of outdoor event you are planning, take considerable time and effort in planning all the important details.

Here are some helpful tips for making your next outdoor gathering a huge success:

Balance creativity and sensitivity.

People tend to think of outdoor events on sprawling lawns or backyards, but you can also plan the perfect outdoor event at local historic sites, forest locales, and city parks. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination; just check to see if your ideal outdoor event location requires permits.

What great outdoor event doesn’t have food? Consider convenient snacks and finger foods that can be eaten without too much mess or utensils. Hors d’oeuvres, fresh vegetables, and stuffed savory or sweet pastries are delicious, and can be catered and consumed easily.

Don’t forget the amenities!

If you’re having an outdoor event, it’s important to think about lighting (for longer/evening events), trash, and toilets. Solar lamps are a great way to extend a daytime party for a few more hours without tripping over power cords, and can be easily found in home improvement stores. Trash receptacles are often overlooked but important to any outdoor event and, if your venue doesn’t provide them, it’s important to make sure you have enough bins to handle your party’s litter.

Last, but not least, consider what kind of restroom facilities your venue has, and when/where they are available. For many outdoor locations, bringing in luxury restroom trailers may be the easiest, most comfortable fit for your event and your guests. (click here to learn more about portable restroom trailers)

You want your guests to feel important and taken care of. Providing luxury right down to the restroom toilets can make your event one everyone will remember.

How to Pick the Right Restroom Trailer for Your Event

Whether you’re planning at outdoor wedding, party, or corporate outdoor event, it’s important to choose the restroom trailer that’s the best fit for your occasion.

Restroom trailers offer a sophisticated facility with flushable toilets, porcelain sinks, mirrored vanities, climate control, stereo systems, and appropriate décor, making them the perfect, considerate addition to your outdoor event.

When choosing what size trailer you should order, it’s important to consider several factors: the number of guests, the ratio of men to women, duration of your event, and the amount of food and beverages served.

Our team at Edmunds can assist you in determining the best solution for your special event (just give us a call at 804.478.4688).

We offer six different types of luxury restroom trailer, each in multiple sizes, from the smaller Cottage Series with 2 toilet stalls and 1 urinal to the largest Black Tie Series unit, with 4 toilet stalls and 2 urinals. Visit our FAQ pages for more details, or contact our team to discuss your needs today!

Top Five Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but there are certain things you need to plan ahead for if you want to enjoy the great outdoors at your wedding and/or reception.

Follow these tips for a memorable and comfortable wedding experience!


Tip #5.  Dress for the weather.

Be season-conscious when choosing fabrics for the bridal party’s clothes. In summer, lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen, and chiffon can be much more comfortable than heavier fabrics.


Choose sensible shoes – heels tend to sink in grass or sand, but many brides are opting for stylish flip-flops for the wedding party.


A complete suit, tie, and vest ensemble can be brutal in summer sun for the men! Consider slacks and vests or lightweight linens for suits.


Tip #4. Select venue-conscious foods.

If you choose to have an outdoor reception, take the weather into consideration when planning your menu. If you are expecting heat and/or humidity, mayonnaise-based salads or finger sandwiches are not the best idea, as they must be served cold.


Likewise, consider what type of icing you’d like on your cake: fondant holds its shape much better under warm conditions than buttercream, which is prone to melting. Be sure to discuss your choices with your caterer and your cake maker.


Tip #3. Expect wind and/or sun exposure.

Prepare for the possibility of wind and sun. If your ceremony is outside, try to angle the chairs so the sun is at the backs of your guests, not in their eyes. Let your hairstylist know that you’ll be outside for an extended period of time so that your hairstyle will last through the event. It’s a good idea to have the men use a bit of pomade so their hair stays in place as well.


Tip #2. Have a back-up plan.

Always, always, always have a back-up plan. For your outdoor reception you may consider having a sturdy, weighted tent so that you and your guests don’t get soaked in the downpour. And some of them nowadays are simply lovely.


Tip #1. Make your guests comfortable & plan for the essentials.

Will the weather be warm and sunny? Brisk and cloudy? Be prepared. If your wedding is planned for July and it’s likely going to be hot, consider printing your programs on fans or setting up a tasteful stand in the back where guest could find water before the ceremony.


Your guests will also need restroom facilities for your wedding guests. Look for professionally designed, luxury restroom trailers complete with air conditioning, a stereo system, full length mirrors, flat screen TV’s and more.

(Check out our full line of luxury restroom trailers here!)

Preparing for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding


Outdoor weddings are a picturesque way to take advantage of the season and infuse your wedding with some non-traditional elements. There are different concerns you’ll need to keep in mind about having your ceremony and/or reception outside. Use these tips, rules, and general guidelines to ensure that your outdoor wedding is everything you imagined it would be:


Comfort is key.
Make sure you and your guests are comfortable in an outdoor venue. Depending on the season, this may mean providing fans or outdoor heating, refreshing or warming beverages.


Researching these aspects early on in venue planning can help you determine if amenities are offered at your proposed venue and, if they are not, then you can obtain them in plenty of time. Another nice touch is to make sure that there’s at least one well-lit path to the bathrooms, whether they are located inside a building or a temporary restroom trailer.


Check the Rules.
Check to see what kinds of rules and/or permits you may need to obtain in order to get married or host a reception at an outdoor venue. Tying the knot at a picturesque park, beach, or mountaintop is wonderful, and complying with any regulations or paperwork before the date helps ensure that your day runs smoothly.


Here comes the sun.

Talk to your photographer and/or videographer about lighting. Consider how and where the sun will hit when planning the ceremony and seating arrangements so Aunt Margaret doesn’t go blind from the sunset.


Also consider how the natural lighting will affect your wedding photography; you may decide you want to plan taking wedding pictures on a different day entirely, or you might ask your photographer to bring lighting equipment. Foresight regarding lighting can be useful with the festivities and the behind-the-scenes photography.


Provide weather accessories for your guests.
Pretty baskets filled with items such as parasols, paper fans, and pashminas can help guests deal with the elements. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture to take care of your loved ones, but the coordinated accessories will contribute to the ambience of your day and the pictures commemorating it.


Windproof (and waterproof) your decor.
Make sure that all your décor can withstand a strong breeze, as wind is a possibility in most places. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and reception, consider having a back-up plan or a tent in case of precipitation.


Find an expert.
When in doubt, find an expert! If an outdoor venue does weddings regularly, they are likely to either cover details such as furniture and tents, or they’ll be able to offer advice on the best practices for weddings.


Prepare your guests with details.
A wedding website is the perfect place to include details about your wedding so that guests can plan accordingly. You can include a photo of the venue, a weather prediction, advice regarding footwear, and information about any worst-case scenario plans you may have.


Barring a website, including this in invitations is a thoughtful way to inform all your guests while reducing the number of urgent questions you receive in the week leading up to your wedding.


Your outdoor wedding adds another layer of personality to your special day – it can be adventurous or serene, wild or carefully cultivated. The options are limitless, and it’s entirely up to you!