How to Choose the Perfect Dress

You want to look and feel like a princess on your wedding day, and the endless available options can make any bride feel just a little overwhelmed.  Here are a few elements to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect dress. 

Your Style

Select a dress that fits appropriately with the style of your wedding.  If you are planning a beach wedding, chose an option that reflects a more casual tone.  A long evening gown with gloves to match may not flow very well in the sand and sunshine.  If you are hosting an evening ballroom reception and a church ceremony, this is where a stunning evening gown can wow the crowd. 

Body Type

Admiring a gown displayed on a mannequin does not reflect exactly how it will look on you. We are all shaped differently.  While some choices look stunning with your figure, others may not. Consider your body type and use this guide to help with the selection process.

  • Curvy: Brides with plenty of curves may want to choose a style that isn’t too snug. Accentuate a natural shape with a dress that is flowing and comfortable.
  •  Straight-Lined: These brides can look for a dress that creates curves. A tighter fit in some areas is the key to shaping a straight figure to look its best.
  •  Tall: A dress with a lower waist line that creates a curve looks exquisite on a taller bride. 
  •  Short: Higher waist-line or A-line dresses can lengthen a petite bride. In addition, a gown flowing to the ground with some accents up top can help create a taller look.

Once you know the style and shape of the dress you need, it is crucial to keep comfort in mind.  You want to be at ease making vows at the alter and letting loose at your reception.  When you try on the perfect dress, walk around for a while.  Sit, stand, and even dance in the gown if you can get away with it.  An extra 30 minutes can make all the difference when determining if your selection will get you through an entire evening.  Most importantly, make sure you have room to add appetizers and dinner in the mix. 

Be sure to take a few trusted friends and family along and be willing to accept their honest feedback.   Together you can find the perfect gown while having lots of fun!

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Date

Choosing the perfect wedding date is essential to planning your wedding. Your wedding date helps coordinate themes, venue locations, and of course your pictures! Obviously the perfect wedding date is different for everyone depending on their own preferences and lives, but follow our helpful tips in determining the perfect wedding date for you!

Consider the Weather

Do you prefer a sunshine-filled day for your wedding or are you hoping for a bit of snow? Some brides prefer spring or fall time for coordinating colors within their themes. Typically, warmer months are more popular for hosting weddings but if you don’t mind the possibility of a slight chill go for a spring or fall wedding date! Keep in mind that the weather can also affect your out-of-town guests.

Think About Your Theme

If you are planning a nautical theme wedding it may be more relatable to the summer months, or even a Winter Wonderland themed wedding obviously wouldn’t go over too well in summer. Or even if you are planning to use more pastel, bright, or warm tones in your color palette – they may be easier to find during the spring and summer months.

Which Day of the Week

Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Saturdays allow people from out of town to come in Friday night and take off Sunday morning. Sundays seem to be very formal and allow people to enjoy themselves at your wedding while still not having to take much time away from their busy schedules. However, Fridays, which are somewhat less common for wedding dates, tend to really work well for destination weddings or weddings with a lot of out-of-town guests. This is because people come in from out of town for the Friday wedding and usually end up staying the whole weekend since they are already in this new location.


The costs of a wedding vary from couple to couple, and do play a significant role in the entire wedding planning process. If you have a small budget for your wedding it is probably best to use an off-season date to save on venue costs. Keep in mind how close your wedding date is to a holiday as well, as guests flying in may have to pay a premium for flying during peak holiday season.

These are just some factors to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding date. But everyone has a different idea of what they believe to be the “perfect” wedding date. So regardless of the date you choose, you will find a way to make your wedding completely your own!