Creative Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

A wedding is more than just saying vows and making your union legal. It is a personal reflection of you as a couple. Rather than simply moving through the motions, add some personal touches to make your day profound. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Let your vows be personal. Personal vows are the core of why you are getting married in the first place. This is the perfect time to express your commitment to each other. You have the stage, and your support system is the audience. Express why you fell in love, your promise to fully commit your life to one another, and your enthusiasm to move forward. While we love traditional vows, a personal approach is not only romantic, but engaging.

Add in a little culture. Where are you from? What is your heritage? Including a little cultural spice is hot right now in the wedding scene. There are many ways you can use your culture to add a personal flare. Incorporate clothing, additional small ceremonies, or even decorations to show off your background and call attention to pieces that are most important to you. For example, if you add a ceremonial element, announce its significance so your guests to appreciate the moment with you. If you add decorations, find beautiful signage that illuminates its relevance.

Include your furbabies. Who wouldn’t love seeing your sweet pup carry your ring down the aisle? If your furry friend is well behaved, consider letting him stand up front with the wedding party wearing his best wedding attire! Some brides even work on tricks with their pet to give the audience a show during the reception. Be sure to include him in your photos and give your guests time to greet your adorable addition.

Ask a family member or friend to officiate. Consider asking a loved one to officiate you’re wedding. There may be a few steps involved, but it is more meaningful and memorable. This is the perfect way to involve someone you love who is not in the wedding party and recognize their significance to you and your nuptials. Be sure that the person you ask to officiate obtains proper licensing long in advance!

Writing Your Own Vows

Your wedding vows are the most personal part of the ceremony.  They reflect your relationship and what your union represents.  So, if traditional vows are not your style, here is a guide to help you and your hubby-to-be find a personal way to promise forever.

What is it about him?

What made you fall in love in the first place?  Take a trip to the beginning.  Was there an initial attraction, or did it take him time to warm your heart?   Start there!  Share what drew you together, and then discuss how your love has grown deeper.  Maybe it was his strapping good looks or his competitive spirit on the basketball court. Or, maybe it was his ability to solve an impossible physics problem within a short five minutes.  What gave you those butterfly feelings that took you back to middle school?  Write them down and open your vows with those special memories.

How do you view marriage?

When you are married, it is important to continue doing the things you love together. Tell him how you want to continue sharing life, how you will guide him through hard times, be his shoulder to cry on, find joy with him, etc.  Figure out what you value in marriage and find a place to share these things in your vows.

It is often helpful to seek guidance from an admiral couple about what has made their union such a success. Take note of what you would like to mirror in your relationship and let your spouse know these things are important to you too.

Make your promises

Now that you have shared your values and the things you love about him, it’s time to make him some promises!  How are you going to keep the spark alive?  Promise him that you will try every day to integrate your ideals of a strong marriage into your relationship.  Even promise him that you will continue those one-on-one basketball games when life gets too hectic!  Some promises will be deep and others will be light-hearted, yet all are meaningful.

Although your vows should be honest and deep, keep them brief!  You won’t regret sharing this intimate moment with your spouse and the support of friends and family.