Photography Tips for Your Wedding

Your wedding photos tell an important story. They capture the romance, laughter, and joy shared on your wedding day. Work in sync with your photographer to create the perfect timeline for your album by following these easy tips.

Commination is key.
Before your wedding day, meet with your photographer to clearly communicate your vision. Do you imagine photos full of guests celebrating on the dance floor with you? Would you rather focus on the romance and the sweet moments shared with your new hubby? Perhaps you prefer a mix of both. Some brides choose candid shots over the formally staged moments. Wherever your preferences lie, be clear in your communication. It helps when all parties are on the same page.

Focus on the big moments.
While it is important to capture small moments throughout the day (like the ten-year-old romance that bloomed on the dance floor) let your photo album highlight the big events. Determine the top four or five elements where you want your photographer to shift focus. It could be saying your vows, cutting the cake, the first dance, throwing the bouquet, or the heart-felt toast before dinner. Whatever moments you choose, assign a feature page in your album to showcase these actions. Forming a fluid story is easier to follow than a book of scattered photos.

Mix it up.
Wherever your preferences lie, be sure to include a little variety. Even if you prefer the candid shots, do not miss the opportunity to incorporate a formal family picture while everyone is together.  Your photographer is a professional with the knowledge and experience to catch the irreplaceable moments of your day. Trust their creative abilities. You will be pleased with an assortment of memories.

Choosing The Best Look for Your Wedding Day

Hair up or down? Natural nails or flashy pink? Choosing your wedding day look does not have to be daunting.  If you are in the process of finding the right style, here are some tips to get the creative beauty juices flowing.

Think about how you want to be remembered in your photos.
When choosing your best look, this should be the most important question.  You will return to your wedding album to spark joyful memories for years to come. Take time to over the next week to reminisce with old photos and make beauty decisions based on your reaction to various looks.  Consider makeup, hairstyles, clothing choices, and so on. Then start asking questions like, “Do I photo better with an updo or a more natural, flowing hairstyle?” “Do I prefer pictures with makeup that creates a statement or more subtle tones?” If you find it hard to settle, grab a trusted friend and a camera to create your own photo shoot. Take as many photos as possible with as many looks as you can create. Have fun!

Let your venue be a guide.
If you are tying the knot in an upscale ballroom, opt for a formal hairstyle with accessories and makeup that suit the ambiance. However, if you have opted for a beach wedding, a fancy updo may not hold up well with wind and humidity (no matter how much hairspray you use). An outdoor wedding in the summer heat is also not the best place to layer heavy makeup. Consider the elements of your surroundings before each beauty decision you make.

Consider the time of day.
Yes, the time of day you tie the knot should make a difference in your look.  Bright lights in the morning or midday may not be the best time for a bold makeup statement. However, dim lighting through the evening hours is perfect for adding an extra touch.  Bold makeup or hair may also seem out of place for an early ceremony. A good rule of thumb is to air on the lighter side early in the day.

If you are interested in getting help from the professionals, here is a list of beauty appointments you may want to schedule before the big day.

Photo Ideas for Fall

Fall is a popular time of year to tie the knot, or just take scenic photos for your upcoming wedding. Now, the summer heat has finally subsided, and nature has created its very own picturesque backdrop. No doubt this is the best time of year to get outdoors and create those fantastic photo memories.

Engagement Ideas

If you and your beau are planning to take engagement photos, this is the best time of year to catch a few lighthearted candid moments. Yes, romantic photos are perfect for the album, but the memories of the two of you playing in nature is sure to spark extra joy. Roll around in the leaves and climb a tree together. Just spend a day having fun and let the photographer do the work. The best photo opportunities happen when you aren’t thinking about the camera.

Save the Date

It makes no difference what time of year you plan to get hitched; Fall is the perfect time of year to create a romantic and sweet Save the Date card. The crisp air gives you an excuse to cozy up together and be romantic. Once you snap the perfect photo, print them onto a save the date card and send them off!

Wedding Memories

If you are getting married during the Fall months, take your wedding party outside for posed pictures. Most photographers allow time before the reception for this to take place. You may want some indoors or at the altar, but if you mix them in with outdoor shots your wedding album will have an amazing mix.

How to Choose Your Wedding Veil

Wedding veils are one of the most elegant and beautiful accessories you will choose to compliment your dress on your wedding day. But, not any old veil will do. Here are a few tips to help you select the right one for you.

Compliment Your Dress

Many dresses already have a veil selection that matches the accents of the gown. But, don’t limit yourself.  If the veil looks perfect and completes the look, run with it. But, if you choose to keep shopping, be sure to find options that are similar in style and color. If your dress is ivory, stick with the same color scheme. A white trim on a veil will not blend well with your ivory ensemble. If you are wearing a formal gown, choose a longer veil that accents its elegance.  Shorter veils tend to be made for a more casual look.

Hair Styles Matter

Consider your wedding day hair in advance. If you are having a hard time deciding, take some practice photos with different hairstyle options. Do you prefer the photos with a certain look? If so, wear your hair in that style on the day of your veil selection. Make sure your veil choice sits on your head in a way that will compliment your hair style.

Be Comfortable

Your veil will be worn for a large part of your wedding day. And, you will want to keep it on for wedding photos. It is important that your pick not only compliments your dress and hairstyle, but also photos well.  If you are taking wedding photos outside on the beach, a veil with a lot of material could get caught in the wind. For indoor photos, a veil that fall nicely and fits comfortably on your head will keep you happy and create a lovely accessory for your photo album.

As you are having fun trying on veils and feeling like a princess, don’t be afraid to ask for help! The consultant at the bridal store should also be an expert at helping you make the right selection. But, at the end of the day, accessorize in a style that makes you feel beautiful.





Personalized Wedding Cake Ideas

You don’t want just any wedding cake, you want a special and personalized wedding cake.  And, you may be delighted to know this endeavor can be quite simple to create.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cake Toppers

You can go big or small.  But, gone are the days of the petite plastic couple.

Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers
Photo Credit:









Personalized Script

Take the style of your invitations, napkins, and place cards one step further.

Photo Credit:











Since you already tossed that petite plastic couple…that may or may not mimic you and the groom.  This is the perfect place to add a picture of you.

Personalized Wedding Cake Photos
Photo Credit:










Show Your Personality

Let your personality and interests shine through.

Personalized Cake Personality
Photo Credit:









A Touch of Humor

Have a little fun on your big day with a good laugh.

Personalized Cake Humore
Photo Credit:








Adding a finishing touch to your wedding cake is an exceptional way to show your style and character.  Be romantic or have fun with it.  This small detail can speak volumes.



Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

Engagement photos are a wonderful way for you and your fiancé to connect before your wedding.  Plus, many photography packages include an engagement session in their cost. These photos can be showcased at your reception, included in your save the date cards, and stored in a photo album to remember the beginning of your lifelong journey together.  Here are a few creative photo shoot ideas to help you decide what style works best for you.

Be Romantic


Romantic Engagement Photos






Cute and Sweet


Cute and Sweet Engagement Photos






Show Your Playful Side


Playful Engagement Photos






Be Creative


Creative Engagement Photos






Include Nature


Nature Engagement Photos






Once you have found your favorite engagement photo style, be sure to have fun with it!  The more spontaneous and casual you are, the better the photos will turn out.  These moments will be saved and cherished for years to come!

Hottest Wedding Trends for 2016

New year, new creative ideas for your dream wedding! Everything from colors to decorations to favors we’ve got you covered for the hottest wedding trends of 2016!


2016 is the year of daring pastels that go perfectly with the landscape of your outdoor wedding. Mix them between bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits, flowers, and even your wedding cake! Below are the top 3 colors from Elegant Wedding Invites for the 2016 year.



Blue is one of the most calming of all colors, reminding you of the peaceful sky and ocean. This light shade of blue will make your guests feel at ease while helping you celebrate your big day. Pair with more natural pastels such as pale yellow and peach to enhance the colorful, but not overwhelming, effect.


Centerpiece-Aaron Delesie Photographer via Fab Mood/Bridesmaid-Sylvie

Gil Photography via SMP/Cake-Anneli Marinovich via B Loved Blog/

Limpet Shell


More a shade of aqua than any other color, limpet shell is perfect for brightening up any spring wedding. Giving a “fresh” and “crisp” look and feel to your wedding ensemble and décor, this color is sure to make a pop for 2016. Pair with cream and pale coral to give that “something blue” a little something extra!

Limpet Shell

Cake-Hunter Ryan Photo via Artfully Wed/Bridesmaids-Whitney

Krutzfeldt via SMP/Shoes-Love & Light Photographs via SMP/

Lilac Gray


Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! Especially not this elegant shade with a hint of purple. Lilac gray is one of the edgiest colors of 2016 to incorporate into your wedding, giving a more mystical feel. To enhance this enchanting color try pairing it with mossy greens and pale lavender, keeping with the natural outdoor color scheme of your outdoor wedding!

Lilac Gray

All -Photogen Inc. Via SMP

Photos as Favors

The key to giving out a great wedding favor is to make it something your guests will either actually use or cherish. For 2016, Wedding Shoppe Inc. has determined the ideal photographic favors for your guests that will always help them remember celebrating your special day.

Moving Pictures

Weddings are getting more of a technology upgrade than ever this year! Especially through these memorable photo flip books from Turn any 10-30 second video into a memory your guests can keep in the palm of their hand.


Martha Stewart Weddings

Selfie Stations

Pictures are a great keepsake in general, but who can resist taking a silly group picture with a bunch of wacky props? Have an on-the-spot printer available and your guests can happily walk away with their personal memories of your big day.


PureSimpleThings Etsy


2016 is the year of giant photographic signs and props. What better way to take advantage of this trend than through your wedding? Below are some fun ideas from Deer Pearl Flowers for incorporating massive letters into your decoration mix.


Standard latex balloons are a thing of the past. This year large foil balloons are a great way to make a statement, of which many can match your color scheme easily. They are also a fun way to mix up the rest of your decorations as well!


Deer Pearl Flowers

Upright Signage

If balloons aren’t necessarily your thing, consider a sturdier option of giant block letters. To make even more of a statement, add lights for a more glamorous effect!

Block Letters

Deer Pearl Flowers

We love these creative ideas for 2016! Remember, your wedding day is all about you and what reflects your personality  – be expressive and have fun with it!