Ways to Include Your Pup in the Wedding Festivities

Is your dog your best friend? If so, then why would he or she miss out on your special day? Here are some adorable ways you can bring Fido along to celebrate in style.

Engagement Photos

There is nothing more loveable than a happy, furry friend. If your photographer is on board, bring the little guy to spruce up your photo shoot. Mix your album with playful candid shots alongside romantic moments of you walking him or her together.  If your dog can sit still, try for an image with each of you on opposite sides kissing a cheek. Just be patient and bring lots of treats!

The Perfect Ring Bearer

This task should be designated for obedient friends. The key to letting your dog take on this important role is practice and abundant praise for obeying. Make sure the rings are situated in a place where they cannot be reached and swallowed.  Secure them tightly in a pouch to keep them from falling out in a moment of playfulness or excitement.

Adorable Greeter

Give your dog the special task of greeting your guests…unless your dog is likely to jump. Dogs are happy to see new faces and they offer a warm welcome. Allow them to hold a sign around their neck and navigate the crowd to the pre-wedding festivities. Make sure they sport a bow or bowtie, so they are also dressed for the occasion.

Include Them in Your Vows

If both you and your partner are bringing a dog into your new family, include them in the wedding vows. Each of you add a line and commit to loving them forever too!