Restrooms for Film Sets

There is no denying it, Virginia is a beautiful state. From the mountains in the west to the ocean and Chesapeake Bay to the east, our state is packed with gorgeous scenery. And, of course, Virginia also has a rich history. Ever since the English colonies settled Jamestown, our state has played an important role in the establishment of our country.

Virginia has also had the privilege of welcoming filmmakers from all over the word to enjoy the beauty and history it offers. Classic movies such as Dirty Dancing, Mission Impossible, and G.I. Jane have captured some of its splendor. And, more recently, Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning blockbuster “Lincoln” and the critically acclaimed film, “Ithaca” film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan films were filmed in and around the Richmond and Petersburg areas.

An important part of keeping actors focused on set is ensuring their comfort and well-being. One aspect you’ll need to plan for is providing private and elegant restroom trailers on site when permanent facilities are not an option. Luxury restroom trailers create a relaxed and comfortable environment. They can be professionally decorated and feature porcelain sinks, vanities, and power outlets.

If you are in need of restroom trailers for your next movie set, Edmunds have a large range of styles and sizes to fit your needs. You can even choose options that include music, air conditioning, or even flat screen TV’s. We have upscale and elegant selections, or modern units that can handle larger quantities of users. Whichever trailer best suits your movie set, we guarantee you will feel at ease with the luxury of our amenities.

Please view our luxury restroom trailer options and let us help make your movie set upscale and memorable.