Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE. If you plan to get hitched on the most romantic day of the year, here are a few dreamy ideas to inspire your special day.

Decorate with plenty of red. Red is the color of love! Therefore, Valentine’s Day is marked with all the red flowers, boxes of chocolate, and teddy bears you can imagine. But, why red? Psychologists have found both sexes to be more attracted to a mate when they are wearing this brilliant color. So, bring it on and don’t be shy. Show it off with bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers, tablecloths, centerpieces, and anything else you want symbolize love.  Be sure to also accessorize with red so your hubby-to-be will be in awe as you walk down the aisle.

Incorporate hearts. The main theme of Valentine’s Day…and your wedding… is love. And what symbolizes love more than a heart? Along with the red accents, use hearts throughout your décor to create a focus on your theme. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Heart shaped cakes, balloons, and table decorations are just a start. Sprinkle your reception tables with candy hearts and even create an oversized heart backdrop for the dance floor.

Watch out for cupid! According to classic mythology, Cupid is the god of love who carries an arrow filled with lovestruck desire. If you are hit with his infamous arrow, you will surely fall in love on the spot. He is portrayed as an adorable, chubby boy armed and ready to send his love arrow flying. If you want your Valentine’s Day wedding to symbolize love at its finest, hang cupid in all four corners of your venue. Perhaps he will even create a new match at your reception!

Light it up with candles.  Have you ever imagined a romantic, dim evening surrounded by the glow of beautiful candles? This is the perfect setting to bring on the romance at your wedding.  Use it to light up the aisle before you make your appearance and set one on each table at your reception. With a brilliant balance of candles and mood lighting, romance will surely fill the air.


Sweet Gifts for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a huge investment of time and money, but there is one last detail to consider on your wedding day – a gift for your husband-to-be.  While a gift exchange between you and your finance is not a necessity, it is a sweet gesture to show how excited you are to start your life together.  If you need inspiration to help you decide what to give, here are a few suggestions.

Be Thoughtful

You two have a history and a story to tell. Offer a gift that represents your love! Is there something you enjoy doing together? Do you have an inside joke? Is there a trip or a goal you both dream of? Find a way to represent whatever it is you hope for or value.  For example, if you two have a dream of traveling to France, buy him a miniature statue of the Eifel Tower and attach and photo alongside a heartfelt note. Tell him how excited you are to make you life journey and your dreams come true together as husband a wife.

Be Romantic

Perhaps you just want to tell your finance how much you love him. Find a way to share how excited you are to tie the knot and make a list of all the traits that made you fall in love in the first place.  Engrave him a plaque of promises you plan to honor during your marriage. Consider sharing your heart in a poem and have it framed. As long as your gift come from the heart, it will be perfect.

Commemorate the Day

Your wedding day is finally here, after all the planning and excitement. So, celebrate! Mark your special date on a gift that will remind him of you. If he is a golfer, buy him a new bag with your date engraved on the side. You could even frame an engagement photo with your wedding date for his office.  This is the day you began your life together and one that will be celebrated for years to come. 

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a gift for your fiancé. This gesture is meant to be personal and thoughtful. Let it represent your love and congratulate one another!