Making the Most of Your Wedding Day

The day is finally here!  Whether you had a long engagement or planned your nuptials soon after saying yes, waiting to walk down the aisle can seem like an eternity. Now that the stress of planning is behind you and you have finally reached your wedding day, here are a few ways to make it one you are sure to enjoy.

Stay positive.
Yes, you have the choice to stay positive regardless of what goes astray. Your ability to allow yourself to go with the flow (regardless of what goes wrong) can make or break your wedding day. The truth is, most unforeseen circumstances are out of your control. The caterer may bring the wrong appetizer, the DJ may fall ill, your bridesmaids may get into a disagreement; it is all okay! The focus is getting married and surrounding yourself with the people you love. If you succeed in making that happen, nothing else matters. Choose to take small obstacles with a grain of salt…you will be glad you did.

Put on a smile.
Smiling is contagious! Everyone around you will feed off your energy and undoubtably, the bride can set the tone of her wedding. When your wedding party sees you smile, they will follow suit, and that energy will be noticeable when you walk down the aisle. According to Psychology Today, “The feel-good neurotransmitters – dopamine, endorphins and serotonin – are all released when a smile flashes across your face…” So, even if it may be difficult to muster up a smile, do it anyway! Today is a day to focus on celebrating your new marriage.

Laugh and have a good time.
So, now we asked you to keep a positive attitude under all circumstances and maintain a smile, but now we ask you to take it a step further. Laugh as much as you can on your wedding day. If you embarrass yourself or if a vendor makes a mistake, just laugh it off and stay lighthearted. The small details (even the mistakes) are what make your wedding unique and memorable. When you finally make it down the aisle, have fun with your vows. When you hit the dance floor as a newlywed, enjoy the music and act silly as you dance.  You worked hard to make this day special and you should enjoy every minute of it!