The Importance of Team Building

If you want your employees to connect and create positive bonds in the workplace, schedule a day of   fun solely for team building activities. Time away from the regular hustle and bustle can lift spirits and create positive long-term results for your business.  Here are some reasons why.

Group activities in a cheerful atmosphere allows people to work together towards a common goal while having fun. This helps to build trust and develop positive relationships amongst co-workers. When people collaborate in a low stress setting, it will help them build confidence in each other, which contributes to a successful workplace.

Team building promotes positive communication amongst co-workers, especially for those without direct contact in the office setting. When placed together in an uplifting environment, people feel comfortable building relationships that lead to friendship and comradery. Positive bonds with peers lead to happier and more productive employees. They look forward to the work week and have an overall positive outlook about their job. An optimistic attitude creates fruitful employees and in turn, a more successful business.

Reciprocity and teamwork inevitably will strengthen employee bonds. When your employees collaborate on projects in and out of the office, an element of trust is established. They learn to understand differing personality types and where each other’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Offering team building exercises in a non-threatening environment helps your employees learn how to work together and delegate tasks efficiently and appropriately. When they see and believe their team members will follow through, they are more likely to exhibit the same element of trust in the workplace.

If you need help planning a team building day for employees, check out these ideas.

Corporate Outdoor Picnic Ideas

You and your team work hard. Sometimes it is good to break up the monotony and show a little appreciation to those who keep your business thriving. If you are interested in planning an outdoor activity to thank your employees, here are some picnic ideas that will help make your day memorable.


Order and display plenty of food items and keep it simple. Pre-cut sandwiches, fruit, bags of chips and salads in pre-portioned personal containers are perfect for keeping your food line efficient. Grab-and-go options are also sanitary and keep the spread of germs to a minimum. Always end with a cool treat on hot, sunny days. Make sure you have disposable plates and utensils and set out an appropriate amount of waste baskets to keep the picnic area tidy.


Allow your employees plenty of time to take it easy. Inside the office you may have workflow expectations. At a company gathering such as this, allow time for rest and enjoyment. Corporate phone calls and emails can be tended to later.  Provide comfortable seating and large, welcoming tables that encourage people to sit in groups that create easy conversation. Be sure to provide plenty of shade and beverage stations to keep people from dehydrating or becoming overheated.

Create team building opportunities

Create time to let your employees get to know one another on a personal level. Adult field day events are always a hit. Click here are some team building activities that are great for corporate events. Whatever you do, stay positive, motivating, and have fun. Winning games is not important, but the time your employees get to engage and have fun is. Studies show that these activities increase work productivity, decrease turnover, and help your team work better together.