Creative Wedding Transportation

Finding clever, romantic transportation ideas for you and your sweetheart is one of the more fun tasks of wedding preparation.  Whether you need a lift to the reception, or just way to ride off in style, here are our top picks. 

For You

Golf Cart: If the reception venue is close, take a moment with your new hubby and have a little fun! This option is simple and affordable. Decoration is the key to making this idea a creative masterpiece.
Wedding Transportation Golf Cart

Horse and Carriage: A romantic option that allows you to travel the streets of town feeling like a princess.  Spectators will gaze with a smile as you make your way to the reception, and the photo ops are amazing! This traditional favorite will never go out of style.
Wedding Transportation Carriage

Limousine: Commuting to your reception in a limousine is a classic way to feel comfortable while you and take a small break and sip champagne amid a very busy day.  You can let the wedding party tagalong, or just spend a few minutes alone as newlyweds. Either way, a limousine offers a stress-free ride to the party and beyond.
Wedding Transportation Limo

For Your Guests

Party Bus: This is a great alternative for guests who want to enjoy themselves without the stress of driving, especially if you are offering alcoholic beverages at the reception.  It also let’s your guests stay in a party spirit!  Play some fun music, offer snacks, and encourage plenty of comradery.  Your guests will thank you for this added treat.
Wedding Transportation Bus

Getting from Point A to Point B can be stress free if you organize the logistics beforehand.  You don’t want to worry about a ride at the last minute, especially on such an important day.