Hottest Wedding Trends for 2016

New year, new creative ideas for your dream wedding! Everything from colors to decorations to favors we’ve got you covered for the hottest wedding trends of 2016!


2016 is the year of daring pastels that go perfectly with the landscape of your outdoor wedding. Mix them between bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits, flowers, and even your wedding cake! Below are the top 3 colors from Elegant Wedding Invites for the 2016 year.



Blue is one of the most calming of all colors, reminding you of the peaceful sky and ocean. This light shade of blue will make your guests feel at ease while helping you celebrate your big day. Pair with more natural pastels such as pale yellow and peach to enhance the colorful, but not overwhelming, effect.


Centerpiece-Aaron Delesie Photographer via Fab Mood/Bridesmaid-Sylvie

Gil Photography via SMP/Cake-Anneli Marinovich via B Loved Blog/

Limpet Shell


More a shade of aqua than any other color, limpet shell is perfect for brightening up any spring wedding. Giving a “fresh” and “crisp” look and feel to your wedding ensemble and décor, this color is sure to make a pop for 2016. Pair with cream and pale coral to give that “something blue” a little something extra!

Limpet Shell

Cake-Hunter Ryan Photo via Artfully Wed/Bridesmaids-Whitney

Krutzfeldt via SMP/Shoes-Love & Light Photographs via SMP/

Lilac Gray


Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! Especially not this elegant shade with a hint of purple. Lilac gray is one of the edgiest colors of 2016 to incorporate into your wedding, giving a more mystical feel. To enhance this enchanting color try pairing it with mossy greens and pale lavender, keeping with the natural outdoor color scheme of your outdoor wedding!

Lilac Gray

All -Photogen Inc. Via SMP

Photos as Favors

The key to giving out a great wedding favor is to make it something your guests will either actually use or cherish. For 2016, Wedding Shoppe Inc. has determined the ideal photographic favors for your guests that will always help them remember celebrating your special day.

Moving Pictures

Weddings are getting more of a technology upgrade than ever this year! Especially through these memorable photo flip books from Turn any 10-30 second video into a memory your guests can keep in the palm of their hand.


Martha Stewart Weddings

Selfie Stations

Pictures are a great keepsake in general, but who can resist taking a silly group picture with a bunch of wacky props? Have an on-the-spot printer available and your guests can happily walk away with their personal memories of your big day.


PureSimpleThings Etsy


2016 is the year of giant photographic signs and props. What better way to take advantage of this trend than through your wedding? Below are some fun ideas from Deer Pearl Flowers for incorporating massive letters into your decoration mix.


Standard latex balloons are a thing of the past. This year large foil balloons are a great way to make a statement, of which many can match your color scheme easily. They are also a fun way to mix up the rest of your decorations as well!


Deer Pearl Flowers

Upright Signage

If balloons aren’t necessarily your thing, consider a sturdier option of giant block letters. To make even more of a statement, add lights for a more glamorous effect!

Block Letters

Deer Pearl Flowers

We love these creative ideas for 2016! Remember, your wedding day is all about you and what reflects your personality  – be expressive and have fun with it!