Warm Up with these Coffee & Hot Cocoa Wedding Details

When we think of fall, we think of: crisp cool weather, bright orange and yellow leaves, and a warm beverage shared with the person we love most.


Here is your chance to get creative by adding the “warm and fuzzies” you get from your favorite cup of coffee/cocoa to your wedding invitations! Want to stick to your theme but want a subtle coffee/cocoa inspiration?   Choose a rich brown hued envelope or color palette to bring a comforting and classic look to your invitations. Looking to get cocoa/coffee crazy for your invites? Add your favorite hot chocolate/perfect cup of recipe to your invitations and package them in mini coffee bean bags. This will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but will also give your guests an opportunity to share your favorite fall beverage before your big day!



Wedding décor sets the tone and mood for your wedding day, and when you decide to have coffee and cocoa- make sure the décor speaks of it! Here are some great coffee/cocoa details to add:

  • Coffee/Cocoa beans used as centerpieces.
  • Coffee/Cocoa beans used to hold name cards upright for guests at tables.
  • Burlap! Since coffee/cocoa beans are traditionally packaged in burlap bags- incorporate burlap throughout your setting! Examples could be: table runners, burlap bows behind chairs, and placemats.
  • Consider adding a vintage inspired coffee/cocoa bar for guests to customize cozy and delicious beverages! If you really want to up-the-ante, hire a professional barista to serve guests!
  • Add delicate espresso shot glasses to silver serving platters to use as a touch of décor and to also to surprise your guests with a twist on a traditional “shot” at weddings by replacing it with warm espresso.


These details will not only incorporate your shared love of coffee/cocoa, but will also compliment the fall season!

Wedding Favors and Bridal Party Gifts

Coffee and cocoa are not only perfect for staging and adding warmth to your wedding, but they also inspire wonderful and creative wedding favors and bridal party gifts!

For Guests

Coffee and cocoa are the wonderful wedding favor for guests to leave with after celebrating your big day! Create the “perfect blend” or custom coffee/cocoa mixture for guests to enjoy at home.

For the Bridal Party

Consider having customized mugs created for your bridal party! These mugs will not only remind them of your beautiful fall wedding, but will double as the perfect vessel to enjoy warm coffee and hot cocoa in!


We hope that you have fun planning your coffee/cocoa inspired wedding! Now grab a latte and get to planning!