Winter Wedding Ideas

There are so many things to love about winter – a cozy fireplace, hot cocoa, and a fresh snowfall are just the start.  If you are planning winter nuptials, here are some seasonally unique ideas that will make your guests feel like they are walking into a winter wonderland.

Let’s start with the dress. If you love the idea of a long-sleeve dress, this is your time to shine! Winter wedding dresses are usually considered classy and glamorous. This is the season to rock fur embellishments, wraps, and textured accents. You can even get away with velvet and dark colored material. The most important thing is to find a dress that is flattering, comfortable, and warm.

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Add seasonal floral arrangements. You may be surprised to discover how many bloom options are available over the winter months. Consider decorating your venue with poinsettias, roses, camellias, and carnations. These options are easy to find and offer a rich variety of eye-catching hues.

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Then, set the mood with candlelight. When the weather outside is frightful, make the inside warm and delightful. Setting a cozy mood with candlelight will make your space beautiful and inviting. Candles can be placed on your reception tables or added to the centerpiece, used along the floor to create a walkway, or hung from the ceiling for natural lighting.

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Finally, add a little comfort food.  This is the time of year to warm your guests up. Consider drinks such as apple cider, hot cocoa, coffee, or tea. Give your guests the option to keep these drinks non-alcoholic or add a shot of their favorite liquor to spice things up. Pair these warm beverages with heavier than normal appetizers such as: soups, cheese dips, mini sliders, and handheld raviolis. Then offer a main course of beef, pasta, and slow roasted vegetables. Top things off with warm apple cobbler, crème brulee, raspberry tart, and a red velvet wedding cake!

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Winter Wedding Tips

What is there not to love about a romantic winter wedding? Imagine your cozied up by the fire and saying your “I do’s” with a blanket of snow in the background. Winter weddings are increasingly becoming more popular. If getting hitched this time of year sounds appealing to you, here are some tips for planning.

Create a Comfortable Space

Whether you are celebrating under the tent outdoors with a wood burning fire or remaining inside with the heater running, create a cozy and inviting space for your guests to lounge. Place a couch with decorative blankets in front of a coffee table for people to sit and create conversation. Or, arrange decorative camping chairs fireside with a smore’s kit to keep your guests interreacting and entertained. It is important to have a warm place to gather, especially for those who cannot handle cold temperatures.

Warm cocktails

A winter wedding is the perfect time to serve hot toddies. Hot coffee mixed with Kalua or Bailey’s Irish Cream is a fantastic way to stay warm. Consider hot apple cider cocktails or a warm Old-Fashioned to give your party a twist. Also, stick with full bodied red wines that pair well with heavy hors d’oeuvres or the dinner you serve.

Coat Check

A coat check is extremely helpful at a winter wedding reception. Most of your guests will show up wearing a heavy coat but are not interested in carting it around throughout the evening. Allowing them to arrive and safely hand off that added layer will free them up to participate fully without focusing on where they laid their belongings. This will also allow you to open up space for dining and dancing.

Dress for the Season

While you may not choose to stick with a winter theme, be sure to keep the season in mind. Deep, dark colors are beautiful over the winter months. If your dress is made of a light fabric, carry a shawl or fur wrap to keep you warm; especially if you plan to venture outdoors. That added shawl or set of hand warmers will be easy to shed while toasting or dancing and is easy to pick up for outdoor photos or congregating.

Still searching for more winter wedding tips? Here are more ideas to help with your planning. Also, check out our floral ideas for getting married over the cold months.



Picking the Right Flowers for Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are becoming more popular these days, opening a window of bold, beautiful and colorful ideas! Flowers are a classic way to accent wintery hues along with helping to create a romantically warm atmosphere. Whether you have the support of a professional florist, or plan to create a unique DIY bouquet, here are some lovely winter floral tips to get you started.


Seasonal Colors

First, keep the season in mind and know your theme. Are you creating a winter wonderland or tying the knot in a Christmas motif? Winter hues in deep and rich colors can beautifully accent your ensemble and fill the room with vibrancy. When fashioning any floral arrangement, allow one bold color to be the focal point and tie in a few accents. Steer away from incorporating too much color, especially in the bridal bouquet – simple is better in keeping your key shade color prominent.

Popular holiday themed wedding colors include red, green, silver and gold. If you are planning a different winter melody – winter white, ivory, deep blues, and purples are also very stylish.

Types of Flowers

Similar to color selections, it is best to choose seasonal flowers to form your arrangements. They will look healthy and you won’t pay a premium. Poinsettias are perfect decorations and centerpieces, but for the bridal bouquet here are some popular winter flower options:

  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Tulips
  • Gardenias
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Orchids
  • LiliesTo add texture to a bouquet try: freesia, holly, rosemary, and baby’s breath.

Accents are essential for adding flare to your floral arrangements. Lit candles look beautiful in the middle of decorative flower table arrangement and decor, plus they add extra warmth. Shimmery ribbons and bows, or velvet wraps are beautiful seasonal accents.

Consider including hearts or popberries to help your arrangement burst – the more they sparkle the better! Stay away from over accessorizing; you don’t want your flowers to take away from you.


Selecting your flowers is a very exciting part of planning your wedding and choosing just the right colors and types to fit your winter wedding theme will help your special day look and feel just perfect!