Wedding Should and Should Not DIY Guide

DIY Wedding Guide

We get it, you’re on a budget and wedding bills stack up before you can even say, “YES!”  There are many helpful resources that can assist with various DIY wedding projects.  Nevertheless, certain items should be left for the professionals.

Go For It!

  • Unique Décor: Many brides are using unique signage to add personal flare to their wedding reception.  In addition, oversize photos and personalized décor that represent the happy couple is a great way to show individuality!
  • Invitations: Choosing to create your own wedding invitations is a fun and less costly method of asking your loved ones to join the festivities.  You can customize with inserts, backgrounds, fonts, photos or anything else that represents the two of you. There are plenty of online resources to help you get started, or simply pull out the cardstock and glue!
  • Party Favors: Create a goody bag for your guests that represents your home town, your favorite hobby, or how you and the groom met! Adding a note to share the story helps to share its special meaning.  
  • Entertainment: Surprise your guests with a flash mob or a special dance previously choreographed between you and the groom.  You can also tell an unexpected funny story, or share a sentimental video of you as individuals and a couple.  The sky is the limit for unique entertainment on your special day!

Leave it Up to the Professionals:

  • Photography: Photographers use certain equipment and knowledge that best captures the most formal and informal moments of your wedding and reception. A wedding photographer can move throughout all the special moments will take the time to sort through hundreds of photos then professionally edit your favorites. With the help of a professional, you can create the book to help reminisce. But attempting this endeavor on your own can become a disaster, and something you may even regret! 
  • Music:  DJ’s and wedding bands understand how to put together the right music to liven up a party and are experts on crowd entertainment.  They can slow things down or liven up the party at just the right moment.  Plus, they know which crowd pleasers will pull your guests onto the dance floor at just the right moment!  A professional will also spend time helping you to select a perfect playlist for the reception and work with the sound equipment to create a perfect atmosphere.  This is not something that can be done well on your own.  You should be dancing instead!
  • Food:  So maybe your Mom is the best cook you know, but a professional is better suited to feed the masses.  Cooking for large groups can be overwhelming and timing is everything.  Professional caterers have the right equipment to organize large quantities of food, to transport it efficiently, and keep it at the right temperature.  Plus, it takes more than one person to pull this off well. Most caterers have a staff available to assist!
  • Flowers: Creating your own flower arrangements and bouquets may seem like an easy task; but if not done correctly they can fall apart or look cheap. A professional florist understands how best to blend varieties and colors, as well as keeping the flowers fresh.  They can help you with selection and style best suited for your day. 

DIY wedding projects can be fun and a great way to spend extra time with your friends and family.  But try not to overwhelm yourself for the sake of saving a few extra dollars.  Leave the heavy loads to the hands of professionals, and use your extra time with the groom!